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  • Iei workshop for mwc 2012 final

    1. 1. How to Optimize Your Profile at MWC 2012: Tips and Tools for Presentations, PublicRelations, Analyst Relations and Social Media
    2. 2. Nancy Shapira-AronovicThe Founder and Manager of shapira marketing, a pr, arand social media agency for b2bFormer Director of Corporate Marketing for the FormulaGroup www.formulagroup.com20+ years experience in Marketing Management, AR andPR and Social Media for Hi-Tech CompaniesLecturer on PR, Analyst Relations and the new rules ofmarketingBlogger on Marketing, Positioning & AR
    3. 3. Agenda What Tools do you need to Succeed at MWC 2012? Goals and Deliverables for the Workshop Facts and Figures: Media, Analysts and Social Media at MWC 2012 Tools for Success at MWC 2012: Presentation Skills Public Relations Analyst Relations Social Media
    4. 4. Goals and Deliverables for the Workshop Learn how to Optimize Your Activities at MWC 2012 Using: Presentation Skills Tips PR Tips AR Tips Social Media Tips Deliverables: Skills to improve your effectiveness at the Show
    5. 5. Facts and Figures: Media, Analystsand Social Media at MWC 2012
    6. 6. Who Attends MWC 6
    7. 7. Key Themes for MWC 2012 7
    8. 8. Social Media @MWC: My MWC 8
    9. 9. Social Media @MWC: My MWC Attendees can begin using My MWC to: Connect: Network with other attendees prior to the event Meet: Contact attendees and exhibitors with shared interests and setup on-site meetings Share: Follow conference sessions and engage in forum discussions Plan: Create a personalized schedule including conference sessions and meetings Create and post live status updates Access a printable agenda Enjoy enhanced search capabilities Benefit from improved contact approvals Download Conference Presentations 9
    10. 10. Social Media @ MWC 10
    11. 11. Social Media @MWC: Google+ 11
    12. 12. Set Goals: Sales, Research, Brand 12
    13. 13. Presentation Skills Tips for a 30 Minute Presentation Know your Audience Customize your Message Use a powerpoint as a guide only Practice a 20 minute presentation—with 10 slides Create a relationship with Your Audience Read body language Use a 28-30 point font
    14. 14. Presentation Tips: What Not to Do
    15. 15. Body language, delivery, all very important. Cisco didsome studies and found that body language and vocaltone account for about 63% of communication. Thatconfirms other studies that found the majority of theimpression we make has little to do with the actual words.Of course, you can‘t improve your body language andvocal delivery unless Practice you.. Practice, Practice,
    16. 16.
    17. 17.
    18. 18.
    19. 19. More Presentation Tips Brain Rules for Presentors Presentation Tips from Steve Jobs PPT Tips PPT Training Course
    20. 20. How to Create a Successful PR Strategy for MWC 2012 Create a message/news for the Show How to prepare for the Interview Tips from a Journalist What to include in a ppt presentation Create a PR/Byline or other content Create a To-do List Q&A
    21. 21. PR Tips: Creating News for the Show Your potential news Customer wins Product launch Success Story Partnerships Statistics/data/opinion Your news strategy Before? During? Both? 21
    22. 22. PR Tips: Find Your Targets Create a list with your PR Agency of who your main targets are Many Journalists will be busy with top tier companies so if you are a small company create a list of 2nd and 3rd Tier targets also Paid Directories: Media Agility, Cision, Vocus Free Journalist Directories MediaSync Online Twitter Directories Journalists on Twitter 22
    23. 23. PR Tips: Targeting interviews to the right audience Who should know about you? Who buys your products/solution? What do they read? Avoid spamming 23
    24. 24. PR Tips: What A Journalist Wants to Hear Best practice suggestions and advice from a journalist Ewan MacLeod, Mobile Industry Review 24
