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Yizkor 5782

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Yizkor 5782

  1. 1. Yizkor 5782 Congregation Tehillah Remembers
  2. 2. Barbara Ann Richards Banks Beloved mother, 1929-2021 "A stunning lady with an elegant smile." Barbara Ellen Clair Banks Beloved sister, aunt, sister-in-law, inspiring adventurer, lover of life and FUN! Sarah Banks and Howie Waldman
  3. 3. Howard Baum and Beth Maris Ida & Abram Baum Parents Aron and Gutscha Grunwald Relatives
  4. 4. Sariel Beckenstein Aviva Solel Beloved mother
  5. 5. Sariel Beckenstein Anne and Percy Manham Beloved Grandparents
  6. 6. Shimon Burech and Pepi (P’ninah) Beer Beer/Donner Family Members who perished in the Holocaust Always in our hearts Beloved Parents Meir Beer
  7. 7. Gisella and Ignatz Deutsch Beloved parents Frischman/Lederer Family Members who perished in the Holocaust Too long gone but never forgotten Rose Beer
  8. 8. In Loving Memory Elsa and Marco Bergmann Rose and Phillip Greenfield Therese and Paul Bergmann Peter Bergmann
  9. 9. Congregation Tehillah Illana Abramson We miss your angelic voice
  10. 10. Linda Zimmer Congregation Tehillah
  11. 11. (Jaffe) Caplan Family Betty and Abe Caplan Beloved Parents
  12. 12. (Jaffe) Caplan Family Uncle Arthur Gibbons with Sister Betty Ruth
  13. 13. (Jaffe) Caplan Family Ross Shapiro Brother-in-Law
  14. 14. (Jaffe) Caplan Family Adele and Sam Jaffe Beloved Parents
  15. 15. Lois Colville Valerie’s mother Amelia’s grandmother In Loving Memory
  16. 16. Jason Davis Stuart Davis My Brother Beloved Husband and Father August 10, 1959 – February 27, 2021
  17. 17. Ethel Davis December 7, 1920 - January 29, 2014 Alfred Leo Davis November 14, 1919 - April 10, 2019 Jason Davis Beloved Parents
  18. 18. Eiseman Family Roselyn Sanchez March 4 1912 – December 3 1973 James Sanchez October 21 1917 – July 29 2013 Loving Parents of Deborah Eiseman
  19. 19. Eiseman Family Sandra Eiseman September 26 1922 - April 20 2017 Loving Parents of Edward Eiseman Murray Eiseman October 4 1919 - May 28 1991
  20. 20. Eiseman Family Charlotte Schienberg September 4 1921 - March 28 2020 Dorothy Goldberg July 31 1899 - July 17 1986 George Goldberg December 26 1894 – February 19 1978 Devoted Aunts and Uncle
  21. 21. Eiseman Family Leon Fisher January 27, 1947 – April 26, 2020 To Honor All the Friends We Lost
  22. 22. Always in our thoughts, always loved. Beloved Mother Joan Link Beloved Grandmother Alana, Suzanne, and Steven Beloved Sister Beverly Fettman Dorothy Bloom Goodman
  23. 23. Judy Fettman Dreyfuss January 8, 1970 – June 6, 2020 May her memory be for a blessing as we repeat her favorite saying: HAVE FUN! Bev and Ted Fettman
  24. 24. Tamara Fish and Matthew Hirsch John A. Fish Father Kelly Burke Tamara’s Cousin Wendy Hirsch Mother
  25. 25. Rosalie and Dr. Harold Fishman Beloved Parents Jerry Fishman
  26. 26. Esther and Shlomo Sochaczevski Brave survivors Devoted parents Gone but remembered with love. Atara Fobar
  27. 27. Susan Friess Goldman Richard Goldman Husband and Father Neil Charles Friess Brother Claire and Morris Friess Parents Pearl and Sol Goldman Parents Yetta and Morris Zalob Grandparents Fannie and Morris Friess Grandparents Sadie and Murray Shulman Aunt and Uncle Alex and Grace Elliser Sisters-in-Law
  28. 28. Elizabeth Glass Reich MacEllis Kopel Glass Father Judith Wilson Glass Mother
  29. 29. Marcia Bergson-Golland and Jeff Golland Benjamin and Gertrude Klaster Parents Helen Klaster Wurf Sister Jerry and Rose Golland Parents Hiram Wurf Nephew
  30. 30. Hilda and Harry Fischer Beloved Parents Nelson (Nels) Grumer Filled our world with his harmony Ellen Grumer
  31. 31. Heinz Guenzburger Father Daniel Guenzburger
  32. 32. Edna and Dave Horowitz Parents Marc Horowitz
  33. 33. Marc Horowitz Susan Horowitz Wife Andrea Horowitz Sister
  34. 34. Irina Kimelfeld Remembers Boris Kimelfeld Father Faina Beregovskaya Natan Kimelfeld Grandparents
  35. 35. Irina Kimelfeld Remembers Anna Finkel Mother & Grandmother Rafail Segelman Father & Grandfather Ilya Segelman Brother & Uncle Tamara Kimelfeld Daughter & Sister
  36. 36. Florence Klapper, Stephanie Klapper and Steve McCoy Bob Klapper (Robert J. Klapper) Dear Husband and Wonderful Loving Father, Grandfather, and Father-in- Law: We hope you are resting peacefully. We love you and miss you.
