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Biggest Marketing Fails


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Effectuating proper brand management can be more intense than you think. Yes, speed of execution is important, but so is due diligence. Whether global or local, a brand only has value if the target audiences perceive it that way. And, as you’ll see below, perception often usurps reality … for better or worse.

Biggest Marketing Fails

  1. 1. MARKETINGbrought to you by:
  2. 2. In 2007, launched a guerilla marketingcampaign in which they set up LEDsigns in various locations to promoteone of their cartoons.It turned into a full blownterrorism scare, resultingin the shut-down of manypublic transportationlines, bridges, and roads.The head of CartoonNetwork lost his job,and cost the company$2,000,000YOU’REFIRED!CARTOON NETWORK
  3. 3. FRANK PERDUEwas translated into Spanish as:"It takes an aroused manto make a chicken affectionate"Frank Perdues chicken slogan,"It takes a strong manto make a tender chicken"¿Qué?In Africa, companiesroutinely put pictures on thelabel of whats inside, sincemost people cant read.When Gerber startedselling baby food inAfrica, they used thesame packaging asthey did in the U.S.GERBER
  4. 4. turned its slogan,"Turn It Loose"into Spanish where itstranslation was read as:"Suffer From Diarrhea"COORSin Chinese, translated intoPepsis campaign,"Pepsi brings your ancestorsback from the grave""Come alive with thePepsi Generation"PEPSI
  5. 5. Named one of its desks:"Fartfull"IKEAParker Pen marketed a ball-pointpen in Mexico that read:"It wont leak in your pocketand make you pregnant"It was supposed to say:"It wont leak in your pocketand embarrass you"PARKERPEN
  6. 6. In 2011, Netflix decided to split the companyinto two companies. Netflix for movie rentalsand Qwikster for movie streaming. It splitthe market and would have resulted in a60% price increase for both services.After much negativity andgeneral confusion, Netflixeventually went back on theirannouncement of Qwikster. Butthe damage was already done.Netflix lost aroundsubscribers800,000Their stock droppedin four months77%QWIKSTERWE’RESORRY :(
  7. 7. Introduced the "Mist Stick"curling iron, only to find out thatin German slang, it translated to:CLAIROL“Manure Stick”YOU SMELLSOMETHING?The Coca-Cola name in China wasfirst read as "Ke-kou-ke-la", meaning:"Bite the wax tadpole"or"Female horse stuffedwith wax"depending on the dialect.COCA-COLA
  8. 8. #Aurora is trending,clearly about our Kim Kinspired #Aurora dressCELEB BOUTIQUE TWEETED:FAILSCOMPANY TWEETWhile the rest of the world was waking upto news that a man in Aurora, CO, had killeda dozen people inside a movie theaterWho’s #notguilty abouteating all the tastytreats they want?!ENTENMANN’S TWEETED:Shortly after Casey Anthony was acquittedon charges that she’d murdered her youngdaughter, and #notguilty was trendingMillions are in uproar in#Cairo. Rumor is theyheard our new springcollection is nowavailable online…KENNETH COLE TWEETED:In the middle of the protests againstthe Egyptian government in Cairo
  9. 9. BEFORE AFTERGONE BAD!COMPANY LOGO REDESIGNS>>In October 2010, Gap launched a new logoin an attempt to be more modern.Two days later, Gap put the old logo backinto place after the unbelievable backlashfrom the public.
  10. 10. >BEFORE AFTERGONE BAD!COMPANY LOGO REDESIGNS> lists “syfy”as a slang term for syphilis.Pepsi didn’t realize the amount ofpeople who would parody their logo.>>
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