    25. 25. PR Tips: Journalist‘s Perspective Focus is inevitably on bigger brands Some will only file *one* report from the show Online media are important – but some will need to file *multiple* stories Timing is important Start pitching ‗show diary‘ or similar features asap If your news isn‘t strong look for alternatives Your incremental product ‗release‘ may not be big ‗news‘, but if you‘re a ―friend‖ it may get covered. 25
    26. 26. PR Tips: Journalist‘s Perspective Even if you make an appointment — the journalist may not show up…It takes 20-30 minutes to cross the Fira It isn‘t all about the Story—it is Personal Invite journalists for a drink BEFORE MWC Make a connection on social networks But don‘t chase with ―small‖ news stories For the best effects you (or your PR team) must be: Crazily Responsive Amazingly Forgiving 26
    27. 27. PR Tips: What to include in a PPT Agenda Company Vision Company History Executive Team Problem Your Solution Business Value Technology Road Map GotoMarket Competition -- What is your Differentiator? The News Story—no NDAs Summary
    28. 28. Press Release: External or Internal
    29. 29. Create a PR CheckList
    30. 30. How to Create a Successful AR Strategy for MWC Map out the Key Analysts Start Early---Create Relationships How to Prepare for the Briefing What to include in a powerpoint presentation Create a Checklist Q&A
    31. 31. AR Tips: Map Out the Analysts Forrester Analysts on Twitter Gartner Analysts on Twitter Yankee Group Analysts on Twitter Mobile Analysts on Twitter Use AlltheAnalysts to see who Covers Your Topic 31
    32. 32. AR Tips: Map out the Analysts
    33. 33. AR Tips: Start Early Don‘t Wait until the Show Create a Relationship early Map out the Analysts by Tier and influence Create a different message than the one for journalists 33
    34. 34. AR Tips: Setting up briefings in advance Why it‘s important Who to contact? When to contact? How to contact? Pre-briefings At-show briefings 34
    35. 35. The Analyst‘s Impact On The Buying Process Typical Technology Acquisition Lifecycle20% 80%Written Materials Direct Interaction Analyst Impact Through… Exposure Influence 35
    36. 36. Sell Side - (Vendors) Buy Side - (ETBs) Talking Heads Deal Makers & Breakers ● ● Gartner IDC RAS ● Gartner Dataquest ● Forrester ● Datamonitor Exposure ● ● ● Frost & Sullivan Ovum AMR ●Enderle ● ● Yankee Tower● ●The 451 InStat ●Aite● Burton ● AMI ●Aberdeen ●Fin. Insights ● ● ● Celent● ESG ● Gartner Current Red IAS Analysis Monk ● ARC Advisory IMS ● ● Kennedy ●Manu. Insights ● ● Ideas Intl. Semico ● Hurwitz ● Forward Consultants & Wannabes Concepts Point Players InfluenceSource and © 2009 The Knowledge Capital Group 36
    37. 37. How to Request a Briefing
    38. 38. AR Tips: Different than Journalists Analysts are not looking for an immediate story They may take months to write up your information—or not at all They may recommend you for an RFP Talk about Vision, your Roadmap 38
    39. 39. AR Tips: Tips for a Good BriefingBe enthusiasticKeep it shortKnow your analystSet an agendaMake it a conversation, not a lectureUse powerpoint as little as possibleDo not get into a heated argument if the analystdisagreesDo follow up afterwards to continue the dialogue
    40. 40. AR Tips: What to include in a PPT Agenda Company Vision—very important Company History Executive Team Problem Your Solution Business Value Technology Road Map GotoMarket Competition Map Summary
    41. 41. Talk half the time, listen half the time Best Practices – Time Allocation 41
    42. 42. Create an AR CheckList
    43. 43. How to Create a Social Media Strategy for MWC Twitter Linkedin Groups and Company Pages Linkedin Events To Facebook or not to Facebook? Youtube to generate Traffic to your Website Foursquare to bring people to your booth Content, Content, Content Create a Checklist Q&A
    44. 44. Why Twitter is ImportantIt‘s an amazing form of distributionIt‘s where things happen firstAs a search engine, it rivals googleIt‘s a great reporting toolIt‘s a fantastic form of marketingIt has a long attention spanIt creates communitiesIt changes notions of authorityIt is an agent of change
