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Learning Online Personal Journey


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A presentation prepared for a WizIQ live class on using the internet and free resources to obtain professional development in online and other forms of teaching technology.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Learning Online Personal Journey

  1. 1. Learning Online Some Tips for Finding What You Need Online
  2. 2. Helpful Attitudes O Willingness to … O Explore at your leisure O Drink in the style as well as the content of a resource O Watch everybody until you find the best O Be taught O Leap in and try it out O Learn by teaching O Think first free, then low cost, then worth it to you
  3. 3. Page 1 0f a Google Search
  4. 4. Page 6 of a Google Search
  5. 5. Style and Content The value of watching a little bit of everything
  6. 6. The obvious places to start:
  7. 7. Not so obvious place to start:
  8. 8. Narrow your choices to the best for you:
  9. 9. Letting yourself be taught
  10. 10. Letting yourself take that first leap
  11. 11. Learn by teaching …
  12. 12. Sustaining habits of mind: O Admit you have a passion you can turn into a learning experience for someone else! O Know that your teaching efforts don’t have to be perfect to be useful! O Concentration, attention, immersion, abso rption can all yield joy! O Developing a community of friends and colleagues makes the journey even more worthwhile: We’re all in this together!
  13. 13. Thanks for you attention! 