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rfid ppt

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Rfid ppt

  1. 1. Make mean RFID RFID India’s Premier RFID Knowledge house3/28/2006 Classified Information 1
  2. 2. Make mean RFIDGemini Communication - Highlights • Started in 1995. IPO in Nov’95 • Over 1000 Customers across India • 11 yr old Networking & Communications company • 15 sales & 50 support Offices in India, 400 employees • Rs.72 Crore revenues (FY 04-05) • Widest Range of Products & Services in the Industry LAN & WAN Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) NetworkCARE Wireless & Telecom RFID3/28/2006 Classified Information 2
  3. 3. Make mean RFID - A Background Oct 2001 - foray into RFID First Indian Company to jump into RFID in a big way3/28/2006 Classified Information 3
  4. 4. Make mean RFID Why RFID?• The next gen Auto ID technology• Slated to replace barcodes over a period of time (EAN/UCC are pushing the widespread adoption of RFID through EPC Global)• Fits into Diverse application segments3/28/2006 Classified Information 4
  5. 5. Make mean RFID Gemini’s competency to foray into RFIDFor any RFID initiative to succeed, there are three critical areas of technical expertise, which are• RF Engineering• Embedded Design &• Middle wareGemini has built expertise in all three since 2001 on product development and application innovation.3/28/2006 Classified Information 5
  6. 6. Make mean RFID RFID - USPs• First mover in the emerging market• Developed own Product Range• TI / Philips Brand association• Wide Product portfolio• System Integrator Experience• Over 75 clients in the RFID space (India/Overseas)Learning / Experience Curve Deliverables• A strong customer base with breakthrough into Key Accounts• Brand value in the RFID space• Good understanding of the technology• Atleast 18 months ahead of competition in product rollouts• Committed & determined team3/28/2006 Classified Information 6
  7. 7. Make mean RFID Our biggest USPig We know what RFID, as a technology, CANNOT do?3/28/2006 Classified Information 7
  8. 8. Make mean RFID Where are we today? A 60 member team with a sound understanding of RFID. A RFID Design House & Product manufacturer with focus on Readers & Antennas and Tag Packaging A competent RFID System Integrator with a proven solution delivery model Carrying out 30 Pilot projects in the Industrial, Transportation, Healthcare & Retail sectors Patronized by over 75 clients.3/28/2006 Classified Information 8
  9. 9. Make mean RFID Some of our Pilot Projects…• RFID based AGV• Retail – Jewellery Tagging• Work in Progress (WiP)• Container Identification & Tracking• Warranty Management (Components)• Inventory Tracking & Warehouse Mgmt• Patron (In / Out Patient) Management3/28/2006 Classified Information 9
  10. 10. Make mean RFID Current Product Lines• Mullion Reader• Multi Functional Reader• Hand-held Reader• Mid-Range Reader• Long Range Reader• Fingerprint “Area” sensor• Desktop Antenna• Loop Antenna (300 x 300 mm, 500 x 500 mm)• Walk through Antenna• Tag Packaging3/28/2006 Classified Information 10
  11. 11. Make mean RFID Mullion Reader• Primary Application Segment – Access Control• USP – Read distance, Price and facility to integrate other applications.3/28/2006 Classified Information 11
  12. 12. Make mean RFID Multi Functional Reader• Primary Application Segment – Access Control, Time & Attendance, Canteen Management, Appln. specific data logger, Prodn. Monitoring System• USP – Stand alone functionality, inbuilt door controller, LCD & keypad, compact. 3/28/2006 Classified Information 12
  13. 13. Make mean RFID Hand-held Reader • Primary Application Segment – Mobile RFID enabled data collection device for Inventory / Asset / Library Management • USP – Read distance, Price and interactive keypad for writing on the fly.3/28/2006 Classified Information 13
  14. 14. Make mean RFID Mid-Range Reader • Primary Application Segment – Inventory / Asset / Library Management • USP – SID, Cost and Read Distance.3/28/2006 Classified Information 14
  15. 15. Make mean RFID Long Range Reader • Primary Application Segment – People / Asset tracking, Library Management • USP – SID, Cost and Read Distance.3/28/2006 Classified Information 15
  16. 16. Make mean RFID RFID Integrated Fingerprint Area Sensor• Primary Application Segment – Personnel Authentication• USP – Electric sensor, Authentication speed3/28/2006 Classified Information 16
  17. 17. Make mean RFID Conveyor Belt/Desktop Antennas• Primary Application Segment – Library/Asset Mgmt, Work in Progress, Process Control• USP – Read distance, Price and ability to capture objects moving at high speed.3/28/2006 Classified Information 17
  18. 18. Make mean RFID Walk through antenna• Primary Application Segment – People / Asset Tracking• USP – Read distance & Price 3/28/2006 Classified Information 18
  19. 19. Make mean RFID Tag Packaging – Mount on Metal / EMI Resistant Tag / Tamper proof tag / Cylinder Tag• Primary Application Segment – Automobile sector, Laptop tracking, Electronic component tagging, Cylinder tagging• USP – Lack of proper substitutes 3/28/2006 Classified Information 19
  20. 20. Make mean RFID Application Segments Enterprise Resource Management Industrial Solutions Transportation Healthcare Retail3/28/2006 Classified Information 20
  21. 21. Make mean RFID Enterprise Resource Management• Access Control / People Tracking• Visitor Management• Time & Attendance• Asset Management• Canteen Management• Vending Machine / Photocopier Authentication• Library Management• Guard Patrol Tracking• Car Park Solutions / Vehicle Tracking3/28/2006 Classified Information 21
  22. 22. Make mean RFID Industrial Solutions Transportation Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) Container Tracking Supply Chain Management Vehicle Access Control Inventory Tracking Ticketing Warehouse Management Electronic Toll Collection Assembly Line Identification Railways – Wagon tracking Forklift / Crane Positioning Airport – Ground Transport Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Management Systems (GTMS) Positioning Maintenance Log Management Pharma / Healthcare Retail Product Authentication POS Systems Wander Prevention Electronic Article Surveillance systems Emergency Response Customer Loyalty Programs Personnel / Asset Location Wireless Commerce Patron Management Product Authentication Medical record storage Anti-theft Systems Out-of-stock Cutback System Pallet Tagging3/28/2006 Classified Information 22
  23. 23. Make mean RFID Business Strategy• Manufacture of tags & packaging• Reader and Antenna Design and Manufacturing• Middleware (hardware based)3/28/2006 Classified Information 23
  24. 24. Make mean RFID Product Range Expansion Proposed100 433 MHz 900 MHz LF HF VHF Micro wave 134.2 13.56 915 2.45 KHz MHz MHz GHz 3/28/2006 Existing Classified Information 24
  25. 25. Make mean RFID Future Thrust3/28/2006 Classified Information 25 Current
  26. 26. Make mean RFID Immediate Roadmap• Chip upto Label conversion (Tag Mfg)• Multi platform readers (to enable payment transactions)• UHF Long Range Reader (under development)• Middleware (hardware based)• Active RFID Products3/28/2006 Classified Information 26
  27. 27. Make mean RFID Focus Geographies• India• Middle East• USA• S E Asia3/28/2006 Classified Information 27
  28. 28. Make mean RFID TRAZE – What can you expect?A reliable partner who can Manufacture RFID products of global standards Determine if RFID meets the needs and if implementation is economically viable Provide comprehensive end solutions OEM supplier of RFID products3/28/2006 Classified Information 28
  29. 29. Make mean RFID RFID INNOVATION… PERSONIFIEDBringing you closer to Reality OnlineTo know more about our innovations,Mail to info@traze.in3/28/2006 Classified Information 29