CCO Poulis Best Practise


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CCO Poulis company presentation and some of their project cases.

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CCO Poulis Best Practise

  1. 1. Best practices
  2. 2. Introduction • >30 years experience • Specialist in promotional merchandise • Steady base of international clients • Top 5 full service distributor in Europe • Staff: 35 in the Netherlands & 10 in Asia • In-house Design studio QA&QC department Logistics department & warehouse
  3. 3. Introduction • Social compliance Affiliated US offices Sweden office • Mostly issue in low cost labour nations (Asia) and pro active role to improve working conditions Amsterdam HQ • Clear and fair Code of Conduct Shanghai office • Environmental & safety testing Hong Kong office - NEN norm - CE norm - Food Grade (FDA) All testing based on EU & international standards • ISO 9001:2008 certified ISO 14001:2004 certified
  4. 4. Introduction Amongst others we work for:
  5. 5. Projects NIKE, STAND UP SPEAK UP Wristband Launched in 2005, Stand Up Speak Up raised the issue of racism on the football pitch on an international stage. The symbol, black and white interlocking wristbands, was worn across Europe and by top footballers such as van Nistelrooy, Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho.
  6. 6. Projects Bambix, box Special designed box to hold 2 packs of Bambix porridge, in a custom shape and with a beautiful full colour print. At the “9 maanden beurs” , a fair especially for parents to be, this box was given with 2 packages of Bambix porridge. For free! Since the kick-off there is also a lot of interest to use this box for other promotions.
  7. 7. Projects Klaas Vaak, night light and plate On the 11th of December 2009 a new Hotel was opened in the Efteling Amusementpark, it is called Bosrijk. Theme for the parc is the fairy tale Klaas Vaak. The little sandmen walks through Bosrijk as soon as the evening falls, and will try to find special sorts of sand and beautiful dreams. Klaas Vaak himself will make his appearance in Bosrijk in the near future, however merchandise items can already be purchased in the Bosrijk giftshop. The melamine plate you can buy in the gift shop but is also given as a consumer gift when a children’s pizza is ordered.
  8. 8. Projects K-Swiss, shoe keyring and USB stick Free running is a new extreme sport; to run from A to B, in the most original way possible is the main goal. An extravagant sport goes with a special shoe. Therefore K-Swiss designed the Ariake shoe. The first free running shoe ever. CCO Poulis developed a USB stick in the shape of the Ariake packed in a little K-Swiss shoebox. The keyring was developed in the same style.
  9. 9. Projects ’Starcollection by Dolce Luna’ for Sheba and Cesar Cesar en Sheba presented the “Star collection by Dolce Luna”, a beautiful series of colliers and collar hangers for both cats & dogs. To complement the relationship between men and pet, Star- collection offered matching colliers for yourself. Designer Daniëlle de Jong used only high standard materials such as Swarovski chrystals. Buying Cesar or Sheba products enabled consumers to save for attractive discounts on the Starcollection.
  10. 10. Projects Asics, zodiac keyrings It was in 2009 when Onitsuka Tiger celebrated their 60 year anniversary with a special collection based on the Zodiac theme. Each sneaker in this collection was inspired on one of the zodiak animals. CCO Poulis designed the clothing badges and the keyrings with the zodiak animals together with Onitsuka Tiger.
  11. 11. Projects Aptamil, bathrobe Consumer loyalty; collect 10 barcodes, fill in the form and receive this cute bathrobe for kids, with the name of your baby. A real personal gift!
  12. 12. Projects M&M’s, bowls Buy 2 packages of M&M’s! Get a bowl for FREE! For a retail promotion in the supermarkets for Mars, CCO Poulis has designed, developed and produced this catchy melamine bowl in cooperation with Mars. Printed full colour with M&M’s dessin on both sides and Yellow and Red on the bottom.
  13. 13. Projects Fanta, lunchbox Specially for a large consumer promotion for Fanta we de- signed and produced a lunchbox in the shape of the Fanta- Orange; complete with orange structure, flexible leafs and a printed “sticker with the logo”.
  14. 14. Projects Arke, little planes Little airplanes alike the real ones ArkeFlys uses on a daily basis. For example planes in scalemodel, inflatable or a little toy with real sound and lights. The planes were used as promotional give aways, but are also available in their on board shop.
  15. 15. Projects Westland Maaslander, lunchbox Used to promote the cheese snack “Muizenhappen” to their target group; children who go to school. Kids use their lunchboxes daily, so this item is a good perfect item for this target group. Consumers who bought 2 packs of “Muizenhappen” could buy the box for a reduced price.
  16. 16. Projects Beiersdorf Nivea, toilet bag For a variety of consumer promotions for Nivea, we develop- ped their gifts. For example; a great toilet bag with cosmetic products for dad, for fathers day, a little toilet bag with Nivea minis for the holidays or 2 tanning products in a transparant bag for sum- merpromotion. This kind of promotion is very popular in retail industry because it is an eye-catcher in leaflets for customers.
  17. 17. Projects Coca Cola, brainteaser In 2008 Coca-Cola was one of the sponsors of the Olympics. For a large consumer promotion we developed this brain- teaser; Buy one sixpack of Coca-Cola and get a brainteaser for free!
  18. 18. Projects Henkel Sandwich, lipgloss When a customer of Sandwich bought a clothing item during the holidays they received a lipgloss.
  19. 19. Projects Chocomel/Sprookjesboom, mug Thousands of lights, fire places, various stands with hot cho- colate and delicious winter treats, not to mention the ice skating rinks. Taste the atmosphere in the Winter Efteling; After enjoying the ice skating, order a hot chocolat and get the famous yellow mug as a gift. This is a sponsorship between Chocomel and Efteling.
  20. 20. Projects Jip’s, kids items Specially for Jip’s little water friends CCO Poulis has made various different items. For example the Jip bathcape, a towel & bathrobe in one. The Jip Toddle, a cuddle cloth for the little ones, made of very soft material with crackle paper in the ears.
  21. 21. Projects Plan, Because I’m a girl campaign For Plan the Netherlands CCO Poulis produced the “Becau- se I am a girl” T-shirt as an ongoing promotion. By wearing this T-shirt (in the colours pink, black or white) you show that you stand for the rights of girls in developing countries.
  22. 22. Projects Coca-Cola, table cloth Buy Coca Cola and get a colorful Coca Cola table cloth for free! Red/ white checkered with Coca-Cola branding. A cheerful appearance on your (picnic) table. CCO Poulis developed the table cloths & the matching display.
  23. 23. Projects Canon, camera- and calculator pouch Specially designed leather pouch for Canon Ixus camera, which are sold in stores with Canon camera’s. CCO Poulis also developed a pouch for the special calcula- tor of Canon, made of all recycled material.