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Content marketing for your Business


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This PPT document regards what is content marketing and how it helps in your business.

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Content marketing for your Business

  1. 1. Content Marketing for your Business
  2. 2. What is Content Marketing? • Creation and usage of Content to promote a product/business is called Content Marketing. Content may include text, infographics, facts, numbers, graphics, and pictures and sometimes even videos and music. Content marketing is the voice of Digital Marketing.
  3. 3. Importance of Content Marketing for your business 1. Improves Brand Recognition • 72% of the customers prefer good articles over ads. • A brand that presents good content in the form of videos, info graphics blogs and articles is always preferred by the consumers as they provide good information about the product. 2. Higher Rate of conversions • 6x higher than other marketing methods. • Content marketing is focussed on creating a relationship with the customer rather than forcing the customer to think about buying the product/service. This creates a good rapport with the consumer realm.
  4. 4. 3. Improved SEO efforts • Creative content can rank your site higher. • SEO services are more effective with the presence of creative content. Creative content that are relevant to the search of your customers brings more opportunities for keywords and linking. 4. Can help create quality leads on a budget. • 62% lesser cost, 3x more leads. • Quality leads are leads from that ideal target audience that have a higher likelihood of becoming your client. Content marketing has costs 62% lesser than the traditional marketing methods, but lands us 3 times higher the number of quality leads to our business.
  5. 5. 5. Creates customer relationships • More than 60% revenue can be from previous customers. • When a customer is given what he wants from the brand, he trusts the brand, approves of its authenticity and genuineness, and has a higher likelihood for going for that brand again. • With the importance of Content marketing established, how to market good content is the ideal question.
  6. 6. Here is how and how not to market content. • Do not pitch product, rather, provide information about it, because the customer will not buy the product unless he knows the product. • Do not focus on the product, rather, focus on the audience. The customer is king and thus more emphasis on the customer’s opinion and experience with the product should be laid. • Do not try to convince the customer, rather, try to make him understand. Convincing the customer will never happen unless or until the customer understands what your brand is all for. • Do not create appeal, rather, create authenticity. An authentic product/service promotion is always preferred to promotions that are just ‘appealing’.
  7. 7. • Do not over pack content with keywords and links, rather, use them ably and efficiently. Over usage of keywords and links can make your content look more like a promotion rather than valuable information. Use keywords and links efficiently, only where there’s a need. • Do not work to create a business, rather, work to create a relationship. For your business and brand to flourish, work should be done to aid the customer, ‘experience’ that journey from a stranger to a customer, who shares a strong relationship with us. Always work to create relationships. • Get in touch with BizDigitiz for more details