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The article outlines different at-home careers available to moms in the healthcare industry. The article also briefs about how to prepare for these careers and the expected salary range for those with required qualifications.

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Best at home-careers_for_moms

  1. 1. Best at-Home Careers for MomsThey say that a child gives birth to a mother. It’s also said that parenthood is the loveliest, most fulfillingexperience of a person’s life. What they don’t tell you is that becoming a parent, as precious as it is, alsogives rise to a series of difficult decisions.The first reality check, especially for new moms, comes when they have to decide whether or not theywant to get back to work.While some are lucky enough to have the option of taking a break, others, who don’t have the financialbacking to quit their jobs are left with no alternative but to leave their little bundle behind no matter howheartbreaking the process.And then there are women, for whom their work is what defines them and having a baby doesn’t meanthey have to put a brake on their careers.Whichever category of women you belong to, you will probably feel good to know that it’s possible toenjoy the joys of motherhood and perks of a professional life at the same time. Before you roll your eyesin exasperation, let us tell you we are not talking about the so called online “work from home” jobs thatreek of scam, but actual, genuine careers that can be pursued at home.Here are a couple of jobs that you can consider if you are a new mom in search of legitimate work-from-home opportunities:Medical TranscriptionFirst, the good news. The increase in the number of elderly folk in the country needing medical help hasspurred the demand for all types of healthcare professionals including medical transcriptionists. Now forthe not so good news. Most medical transcription companies prefer hiring professionals with priorexperience and/or formal training in the field.But getting medical transcriptionist training is not at all difficult these days. In fact, dare we say that qualitymedical transcriptionist training programs are available literally at the click of a mouse? You can choosean online vocational training course or go to community college for a distance learning degree in medicaltranscription.The work is also pretty complex and involves transcribing doctor dictations into written text. This meansyou should not only be able to understand the medical jargon they use, but also interpret it correctly. Anddon’t expect the doctors to make it easy for you by enunciating each and every word. Just consideryourself lucky if they don’t talk at a breakneck speed or chew gum while dictating!Compensation for medical transcriptionist is a factor of their experience, certification, location, employer, 1etc. On an average, medical transcription can bring in $9.91 - $19.28 per hour for you.Medical Coding & BillingYou may not find too many medical billing and coding specialists working from home, but it’s notimpossible to find telecommuting opportunities in this growing health information field.Medical coders are responsible for assigning standardized codes to diagnostic and other clinicalprocedures that occur in a healthcare facility for insurance purposes. These documents then pass into thehands of medical billers, who use them for billing the healthcare insurance providers of patients.The knowledge of standard clinical classification and coding systems is necessary to perform this job inaddition to understanding medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, healthcare reimbursement system,
  2. 2. etc. It’s a good idea to complete medical coding and billing training from a career school or college beforeyou start looking for home-based opportunities. 2As a medical coding specialist, you make an average of $10.37 - $22.10 per hour. On the other hand, 3medical billers charge an average hourly rate of $10.44 - $18.70.Sources: 1. 2. 3.