Reyna daughter of bellona, roman goddess of war.


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Reyna daughter of bellona, roman goddess of war.

  1. 1. Reynadaughterof Bellona,Romangoddess ofwar.
  2. 2. ……………………………………………………………………………………………Chapter IThe meetingAs soon as the war ship was in the air, all the people looked at me, like Iwas the leader. Oh ya thats right I am the leader, I hated it so much Iwanted to be like the other campers free, and no one looked at them likethey were leader, no one was looking for a way to topple them of theirthrown, and seize power for them selfs. Well accept the centurions.“Centurions, I quick meeting in the Senate house please, after you take yourgroup back to their cornets, well have a quick war meeting, you have myorders, now be gone.” they quickly field out of the Forum, then everybody wasgone until it was just me, my dogs, and ugh, Octavian“Praetor, I told you that we could not trust those Greeks, or Percy andJason, you should of listened to me when I told you that the Greeks are notto be trusted.”“Yes, now do you have to rub it I my face, augur. Unfortunately you were..” Istruggled to get the words out of my throat.Octavian beamed “Yes Praetor I was what.”“How came we got the most annoying augur in the history of augurs, youwere right now shut up.” Octavian just smiled?“ Now you sound absolutely like Percy, talking about the Greeks, what did youtalk to that girl- Annabeth about.“Thats absolutely none of your business and if it was I still wouldnt tell youor anyone else for that matter!!!!!!!!!! anger building in my voice though Im notsure why What we talked about must and will remain only between us, Iwouldnt even tell my sister, [actually I did but I wanted to get this kid ofmy back], and I trust and know Annabeth enough to know that shell notdisclose this information to any one on that ship, And so it must be keptbetween us.” Octavian gave me this surprised look o his face.“Are you still mad about Jason and the girl-Pi...” I was going to tell him to
  3. 3. not say her name in my camp or any were near me, but we interrupted by asmall knock on the door it was Dakota and the other centurions, did they overhear our very private discussion, I dont know.“YES, Dakota.”“We-came-for-the-meeting” he said between sips of red cool aid, I was o angrythat I took the bottle from his mouth, and threw it in Octavians verysurprised looking face.“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH.” He yelled with cool aid dripping from his face. After about 7 minuteswe got the meeting under way.“As you all know of the incident that took place in the Forum not very longfrom now, when Leo Valdez,, the son of Hephaestus fired on our New Romeand my ex co- praetor Percy Jackson, Hazel Levesque, and Frank Zhang goton the Argo II and ran away way, as I today they are now outlaws and anyof you who might run across them can kill them on site, and the othersAnnabeth Chase, Jason Grace, and that Aphrodite girl, we can kill becausethey were the alias of Leo Valdez who has fired on our city, augur Iunderstand that Leo had shone you around the ship, Who does it function?Will it be easy or hard to take down? We need this kind of information sothat we can track them and destroy their wars ship or else the other optionwill be their camp, and as my ex co- praetor Percy Jackson, and the girlAnnabeth Chase have disclosed the location to me, have a good night sleep myfriends cause tomorrow we march for Long Island, New York to burn downcamp-half-blood and loot them of their sword sand their treasury and maketheir best warriors our slaves!!!!!!!!!!! and as for the traitors I have sent Boband Drake to go scouting for them now they should give us a states reporton were they are in they morning but for now good luck my friends. Theother Centurions cheered and Octavian actually smiled for the first time todayhe seemed to agreed with my decision, actually I think it was the first timeshould I be worried, cause all of the decisions that he had disapproved of inthe past had turned out to be great one s what if the Greeks were betterthan we give them credit for, what if they beat us what if....“I was about to change into my PJ when a womans voice said behind me,voice said, when my daughter are in doubt I say to them Doubt has no placein my childrens mind my dear, so why do I see it in yours.” I turned andwas face to face with a tall red- haired women, in a red hoodie and ripedred jeans, with red sneakers, and her red eyes stared into my black eyes. Andthen her clothes changed to yellow so she had blond hair and yellow eyesthen they kept changing growing more and more beautiful. The women wasleaning on a man with fire for eyes and very very handsome when she looked
