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E commerce

  1. 1. Since 1951 World Pet Association, Inc. A California Non-Profit Corporation M E M B E R S H I P AP P L I C A T I O N E-COMMERCEApplication for membership in World Pet Association, Inc. 3 COMPANION ANIMAL DISTRIBUTOR(WPA) is hereby made as provided for in its By-laws. A breeder/livestock distributor is a business which The purposes for which this association is formed are breeds, imports or otherwise acquires animals, includingvoluntary and without monetary profit to the Association or but not limited to dogs, cats, birds, small mammals,to any member thereof: reptiles, fish and other companion animals for resale to a To promote the growth and development of the pet the trade. Included also are live plants and live food for and pet product market. companion animals. This business must maintain a b To promote and support the manufacturer to facility which is separate from any retail location and distributor to retailer to consumer relationship. which does not sell at retail. c To support reasonable efforts of the pet industry to 4 MANUFACTURERS’ REPRESENTATIVE enhance the cause of responsible pet ownership by An independent pet supply manufacturers’ representative the general public and to promote responsible care, is a business which represents World Wide Pet Industry treatment and handling of companion animals in the Association, Inc. manufacturer voting members and who pet industry. is not engaged in the business of retailing pets or pet d To study and understand the emotional, psychologi- supplies. This business must maintain a facility which is cal and companionate relationship inherent in pet separate from any retail location and which does not sell ownership and to advance the benefits and advan- at retail. tages thereof. 5 AFFILIATE MEMBER An affiliate member is: A e To publish a news bulletin and educational material purveyor of non-pet supplies or services, to the pet pertaining to the industry. industry, which are not for sale, or a supplier of f To provide publicity and public relations for the component parts to the pet industry or a purveyor of industry. retail supplies and services to the industry which are not g To organize and sponsor pet industry trade for resale to consumers or a person, business entity, shows. organization or professional with involvement with pets, h To establish such subsidiary or affiliate organiza the pet industry, pet services, or the pet product market tions in the furtherance of these purposes as may be not otherwise listed in a category above and approved legally undertaken by the association. for voting membership by a vote of the Board of i To develop and present educational programs. Directors. WPA recognizes firms as eligible to hold a voting 6. RETAIL MEMBERSHIP A purveyor of livestock, petmembership which meet the following qualifications: supplies, or services for sale to the pet consumer, who An individual, a corporation, partnership, estate or trust maintains a store front or a commercial facility which iswhich is engaged in one of the following businesses and separate from a place of residence.every voting membership must, each year, designate itsvoting representative in writing: 7. E-COMMERCE MEMBERSHIP A purveyor of pet supplies and/or services for sale to the pet industry1 PRODUCT DISTRIBUTOR A product distributor consumer through direct response e-commerce. is a business engaged in the purchase of goods 8. ASSOCIATE MEMBER: A person, business entity, primarily from manufacturers (as defined herein) to organization or professional involved with pets, be resold / delivered to retail outlets. the pet industry, pet services, or the pet product market A product distributor maintains a warehouse facility not otherwise listed in a category above and approved independent of retail activity of sufficient size to for membership by a vote of the Board of Directors. An service its customers, has a full-time office staff for Associate Member shall not have a vote nor be eligible customer service and provides a catalog / price list. to hold a seat on the Board of Directors or an elected2 MANUFACTURER A manufacturer is a business that office of the Association. either manufactures, markets or imports pet products When ownership in a member business changes, membership for distribution to the pet trade and has a manufacturing terminates. The new ownership shall apply for new and / or warehousing facility. membership. The sum of $750 in U.S. funds is tendered herewith in payment of dues for one calendar year starting January 1st. Page #1
