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Magnolia 4.5 Migration - Storytelling

Are you starting a 4.5 migration? Do you have projects pending that haven't been migrated? Have you done your migration estimates? Is there a customer breathing down your neck? Are you afraid?
We feel your pain - that's why we'd like to share our migration experiences: our ups and downs, our dead ends as well as the heureka moments.

You have to earn your migration - it's hard work without pixies and magic elves involved...
Fortunately, when we started out with the Magnolia Migration Module 1.2, we didn't feel like Indiana Jones in a deadly maze anymore.
Thanks to the Magnolia team working on the Migration Module and the great cooperation between them and us, we were successful - and you can succeed, too!

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Magnolia 4.5 Migration - Storytelling

  1. 1. DANIEL KUMMER. Senior Software Engineer. STEFAN BAUR. Software Engineer. Namics AG September 2013
  3. 3. PROJECT DATA C O N T E X T customer magnolia balôise group internet (2010) intranet (2011) enterprise edition ldap shop weblogic modules sites
  4. 4. PROJECT DATA N U M B E R S 4.4.9-jcr2 1 5 ~25GB ~30’000 ~130 ~50 ~50 3 pre-migration version author (production) publish (production) repository size content pages custom components custom pages site definitions custom themes
  5. 5. FIRST ATTEMPTS STILL PREMATURE we expected it to be a big help - but it wasn’t groovy scripts - impossible to debug errors premature documentation started migrating code - while waiting for magnolia MIGRATION MODULE 1.1
  6. 6. FINAL SOLUTION NEW AND POLISHED! MIGRATION MODULE 1.2 CHANGES… every module migrates itself no more groovy scripts à replaced with tasks excellent automatic migration of freemarker scripts overhauled and improved documentation
  7. 7. FINAL SOLUTION NEW AND POLISHED! MIGRATION MODULE 1.2 …AND ISSUES poor performance à complete migration: ~100h! some dependent modules still used 1.1 {form, shop} still some unpleasant bugs
  8. 8. POST MIGRATION DONE? WRONG! MAGNOLIA 4.5 PITFALLS lots of templating changes complex area migration performance issues with “old” 4.4 code bugs in the early magnolia 4.5.x releases
  9. 9. POST MIGRATION THE NEW STUFF BIGGEST 4.5 CHANGES templating à stk 2.0 area concept renderable definitions inplace editing jcr node api ldap/ad module channels
  10. 10. ESTIMATES R E A L I T Y ~35 days ~100 days 3x OFF
  11. 11. WHY ??? REASONS one of the first large migrations no reference estimations migration module 1.1 unusable unexpected post migration issues complex custom code migration more testing than estimated
  12. 12. O U R T I P S GET IT DONE RIGHT read the wikis – read them well take your time – don’t hustle use content migration tasks estimate conservative migration module 1.2 is your friend
  13. 13. ? QUESTIONS