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CORE Repositories Dashboard


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Closer collaboration between CORE and repositories' managers.
Presented at UKCoRR members' day, Glasgow 4 September 2015

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CORE Repositories Dashboard

  1. 1. CORE Repositories Dashboard: Closer Collaboration between CORE and repositories’ managers Nancy Pontika CORE UKCoRR Members Day Glasgow, 4 September 2015
  2. 2. CORE’s mission Aggregate all open access content distributed across different systems worldwide, enrich this content and provide access to it through a set of services … [Source:]
  3. 3. Three levels of supportThree levels of support Programmable Data Access - CORE API - CORE Data Dumps - Researchers - Developers - Companies Transaction Information Access - CORE Portal - CORE Mobile - CORE Plugin - Researchers - Students - Life long learners Analytical Information Access - CORE Policy -CORE Compliance Analytics - CORE Dashboard - Funders - Governments - Data Providers [Source:]
  4. 4. CORE Dashboard : overview • Harvested Records • Metadata • Harvesting Process • Standards • Repository Managers • Funders • Repositories • Journals Data Providers Collaboration QualityTransparency
  5. 5. Institution main page
  6. 6. Edit repository information
  7. 7. Invitations
  8. 8. Content
  9. 9. Manage records Take down
  10. 10. Manage records Take down
  11. 11. Manage records Take down Bring back
  12. 12. Manage records Take down Bring back
  13. 13. Issues : 3 types When harvesting your repository/document we encountered an error that we couldn't resolve. These errors need to be fixed in order to to harvest your repository/document. We encountered an error but we were still able to harvest the repository/document. We strongly recommend that these issues are resolved as they may lead to incompatibility problems in the future. This may not be a problem but it may be a clue for misconfiguration or future incompatibilities.
  14. 14. Issues : good news…
  15. 15. Issues: Bad news…
  16. 16. Export
  17. 17. Two new functionalities Anything else? Suggestions?
  18. 18. Interested to use it? Email dashboard[at]core[dot]ac[dot]uk We are still in BETA so please bear with us!
  19. 19. Special Thanks to: CORE developers: • Matteo Cancellieri • Samuel Pearce • Drahomira Herrmannova • Lucas Anastasiou Volunteer testers: • Chris Biggs, Metadata & Repository Specialist, Open University • Nick Sheppard, Repository Developer, Leeds Beckett University
  20. 20. Thank you Questions CORE Contacts: Nancy Pontika nancy.pontika[at] Petr Knoth petr.knoth[at] Website: Twitter: @oacore For an extended version of this presentation see here: support-closer-collaboration-of-aggregators-with-open-repositories