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Managing Open Access in the Library


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Presented in a UKSG webinar on 20 November 2013.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Managing Open Access in the Library

  1. 1. UKSG 20/11/2013 Managing Open Access in the Library Nancy Pontika, PhD Information Consultant for Research UKCoRR External Liaison Officer @nancypontika
  2. 2. A problem The period 1986 – 2003 subscription prices increased more than 260% 2 Library Services
  3. 3. Another problem Library Services Overall, for 2013 in Europe budgets have decreased. In the USA the numbers stayed the same. In Asia the budgets increased. (Source: Library Budget Predictions for 2013) 3
  4. 4. Not convinced yet? (Source: 4 Library Services
  5. 5. Let’s face it! 5 Library Services
  6. 6. Open Access “Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. What makes it possible is the internet and the consent of the author or copyright-holder” (Suber, 2007) 6 Library Services
  7. 7. Library Services Open Access Journals Gold Route Open Access Journals offer peer-reviewed research. 30% charge an Article Processing Charge (APC), 70% do not Subscription based journals that offer an open route- hybrid journals. Always (100%) charge Article Processing Charges (APCs) * Who covers APCs? 59% paid by funder, 24% institution, 12% author 7
  8. 8. Library Services Open Access Archives/ Repositories - Do NOT perform peerreview - Standardised: OAIPMH compatible - 7/8 of 40% UK’s OA literature, world’s 20% Green route Pre-prints, post-prints, final version - Repositories 8 Institutional Royal Holloway Research Online Subject e-LiS
  9. 9. Creative Commons Licenses 9 Library Services
  10. 10. RCUK Policy on Access to Research Outputs (July 2012) Library Services • In effect from April 1st 2013 • Journal articles and conference proceedings • RCUK green compliant journals: - Allow self-archiving in repositories - 12 months embargo period for STEM - 24 months embargo period for HSS • RCUK gold compliant journals: - Open Access or hybrid journals with CC-BY • Article Processing Charges (APCs) 10 RCUK will provide funding to enable: • 45% compliance the first year • 50% compliance the second year [ es/121108.aspx]
  11. 11. Library Services Double dipping - no transparency ? 11
  12. 12. SHERPA FACT 12 Library Services
  13. 13. HEFCE: Consultation on the criteria for post-2014 REF Green open access only - repository submission The criteria which apply to the outputs are: • Journal articles and conference proceedings only • Published after a two year notice period (i.e. 2016) • With UK HEIs in address field Consultation from UK HEIs: • Licenses: CC-BY or any other “liberal" license • Immediate deposit or delayed deposit • Full compliance or percentage compliance 13 Library Services
  14. 14. Funder Open Access Policies around the World RCUK (Source: Screenshot from the SPARC Europe website 14 Library Services
  15. 15. Purpose of policies (Source: ROARMAP “@bernardrentier: university that doesn't know what papers its faculty publish is like a factory that doesn't know what it produces #berlin11” 15 Library Services
  16. 16. Policies: Implications for libraries… and universities Institutional • Adequate preparation • Internal policy Funder • Come as a surprise, i.e. RCUK policy versus • Institutions catch up late • Policy timely proposed • Reflect on internal policies • Services in place • Adaptation of new systems 16 Library Services
  17. 17. Library Advocacy • Strategic marketing • Social Media presence • Open Access website • Spread the word • Do your homework • OA Champions • Make friends 17 Library Services
  18. 18. Must read! By Peter Suber Free on the internet with CC-BY-NC license 18 Library Services
  19. 19. Questions? 19 Library Services