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Must mustn't4thteens


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Must mustn't4thteens

  2. 2. We must give seat toWe must give seat to old peopleold people
  3. 3. We must help to theWe must help to the disabled peopledisabled people
  4. 4. We must brush our teethWe must brush our teeth
  5. 5. We must listen to ourWe must listen to our teacherteacher
  6. 6. We must keep off theWe must keep off the grassgrass
  7. 7. We mustn’t disturb otherWe mustn’t disturb other peoplepeople
  8. 8. We mustn’t make noiseWe mustn’t make noise in classin class
  9. 9. We must obey theWe must obey the school rulesschool rules
  10. 10. We must wear schoolWe must wear school uniformsuniforms
  11. 11. We must stop at the redWe must stop at the red lightlight
  12. 12. We must do ourWe must do our homeworkhomework
  13. 13. We must come to schoolWe must come to school on timeon time