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Brochure "Think Big Concept "


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Tri-fold brochure intended to recruit new membership to chamber of commerce

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Brochure "Think Big Concept "

  1. 1. networking “By simply attending a monthly mixer, a monthly breakfast or an annual legislative and event, you will meet entrepreneurs that you can help as they try to build First Friday Breakfast: 7:30 - 9am their businesses. This area I find as my biggest reward.” government affairs –Dave Robbins, President, First Friday of the Month. A great way to start your L. & N. Linen and Uniform Sales Legislative Forums communications day. A morning business development/networking do you event. A monthly meeting to review and discuss current legislative ANAHEIM BUSINESS DIGEST think Features: Networking, 30-second commercials, guest /government affairs issues within priority areas. Bi-monthly Printed Publication. Circulation: 1,200. speaker, presentations by local organizations, door Second Friday of each month from 7:30-9:00am. Informs the Anaheim community of issues that affect or are of prize drawing. Provides information to Membership, public officials interest to businesses, and promote Anaheim and the business Cost: $10 per Member with reservation, $12 per big ig? and the public. Provides options for Member actions Member without reservation, $15 per prospective community. Ads: as little as $50 per month. in priority areas. THIS WEEK IN ANAHEIM member. Compliance Seminars Lead$ Lunch: 11:30am -1pm Weekly Electronic Publication. Circulation: 1600. do you believe in your potential to grow? Business development opportunities to train and Second and Fourth Wednesday of Every Month. Informs the Anaheim business community, while inform Membership in relationship to regulation and An opportunity for businesses to build relationships encouraging networking, through a weekly electronic and referrals in a comfortable, mid-day atmosphere. compliance issues. In partnership with other business update from the Chamber and other local organizations’ Features: 30-minute networking prior to lunch, development and governmental affairs organizations. events and services. Ads: as little as $100 per month. two 5-minute presentations from Chamber Members, Political Action Committee Chamber Website 30-second commercials from all attendees, door Advocating for Anaheim business-friendly candidates, Approximately 15,000 prize drawing. initiatives and legislation. Identifies business-friendly visits per month. Provides information to businesses, Cost: $10 per Member with reservation, $12 per candidates, initiatives and legislation. Informs the Member without reservation, $15 per prospective residents and visitors about the Chamber and its Membership and the public of the identified candidates, member. Member Directory with hotlinks to your website and initiatives and legislation. Involves local and regional After Hours Mixers: 5:30 - 7:30pm email, as well as promoting Anaheim and the business businesses in advocacy efforts. Last Thursday of Every Month. An informal, community. after-hours networking and business development Business Directory opportunity for Anaheim businesses. Published Every 18 Months. Circulation: 5,000. Features: Approximately 100 attendees, informal YOUR PARTNER IN BUSINESS Welcomes businesses and visitors to the City of Anaheim, networking time, hors d’oeuvres and drinks, providing information on Chamber Members, the City of entertainment, door prizes and opportunity drawings. Anaheim, businesses, transportation, history, shopping, Cost: $8 per Member, $10 per prospective member. lodging and dining. “As a Member of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, we are pleased that the Chamber takes a stand on important issues affecting the business community such as housing and transportation and works diligently to promote business in Anaheim.” –Paul Hernandez, The Irvine Company 201 E. CENTER ST., ANAHEIM, CA 92805 (714) 758-0222 - Think Big.indd 1 6/21/2006 12:06:28 PM
  2. 2. CREATED NETWORKING THROUGH How Can I Get Involved? THE CHAMBER’S MISSION INCLUDES BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES FIVE INITIATIVES. Through the guidance • Offered business expo opportunities at several high of these initiatives, the Anaheim Chamber of ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT STATE OF THE CITY profile events, including the Anaheim State of the Commerce has achieved astounding results, A keynote address by the Mayor of Anaheim CONFERENCE City Luncheon, Anaheim Business and Economic including: discussing the city’s accomplishments in the past year Provides information and tools for business leaders Development Conference, Business Links Golf BUILD A STRONG LOCAL ECONOMY and the plans and goals of the future. to capitalize on emerging trends, and to develop and Tournament and Taste of Anaheim. market their products and services. Features: Networking with Elected Officials, Business • Held the Anaheim Business & Economic • Increased average attendance to more than 100 Development Conference to inform the business Features: Keynote Speakers, Breakout Sessions, Leaders and the public, Sponsorship Opportunities. attendees at Chamber’s monthly networking mixers. Business Expo., Sponsorship Opportunities. community on important local and regional issues. BUSINESS LINKS GOLF TOURNAMENT REPRESENTED BUSINESS INTERESTS • Created partnerships with developers and local TOWN HALLS A business-to-business networking opportunity IN GOVERNMENT public and private industries to provide the First to meet city officials and other business owners / A forum for today’s industry leaders to exchange • Supported the development of additional workforce Look Anaheim Procurement program to assist local ideas supporting current local and regional issues that employees at a casual event. housing in Anaheim through The Irvine Company’s businesses with obtaining service contracts. affect Anaheim’s businesses. Features: 18-hole golf tournament. Business Expo Mountain Park project and Lennar’s A-Town project. Features: Keynote and/or panel, discussion with PROMOTED AND BRANDED THE ANAHEIM and Reception. Restaurant and Business tables on the • Held Town Hall and Legislative Forums on Orange attendees, networking opportunities, Sponsorship COMMUNITY course, Sponsorship Opportunities. County’s Measure M renewal, the November 2005 Opportunities. • Created the new Chamber publication “This Week AWARDS GALA Governor’s Reform Agenda and the June 2006 INDUSTRY COUNCILS in Your Community,” to highlight Member events Recognizes businesses and business leaders who Primary election. Groups of Industry leaders who guide the within the Anaheim region. have made contributions to the local and regional POLITICAL ACTION TAKEN development of Chamber products and services, • Achieved record attendance and participation with economy. • Attended Cal Chamber Legislative Summit in directed to serve the needs of the specific industries. more than 3,000 people and 35 restaurants at the 10th Features: Business Awards, Business Leader Awards, Sacramento to meet Anaheim’s state legislators and Features: Industry-specific action for business Annual Taste of Anaheim. development, legislative action, and networking Business Advocate Awards, City Advocate Awards, discuss Anaheim’s business climate. opportunities, industry and business promotion. Networking Opportunity, Sponsorship Opportunities. • Lobbied on behalf of business in support of the CONTRACT BIDDING SEMINARS TASTE OF ANAHEIM November 2005 Governor’s Reform Agenda. A premier dining and entertainment event Provides information on large upcoming developments • Attended speaking engagements and press conferences and the business opportunities created from them. promoting the City of Anaheim and it’s food and held by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Provides Anaheim businesses with procurement packet, beverage industry. including a summary of all services needed for projects United States President George W. Bush. Features: Restaurant Booths, Business Expo, Live and procedures for making a bid. Entertainment, VIP Networking Reception, Sponsorship Features: Partnership with Anaheim developers and Opportunities. public and private entities. Also includes bidding page on Chamber website “With the continued guidance of the Chamber’s Mission, as well as your input and recommendations, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce will maintain an excellent climate “To see what we can do, for business in Anaheim.” —Todd Ament, take a look at what we’ve done.” Chamber President and CEO “With all the networking opportunities and becoming involved in the Chamber, I began to experience the growth in my practice and in the community. Being involved in the Chamber has been a great experience for more than 23 years now. The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce is one of the greatest chambers in Orange County.” –Gerald L. Majer II, DC Majer Chiropractic Offices Think Big.indd 2 6/21/2006 12:08:17 PM