  4. 4. at the woman she felt ugly and useless and when she looked at them man shefelt angry and wanted to get into a fight right away. The man lookedfamiliar like shed seen him before but were,“Mom? I asked weird thought I never met my mom so I have absolutely noidea how she looked like, was this her...The woman giggled, and smiled sweetly, her smile looked identical to the onePiper had given me when we first met, the smile sent two warning Im a lotpower fuller than you think, and better not mess with my man or I shootyou across the sky“My dear Im not your mom, and please dont call me her cause, Ill be sooffended, Bellona, no sense of style at all, I much rather prefer you,” shelooked at them man, who just smiled.“I would much rather prefer you as my husband instead of that old, uglycripple, and my dear its things like this that get you in trouble in the l-o-v-edepartment, my dear can you believe she doesnt know who we are, didnt youlike come here as I told you to and like claim your son, or did I tell that toAres, hey who are you Ares or Mars, cause you better be Mars, cause Ares isnot that bright really, but Mars is so hot.The man just grinned and looked at Reyna like, “ Can you believe she is thisbeautiful and I stole her away from you Vulcan, HAHA, IN YOUR FACE.” sortof look.“You are lady Venus of love and Lord Mars of war.” I said“Venus, I thought you said that you were Aphrodite” the god grumbled“My you forget easily, I said that Im both, now hush darling I want to talkto the girl.” the goddess smiled kindly at me.“My dear Im sure this is weird but, … uh dont tell anyone about us visitingyou, K, and swear on the river Styx”“UH, OK, I swear on the river Styx”“Thats a very serious promise girl, if you break it you might as well killyourself, sure you soul will be cursed and stuff, but at least thats better thaninternal torture, in Tartarus.,”“My love stop scaring the girl, of cause shell keep it shes the praetor of the12th Legion, and shes Roman we Romans always keep our promises, unlike someGreek godesses of love. The war god contributed
  5. 5. “What that supposed to mean!!!” The godess got a dangerous look in her eyes“UHH, nothing just that when you promise somebody an Island you give them abig one and not a little one, thats all, but we are here to talk to the girland not about our... uh personal problems.” Mars said nervously and sort ofrelived, was that a smile on his face?“ Great we are here to tell you that to get in to the Greeks camp is veryhard, and you should stop this foolishness and support them in their waragainst Gaea and the giants, and oh to enter the cam p is very difficult andif you want to end up a dragons lunch you can try to enter, oops probablygave too much info, my dear, remember keep it between us, sleep well and alsoabout my daughter remember our... uh little talk in Charlton bay, since shedoesnt really appreciate my fashion advice, try looking there cause I have afeeling there going there and keep an eye out for Chase follow her and youllget to know more abut her, and good night, and I gave your PJ a little... uhmake over you might call it. Ariva mon Ami”There was a flash of pink and the godess disappeared, leaving the roomsmelling like perfume, so now it was only me and Mars in the room.“Sweet, you might be wondering why Im... uh hanging out with a Greeksgodess well because I want you guys to well... damage camp-half-blood likewhat Valdez did to this one but try not to destroy it too much or else Iwont get any more sweet sugar kisses from Aphrodite/Venus, these must onlybe kept between us what Im about to tell you, so swear on the river Styx.”I did“Sweet, now to get in to Camp-half-blood you have to get permission to enterthe camp boundaries, this is the little info that I could get fromAphrodite/Venus, any way you know your little ex has a sister you is travelingto Camp-half-blood right now there are in Boston so you need to live todayfind the Argo II, and you can decide what to do with the ship after all youare the praetor, so after you find the ship if it doesnt work at then go andfind Thalia Grace in Boston with her Hunters you need to tell them that youare Roman, and dont tell them that you plan to destroy their camp causethat will get into possible death, and dont try fighting them ever cause theyhave the blessing of Dianna/Artemis and could kill you if they sense trouble,theyll fall upon you like hounds and tear you to pieces.”I nodded“Please try to not kill Frank and his friends maybe just scare them a littlebut dont harm them in any way itll be most appreciated by me, and if you
  6. 6. can get to convince your legion thatll also be most appreciate by me,THANKS SWEET, and as the French say or Spanish whatever, Adios, untilnext time.”óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóThen I closed my eyes and hit the sack as Percy used to say, traitor I hadto remember that, He had even like turned me down for that girl. I mean wellnot really they had already been dating so he hadnt really turned me down,and as much as I wanted to hate Annabeth I couldnt help admiring herwisdom and when she had judo flipped Percy into the air I had to do all Icould to hold back my laughter, the Romans would of found that weird anddisrespectful. I had to admit I was sort of jealous of Annabeth and herrelationship with Percy, and Jason and “That-love-girl”...anyway I laid my headon my pillow and went to sleep.ÓóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóThere was a knock on my door and Gwen came in, me and Gwen had gottenclose ever since Juno toke Jason away she was the only person (well andHazel but... traitor.) that I really opened up to and that why when Octavian (I knew it was his harpoon) had thrown that harpoon at her I was really sadto think that she was dead, but I was kind of glad that the doors-of-deathwere open so that she didnt stay dead and when Thantos was relied he hadgiven her a second chance to live.