My finshed front cover


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My finshed front cover

  1. 1. MY FINSIHED FRONT COVER<br />Namibia Mclean 12R<br />
  2. 2. Front Cover<br />Overall I’m quite pleased on how my front cover looks because I do believe it does look like a real magazine and I can imagine this magazine on a shelf in a local corner shop on in a wide supermarket. Additionally I think that I have included the typical conventions of a magazine but added a twist to it for example my masthead includes an arrow which I believe is unique and have not seen this for my magazine genre. Also my fonts are quite bold because I want people to be attracted to my magazine. However my magazine is for both genre’s so to contrast the boldness of it I put an elegant font to represent that this magazine is quite is feminine too. In conclusion I do believe there are matters that I could have done differently so that it didn’t as rough but I do know I put a lot of effort into it so to see this as the final result is quite satisfying.<br />
  3. 3. Here are some of the steps I took to make my final front cover:<br />STEPS<br />As you can see I decided to change the masthead in reflection of what I stated before (blurry and not professional). I believe this font is better as it is eye-catching and readable. I also made the arrow go into the selling line as if I didn’t the masthead would have been smaller and I think the size it is at now is a good size so to make it any smaller would have been risky. Additionally I changed the ‘Trey Songz’ font to match the rest of the font displayed which on the whole is quite a masculine font because it’s really bold so by putting this font to match the others displayed on the front cover makes the magazine itself seem more macho and the artist seem more manly<br />This was my original flat plan idea and I chose to make it like this on the basis of hip hop magazine conventions. As you’ll see I have changed some conventions along the way of making the front cover of my magazine.<br />This was the final product for a long while. I decided to change things to it such as the ‘Trey Songz’ font as this celebrity is a man and by putting it in an elegant font I’ve added femininity where it was not needed especially as his name already was in an elegant purple which again made it more feminine. I also realised the masthead looked blurry so I needed to make it bold as this is the first thing I want my audience to see and the way it looks now makes it jarring to the eye and unprofessional.<br />This is my final product and as mentioned before I’m very happy with the result. I did change some things to the magazine which I will go into more detail as the presentation goes on but on the whole I believe the magazine so far looks good.<br />
  4. 4. Front Cover Deeper Analysis<br />Here are the main conventions I changed from my original flat plan to my final front cover:<br /><ul><li>Arrow in the Masthead – I decided to have the arrow in the masthead because like fore mentioned if I had made it smaller then there would have been a risk of the audience not noticing it and plus I think it looks okay within the banner as it doesn’t jar the eye
  5. 5. ‘Worldwide First’ and banner have been moved up – I moved this up because there was too much empty space showing so I was just simply filling in the gaps
  6. 6. The date and slogan are showing – Even though I stated in my analysis that this is the conventions of a newspaper I did manage to spot some music magazines do this and again I was filling in the gaps.
  7. 7. Artists featured have been displayed at the bottom – I realised that when I placed the artists at the side like I originally planned it was taking up too much space and too much of the image was being covered up so I accidentally moved it to the bottom and I thought it looked better there as I could display more artists.
  8. 8. ‘The 100 HOTTEST HIP HOP ARTISTS RANKED’ has been moved to the right hand side of the page – again the image was being too covered up so by moving the artists featured to the bottom I saw that because it isn’t much text, it would be better to move it to the other side as the graphic is not being too covered up.
  9. 9. ‘NEW R&B SENSATION SPEAKS ABOUT HER STEPS TO STARDOM’ has been changed to ‘UPCOMING SENSATION SPEAKS ABOUT HER NEW FAME’ – This was too wordy and I needed my magazine to be casual so I shortened it so that it would still have the same effect on the reader but in a colloquial way.
  10. 10. The artists featured ‘CIARA.BEYONCE...’ have been changed to yellow and white – There was too much purple displayed however I needed it to be interesting so I changed it to a tan yellow and white so that it would create diversity.
  11. 11. ‘FREE CODES TO UNLOCK BEYONCE’S MEMORABLE HITS’ has been changed to ‘DO YOU WANT TO LIVE LIFE LIKE A CELEB TODAY? – When I tested this out on people they said that the ‘FREE CODES...’ didn’t make any sense so I changed it to something that was still a competition but simpler to understand.
  12. 12. The barcode has been put on the left hand side – There were too many things shown on the left hand side to the extent that the barcode didn’t fit so I just simply moved it to the other side of the page and thought it looked better there.</li>