    45. 45. Social Media Tips: Twitter Use a hash tag for the event Use your website and marketing communications to let customers and prospects know you will be tweeting about the trade show. Use the #mwc2012 for the event so followers can easily locate your messages and stay informed. Schedule your tweets Rather than tweeting everything live, use a Twitter scheduling service so thing are less chaotic. Scheduling services allow you to schedule the most important tweets in advance. You and the other exhibitors participating in the Twitter promotion can decide on an appropriate timing and then tweet live throughout the show to complement the scheduled tweets. 45
    46. 46. Social Media Tips: Twitter Organize a tweet-up To network with other exhibitors at the trade show, organize a Tweet-up for attendees and exhibitors. A Tweet-up provides a way for followers to chat in person without the 140 character limit and make new contacts. Let all of your Twitter followers know that you‘ll be organizing a Tweet-up and encourage them to tell all of their followers. If possible, try to get a high profile Tweeter to attend the Tweet-up because it will generate a lot more buzz that way. 46
    47. 47. Social Media Tips: LinkedinRSVP for GSMA MWC 2012 on LinkedIn Eventsand see who else has RSVPd for it. Cultivate relationships with those who have RSVP’dby inviting them to connect with you on LinkedIn, following them on Twitter, visiting theirblogs, and arranging meetings with them at the trade show. 47
    48. 48. Social Media Tips: LinkedIn EventsPost your own trade show exhibit as a LinkedIn event and invite your connectionsto attend 48
    49. 49. Success Story Using LinkedIn GroupsNir Shimony from Digimo MobilePayments started interacting withthis LinkedIn Group and was soonnamed Top Influencer of the Week.He has been able to set up meetingsusing Groups
    50. 50. Social Media Tips: LinkedinCheck if the event has it’s own LinkedIn group Join the MWC‘s LinkedIn Group. Join conversations, provide links to any relevant content you‘ve produced, and post thought-provoking questions and updates on the group‘s page. In LinkedIn groups, search for industry keywords and then join relevant groups. Post updates on these LinkedIn Group pages to find out if anyone will be attending MWC.
    51. 51. Social Media Tips: Use MWC Linkedin Groups to Network Check out Linkedin Groups:Join the Discussion GSMA Mobile World Congress (The Official Networking Group) The Official GSMA Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM World Congress) group on LinkedIn for the worlds largest exhibition and conference for the mobile industry. We invite those who wish to stay in touch with contacts from the Congress. Next event: February 14-17, 2011 Barcelona, Spain. Owner: Julia Forsyth | 4,998 members | Share Mobile World Congress - Get connected in 2010 MWC Barcelona 2010 - are you connecting?. Owner: Mike Gannon | 1,083 members | Share Mobile World Live Mobile World Live is an exciting new online portal that will serve as the voice of the mobile communications industry, and will extend the reach of the industry’s elite events, Mobile World Congress and Mobile Asia Congress throughout the year. Owner: Michelle Yeates (nee Lemon) | 525 members | Share 51
    52. 52. Social Media Tips: Use Linkedin Groups to NetworkMobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 NetworkingMobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 Networking - a great platform for helpingall industry people in networking and making new connections.Owner: Aviv Revach | 370 members | ShareMWC 2012 PR,AR and Social Media StrategiesA group to discuss preparing your PR, AR and Social Media strategy for MWC2012Owner: Nancy Shapira | 92 Members 52
    53. 53. Social Media Tips: Linkedin After MWC After MWC is over, conduct your lead follow-up activities and include an invitation for prospects to connect with you on LinkedIn. You can use this professional networking site throughout the year to send out status updates that keep you and your company top-of-mind. You can also include links in your status updates to product videos, blog posts, special events, and PRs.