  2. 2. M E M B E R S H I P A P P L I C A T I O N E-COMMERCEPlease answer every question and type or print clearly. Applications will not be considered if incomplete.Use your letterhead if necessary to supply all information.Firm Name: _________________________________________________________________ Phone: ( )________________ FAX: ( )________________Street Address: ______________________________________________________ Email: ____________________________Post Office Box: ______________________________________________________ Website: ____________________________City/State/Zip Code: _________________________________________________________________________________________Designated Representative: _________________________________________________________________________________When did firm begin conducting business? (Month/Year) ____________________________________________________________When did firm begin conducting business in the pet industry? (Month/Year) __________________________________________Applicant firm is a (check one): Corporation. Incorporated in what state? ______________________ When (MM/DD/YY) _________________ Partnership. Names of all partners: ________________________________________________________________ Sole Proprietorship. Other. Please describe: ______________________________________________________________________________Names of Officers President: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Vice President: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Secretary: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Treasurer: _________________________________________________________________________________________Has Applicant any ownership connection or other affiliation (legal, business or familial) with any other firm in the pet industry? YES NO. If yes, explain: ___________________________________________________________________ Is this other firm a member of WPA? YES NO.Has Applicant ever been a member of WPA? YES NO. Under same name? If so, when? __________________________________________________________________________ If so, state name and year(s): ______________________________________________________________________________Do you issue a catalog? YES NO. If yes, please attach a copy.Does Applicant make retail sales? YES NO.Check current industry memberships Applicant holds: American Pet Products Ass’n. (APPA) American Boarding Kennels Ass’n. (ABKA) Pet Industry Distributors Ass’n. (PIDA) Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC)
  3. 3. M E M B E R S H I P A P P L I C A T I O N E-COMMERCE1. Do you offer a full line of merchandise? Yes No or do you specialize? In what? (please check all appropriate boxes below) Aquarium/Aquaria Cat/Dog products Pet food Bird products Small animal products Other / please explain: ______________________________________________________________________________2. Is your warehouse separate from any retail activity? Yes No Address of warehouse: _________________________________________________________________________________ Size of warehouse: __________________________________________________ Number of Employees: __________ Number of outside sales people: ________________________________________ Business hours: _________________3. Please check the type of accounts you supply and the percentage of your business for each category: Pet Shops ____% Groomers ____% Breeders ____% Kennels ____% Veterinary Clinics ____% Feed Stores ____% Hardware Stores____% Mass Merchandisers ____% Consumers ____% IMPORTANT4. Please attach the following and submit with this Application: a ON YOUR LETTERHEAD, list the name, address and phone numbers of 25 active accounts. About how many accounts do you service? ____________________ b ON YOUR LETTERHEAD, list the name, address and phone numbers of 10 principal manufacturers who supply you with merchandise. c A copy of your business license or other business document showing your company’s legal business status. (i.e. - city business license) d Copy of catalog or sales literature used in selling your products/services. e Bank references including account number, mailing address, phone and contact. We agree to abide by the By-laws of WPA and with all regularly adopted amendments thereto. We also agree to conscientiouslyconduct our personal relationship with the trade and in all matters pertaining to business in conformity with recognized standards ofbusiness practice. We declare all information contained in this Application and questionnaire to be true and accurate. Further, weunderstand that acceptance of this Application and membership in the Association is subject to approval of its Board of Directors andthat we will be notified of the Board’s action. By Applicant’s signature below, Applicant consents to the dissemination of all information contained in or attached to thisApplication to members of the Association’s Board of Directors in order that the Application may be processed notwithstanding thefact that some members of the Board may be competitors of the Applicant and Applicant hereby releases the Association from any andall claims alleged to have occurred as a result of the release of information contained in this Application. Permission is given to contact all references given in this Application.Signature of Applicant’sDesignated Representative: _________________________________________________ Date of Application: __________Method of Payment: Check (Make payable to WPA) MC / Visa American Express Card Number: _______________________________________________________ Exp. Date: _________________ Signature: _________________________________________________________________________________________Mail Application with all required attachments and payment of $750 in U.S. funds to WPA at: 135 West Lemon Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016 USA Telephone: (626) 447-2222 FAX: (626) 447-8350 E-mail: info@wpamail.org URL: www.worldpetassociation.org For Office Use Only Date received: ____________________________________ Date application approved: _______________________
  4. 4. Revised 08/12/2006