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Film Posters and Magazine Front Covers


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Film Posters and Magazine Front Covers

  1. 1. Magazine Front Covers and Film Posters By Namibia McLean
  2. 2. Tagline Image Title I am a really big fan of the ‘Harry Potter’ books so I believed that the film makers had to try extra hard in making the films as interesting as the books. Every poster so far whilst in the films has been a success and I think the poster on the left is a success as well. This poster is for the last two films for the ‘Harry Potter’ saga and I think that it is simplistic and it does the film justice (even though I have watched all the films and they were amazing.) When everyone thinks of this particular film they think of the memorable Hogwarts building in which this is where the students learn how to become wizards. Having the building on fire conveys that there is disorder within the building and this foreshadows what will happen with the film so I believe that this is a very good image to use for this film poster because of the colours use and what it symbolises. Having the title ‘Hp7’ is colloquial and people who are familiar with the film will know what it stands for. It’s short but it’s straight to the point and in the end people know what film poster this is for.
  3. 3. Tagline Image Title I like the actors and actresses within this film but I just felt that film poster too much. I can understand that they felt the need to fit in all the people that were important within the film but my eyes just drift everywhere because there are so many images. This may be a personal opinion because this can even draw people into seeing the film as they can identify the people within the film poster and think that the film will be good because it has a particular actress or actor within it. The fact that there is another image underneath is also distracting as there is no need for so many images. I believe they could have instead made the images within the middle bigger so that the image at the bottom was not needed. Again, this can be just a personal opinion as some people would like the film poster to set the scene of where the film is actually filmed. The title looks fascinating though, as I liked how they used a glitter and sparkle to actually remind the audience of the new year. The tagline is simple however it is good that it reflects the big event.
  4. 4. INSPIRATIONAL HORROR POSTER. This horror poster is interesting, simply because it lacks in bright colours and goes alongside horror film poster conventions. The only bold colour shown here is the title in which the colour is red. This shows the obvious connotation of blood however it could symbolise pain or disorder. Additionally the ‘y’ within the title looks like a type of weapon and could foreshadow the weapon used to kill people within the film. However, it could also show blood running down so again it can make the audience feel discomfort. The image is interesting as we don’t see a great deal of it however we see a man who looks human carrying a weapon and heading towards a creepy house. This definitely portrays conventions of horror as he is holding what looks like could be a murder weapon and the house looks gloomy and unwelcoming. Interesting enough, there is something written in what looks like a tree stating ‘watch em & kill em’ which again foreshadows what will happen within the film and shows that the house is far from normal. Tagline Image Title Slogan
  5. 5. Masthead Cover line Image Selling line Button Additional images What about ‘TOTAL FILM’ is that every movie is reflected on the front cover of the magazine. For example, for the film ‘Inception’ the used buildings and used the same colours that were used on the film posters so that the audience can familiarise themselves with this film. The cover line is bold and is silver and white in which these colours reflect that the film is futuristic. The image is of the main character within the film and of course is the famous actor Leornado Di Caprio. Now I believe that this magazine used him on the front cover for two main reasons: One reason being that of course he is the main character within the film and the audience should familiarise themselves of who they will see within the film and that he is a well known actor. The other reason being that this man is seen as a real ‘heartthrob’ with women all around the world so they could increase sales of their magazine. Four main colours are used so that they stick with the main conventions of magazines.
  6. 6. Masthead Cover line Image Selling line Button Additional images With this film poster, two main colours are used in which this is blue and white. However there are different shades of blue and this reflects on the main colours used within the film posters and to reflect the creature itself. The image is of the main character within the film and it entices people to want to know more by the angle of gaze and the interesting article that follows along with it. The creature and the colours used make the audience think that this film is more a sci-fi and so this would mainly be targeted towards sci-fi fanatics or people who would want to know what the creature is and why it’s like that. The cover lines at the side are very cleverly done as some even relate to the image in the middle (it being some sort of animal) for example ‘Wild Things’ however this is just a personal opinion and I don’t believe this was done intentionally. I really like this magazine front cover because it’s simple but yet it still manages to draw the attention of the audience.
  7. 7. Masthead Cover line Image Selling line Button Additional images Even though I find this magazine front cover interesting, to be honest I don’t really like the structure of it at all. For example, I don’t like that there is a space on the left side because it makes me feel that something should have been put there or that it is unfinished. I believe something could have clearly fit there for example a button or even another article. The image within the middle is interesting as in it’s different to what other magazines would do but it’s hard to find out what she’s doing there or what article she relates to unless you look at the bottom in which there is a pull quote. When I see a magazine front cover or just some sort of poster in general I read from the top, downwards so I don’t understand why they would put the featured article at the bottom where no one would notice for quite some time. It left me really confused. Moving on, I did like the use of additional images and I believe that this is a useful convention however this magazine is just very odd really.