    54. 54. To facebook or not to facebookFacebook is the 3rd social media channel of choice for B2B-afterLinkedin and TwitterIf you are going to use facebook here are some tips to help you: Keep up with trends and publish the latest breaking industry news Provide an incentive for people to engage with your page Capture email subscriptions for lead generation Target decision makers with paid advertising on facebook Use the page to do market research and surveys Promote your thought leaders and industry experts Sell your products and services Engage with your ―fans‖ – make the company human
    55. 55. Youtube to generate traffic to your website Always remember that google owns youtube so any content uploaded will rank high in a google search providing you tag it correctly People are more inclined to watch a video presentation than read pages of marketing copy YouTube ranks only behind Google in the number of searches 6 quick tips: Place Your Website Name on the Video Watch Your Video Quality Use Relevant Keywords Be Careful With Tag Fields Choose a Category Carefully Make The Videos Enjoyable Link to your MWC Landing Page
    56. 56. Social Media Tips: Use QR Codes A QR code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The information encode can be text, URL (web address) or other data. Here are 6 functional reasons why you should use QR codes at events: An electronic conference brochure - On a press release, event poster, marketing video, email blast, promotional products, or even a Twitter/Facebook post include a QR Code with a link to a downloadable PDF brochure. Create a Link to Conference Website - Use any of the channels identified above to distribute your link to prospective attendees. If your event registration and/or housing process is online you can post links to these locations as well. 56
    57. 57. Social Media Tips: Use QR Codes Conference Handouts - Post a QR code on the screen in the meeting room and participants can scan whatever the session handout into their smart phone. Post Event Survey/Evaluation - Once again, post the QR code for a link to the evaluation form on the session screen, and attendees can immediately provide feedback regarding the session they have just attended. Media Access - provide access to links for event music, video archives or pictures via a QR code. Share Contact Information - speakers, or exhibitors can post a QR code with their electronic contact information and attendees can scan it into their smart phone‘s contacts database, or email it to a friend/colleague. Attendees can exchange contact information with one another by scanning QR codes embedded on their phones. 57
    58. 58. Social Media Tips: Foursquare Create a Foursquare Campaign Mayor Specials: unlocked only by the Mayor of your venue. Whos the Mayor? Its your single most loyal customer! (the user who has checked in the most in the last 60 days) ("Foursquare has deemed you the Mayor? Enjoy a free order of french fries!") Check-in Specials: unlocked when a user checks in to your venue a certain number of times. ("Foursquare says youve been here 10 times? Come and get a cool giveaway) Frequency-based Specials: are unlocked every X check-ins. ("Foursquare users get 20% off any entree every 5th check-in!") Wildcard Specials: always unlocked, but your staff has to verify some extra conditions before awarding the Special. ("Show us your foursquare Swarm badge and get a free drink!") 58
    59. 59. Social Media Tips: EventsCheck out Events to find out where yourprospects are going: MWC Unofficial Fringe Festival 2012 MWC Official Site Wireless Industry Partnership Party Create a Facebook or Linkedin Event 59
    60. 60. Content Content ContentCreate a list of keywords to include in your content that will be good for SEOpurposesCreate content that expresses who you are as a company and what you doKeep all content relevant and current
    61. 61. Create a Social Media CheckList
    62. 62. After the ShowFollow up with all action items with mediaand analystsBlog and Tweet about your experience atthe showEvaluate if you met your goals or not 62
    63. 63. SummaryGet the slides on slideshare and get info on NewWebinars: our Linkedin Group: Technology PR, AR and SocialMedia and MWC 2012: PR, AR and Social MediaStrategies for updatesWe want your ideas—Tweet us: @nancyshapira 63
    64. 64. nancy shapira-aronovic manager, shapira marketing Cell: +972-54-4863888 Email: Twitter: nancyshapira Blog: Web: Linkedin: http://www.linkedin/in/nancyshapiraFacebook: LinkedIn Group Google+ Page Skype: nancyshapira