Raving Fans


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When you really want your customers to be happy and to recommend you to others, you need to create raving fans. This tells you how to accomplish that and grow your business with satisfied, happy and LOYAL customers.

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Raving Fans

  1. 1. Raving FansHow to get your clientsfrom simply satisfied to …Nancy Becherwww.success4biz.bizFacebook.com/bsuconnector
  2. 2. Bad Customer Service
  3. 3. Examples
  4. 4. Have you ever had bad customer service?How do you feel when that happens?
  5. 5. What happens when youreceive EXCELLENTcustomer service?How do you feel then?
  6. 6. Give ‘em a Pickle
  7. 7. Is a satisfied customer good enough?In the long run, repeat business depends onMORE than customer satisfaction.What is a good customer?
  8. 8. Raving Fans are Created – Not BornDecide what you want as your business modelWhat does the Customer want?Plus 1 Service
  9. 9. Close your eyes andpicture YOUR idealbusiness. Create theBEST business youcan envision if moneywas no object.Now take that visionand think about yourcustomers. Howwould they fit intothis picture?Merge these twotogether and thenthink about how youcould go just a littlebit further. Whatwould that look like?Are You an Extra Miler?
  10. 10. Let The DreamingBegin…Close your eyes. Picturewhat you would LOVE tocreate as your IDEALbusiness.What does that look like?
  11. 11. What does thecustomer want?Call Customers by NameBrighten their dayFollow Up Golden RuleWhat does s/he like?DON’T Argue. Solvecomplaints satisfactorilyAsk a customer whatthey want from yourbusiness.Would you be surprisedif they said anything butI want to buy theproduct/service youhave to sell.Exceptional customersupport meansproviding yourcustomers more thanwhat they expect.
  12. 12. Plus One ServiceCab Story:Cab driver, wearing a suit and driving a spotlesslyclean car. Opens the door, offers his fare the dailynewspaper, magazines, asks what type of music youlike and starts to play it on his BOSE stereo. He thenoffers you hot coffee, or a cold soda.How does this differ from the other story?We’ve all, I assume, ridden in ataxi before. Right?Was it an exceptional ride orwas it like one of mine. In NYC,the driver didn’t know wherehe was going and was drivinground and round to ring up themeter. When I told him toSTOP, he literally threw meout. I bruised my knee. Therehappened to be a police officerthat saw what happened, andthe cabbie got a ticket. Now,what kind of customer servicewas that? Good? Or -------
  13. 13. Plus One Service, cont.What happens when you try to incorporate EVERYTHING we’ve been talking about?• Everything works flawlessly and you become the worlds BEST business• Some of the things work well and you become more successful• You wind up in the corner in a ball because everything failedWhen you implement Plus One Service, you do things a little at a time. Give thecustomers a little bit better until you have it down perfectly. Then, implement the nextthing, and so on. In the end, your vision and the customer’s vision should moldseamlessly.
  14. 14. Raving Fans What doYOU want?Plus OneServiceWhat do thecustomerswant?Take some time tothink about whatwe’ve been doinghere. Sit down, writedown some ideas andstart to implementthem.
  15. 15. Questions?Thank you for spending some timewith me!If you have questions or comments,you can always reach me atsuccess4biz.biz, or on Facebook atfacebook.com/bsuconnector. Or youcan always call me at 269-651-3555.Thank you again for your time today!