“urm, Reyna, urm praetor, Reyna, ugh whatever I mean, it time for to startthe invasion.” she began to leave, but I called“Gwen it okay come in and sit a while, and urm... close the door behind you.”“Sure” she said a little more relaxed, but still a little nervous.“Gwen, urm your moms like Venus right?” I asked nervously, she took sometimeto answer and started playing with a purple locket around her neck and ithad the letters G+B, was that from her dad or somebody else? if my momknew that I was nervous what would she do comfort me, or say that a Romanshould never be nervous?“Yes praetor, Venus is my mom.” she said still playing with the locket, Iwondered who could of given it to her, if Jason was still here would he giveme one, but he was gone, and the other boys here where horrible, Dakota,please I would rather die then get a locket or any other present from a kidobsessed with red-cool-aid and looked like a vampire, Octavian or please no Iwould rather have Vulcan give me a present and coming from me that wassaying a lot... Bob, well maybe..., apart from Jason he and I had sort of grown
  7. 7. close he was the first person that I had met after me and Hylla escapedfrom the pirates, we had sort of had a fling,Which had sort of started rummers cause he was the centurion of the 1stconsort,then we started dating for like 4 months but then I went on a questwith Jason and him, then me and Jason started getting close and I guess he(Bob) saw this cause he started releasing it and then we had arguments andthen just as I was about to dump him he (well sort of embarrassing to admit)but he dumped me, I mean he dumped me and then I guess that we never quittalked after that, if we saw each other we just turned the other way. Thenwe git back to Camp and me and Jason became co-praetors and were aboutto start dating when Juno/Hera took him away and when I thought she hadalso given me a second chance with Percy, but when I talked to him beforehis quest he had shot me down I was so angry with him.“Thats ok so you are like related to that Piper girl on a way.” I askedsuddenly. I think that I scared the poor girl cause she was so nervous thatshe pulled the locket of her neck and it snapped. I picked it up and was aboutto give it to her when I noticed the writing under G was written Gwen andunder B oh my gods!!! I almost died under B was written Bob. G+B, Gwen +Bob, there were dating thats why she had been acting so weird around methis days thats why she had been so relacted to leave when ever I was closeto her that why her and Bob had been closer than ever after they went ona quest that brought them so close.“Ive got to go” Gwen grabbed the locket and ran out before I had a chanceto respond, but as she ran a picture fell out and I (no intension to be snoopybelieve me, I couldnt care less) picked up the picture it was Gwen and Bobin there swimsuits and it looked like Bob was pushing her into the pool. I tookthe picture and head out to my room and talked with Mr. Over-protective-of-city-statue-with-no-arms aka Terminus to protect the city with the people ofNew Rome in it and a few of the campers.Gwen
  8. 8. KateJohnson,daughterof Venus……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
  9. 9. Chapter IIWarming up.I ran out of that room as fast as I could, I mean when your praetor asks youwho your mother is. When you know full well that your moms a certain-goddess of love whose other daughter practically stole her second boyfriend.Well I didnt want to die and believe me I knew how it feels like too die andI dont want to go through that again its a horrible feeling. I ran and jumpedon my bed crying I dried about 5 minuets and then I fell asleep.In my dreams I was with Bob in the backyard of his moms house, Iremembered it it was in the summer after we had finished school, I was an11th grade, and he was a 12th grader, and were about to go to Camp thenext day together cause we lived in the same street, and our parents (my dadand his mom) were close friends and were both actor and were staring in aRomantic Comedy, and were sort of dating so they got together a lot, usuallythey wanted sometime alone, but today the brought their kids along to “get toknow each other better” this was the first time they had really talked surethey were sort of friends but they didnt really talked he was in 12 gradeand she was in 11th grade they had a few classes together but they didntreally see much of each other.“Hey, urm Gwen right” Bob had asked coming out of the house in his blue andgreen trunks, which looked super cute and matched his blue eyes and with hislong black hair falling down his shoulder he looked super cute, and he had hisshirt of so all I was staring at was his muscles and abs, his skin was tannedand it looked super golden, but his eyes had a dangerous edge in it like hisdad the god of war, but they were much kinder in it. 5“yes, you must be Bob.”“Yeah, so you like want to go for a swim or something.”“Sure” he let me inside the house it looked almost similar to mine ecept thathis was golden instead of white