  37. 37. Susan Ruskin-Mayher and John Mayher Joan Blumenfeld Greene Eugene Greene Parents Dorothy Ann Sawyer John’s mother Marjorie Fields Karp Susan’s Aunt
  38. 38. Ellen Miller Leonard Miller Husband, Father and Grandfather
  39. 39. Muchnik-Kimelfeld Family Remembers Grigoriy Muchnik Beloved father, grandfather, and father-in-law Forever loved and missed. Your kindness touched so many.
  40. 40. Frances Oelbaum Moshe Oelbaum ben Yisroel Morcecai v’Faige Gittel Father Esther bat Fanya v’ Simcha Mother
  41. 41. Mindy and Allen Prenner Gloria and Irving Wohlman Parents May and Hyman Prenner Parents
  42. 42. Larry Price, Nancy Samotin and Jonah Iris Price Beloved mother and grandmother Irving Price Beloved father and grandfather Mildred Samotin Beloved mother and grandmother Julius Samotin Beloved father and grandfather
  43. 43. Madeline Ritter Gertrude and Harry Lattman Beloved Parents
  44. 44. Kathy Schreiner-Leipsner Ruth and Ernest Schreiner Parents
  45. 45. Kathy Schreiner-Leipsner Fred Leipsner Husband Rose and Adolf Schnurman Grandparents Herta and Lacy Shriner Aunt and Uncle Fellner-Schreiner Family Members who perished in the Holocaust
  46. 46. Dr. Gerald M. Shaw Thelma and Dr. Herbert Shaw Parents Aunt Norma & Uncle Jesse Lillian and Samuel Abell Aunt Teri and Uncle Bob Grandparents Jodi Helen Shaw Niece
  47. 47. Nicholas J. Fedak II Childhood Friend Dr. Gerald M. Shaw
  48. 48. Nancy Shaw Elisabeth and Sidney Kleinman Parents Ira, Patrice, Susan and Tina Tante Titite and Aunt Roslyn Cousins Chava and Isidore Kleinman Grandparents
  49. 49. Jenny Caroline Kleinman Beloved Baby Sister February 11, 1965 – February 4, 2003 Nancy Shaw “It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.” – John Steinbeck
  50. 50. Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn The Schreiner Family: all but Lacy Shriner (father of Rabbi Linda-left, top row) perished in the Shoah.
  51. 51. Gertrude and Max Lewin Beloved Grandparents Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn
  52. 52. Rabbi Linda and David Shriner-Cahn Herta and Tante Edith Best Friends for over 90 years!
  53. 53. Herta and Lacy Shriner Beloved mother and father Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn
  54. 54. Rabbi Linda and David Shriner-Cahn Ruth and Herbert Cahn Beloved Parents
  55. 55. Ruth and Ernest Schreiner In Memory of Tante Ruth & Uncle Ernie Rabbi Linda and David Shriner-Cahn
  56. 56. Shira Silverman Lorraine Harvey Paul Morris Beloved Aunt and Uncles
  57. 57. Anne and Julius Silverman Grandparents Henrietta Bitterman Aunt Shira Silverman
  58. 58. Nechama Sorscher Hannah Sorscher Loving Aunt Brilliant business woman Committed Jew Generous beyond belief And FUN!
  59. 59. Nechama Sorscher Barry Youngerman Best Uncle Pillar of his synagogue Beloved Family Member With a twinkle in his eye We miss your commitment, playfulness and love
  60. 60. Marie and Marv Yaker John Bunzel Husband Emily and Luis Rivas Parents Gertrude and Philip Yaker Parents
  61. 61. Adonai is my Shepherd, I shall not want. God gives me rest in green meadows. And leads me beside the still waters to revive my spirit. And guides me on the right path, for that is God’s nature. Though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death I fear no harm, for You are with me. Your staff and Your rod comfort me. You prepare a banquet for me in the presence of my foes. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and kindness will be with me all the days of my life. And I will dwell in the House of Adonal forever.