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Methods of Selecting Website Names

There are many techniques and methods of choosing a website name. This slide show covers all major and interesting techniques of choosing a website name. Learn all methods of finding the best domain name and pick the best one for your website.

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Methods of Selecting Website Names

  1. 1. ByNameStallWebsite Name Generator
  2. 2. 5 Most Popular Techniques 1. Keyword Rich Name 2. Brandable Name 3. Descriptive Brandable Name 4. Generic Name 5. Exact Match Name
  3. 3. 1. Keyword Rich NameThis is probably the most popular technique of choosing awebsite or domain name. When your website name containsthe keyword of your business or service in it is known askeyword rich website/domain – Main service of www.mywebsearch.comis “web search” and their website name contains the keyword“web search”.More examples –
  4. 4. 2. Brandable Website NameThis is another very popular way of picking a website name.And this is probably the fastest growing technique. Brandablewebsite names are just opposite to keyword rich websitename. A brandable name doesn‟t contain any keyword rather itis a short, catchy made-up word with no dictionary – Google is basically a search engine but there isno keyword (search/engine) in their domain name.More examples –
  5. 5. 3. Descriptive Brandable NameThese kinds of domain names are keyword rich as well asbrandable. One part of the name is usually a keyword andother part is usually meaningless but when combined togetherit sounds like a new – Soft or Software is their main keyword. So„Soft‟ = keyword and joined with „Onic‟ it created “softonic”which sounds like a word.More examples –
  6. 6. 4. Generic Website NameThis is one of the oldest techniques of selecting a domainname. But unfortunately this is a very difficult techniquenowadays. When a generic word becomes a website name thatis known as generic domain – The word "Apple" is a generic word and when itwas registered as a domain name it became a generic domainname.More examples –
  7. 7. 5. Exact Match Domain NameThis is also a very old and popular website name choosingtechnique. When a website name contains keywords thatexactly match the search query is known as exact domainname or – It is an exact mach domain name as thekey phrase “Cheap Tickets” has exactly 823,000 globalmonthly search queries.More examples –
  8. 8. 3 Other Unusual TechniquesThree more uncommon yet very interesting techniques ofselecting website names are -A. Domain Hack NameB. Typo Domain NameC. Founder Name As Name
  9. 9. A. Domain Name HackThis is a very unusual way of selecting a website name. Whenyou domain name extension (also known as domain suffix)becomes the part of the website name is known as – Domain extension “.gs” is the part of the domain name“Blogs”. That means “Blo”+”gs” makes the word “Blogs”. Andthis kind of domain names are known as Domain Hack.
  10. 10. B. Typo Domain NameThis is another interesting but uncommon method of picking awebsite name. When you intentionally select your websitename a misspell word then that is known as typo domain.Experts use commonly or smartly misspell or typo words asdomain – Actually this should be “Video” not “Vimeo”. Andthis is a word where they smartly used “m” (vimeo) instead of“d” (video). This domain name can be considered as misspellor typo domain.
  11. 11. C. Founder Name As DomainWhen the founder of the website uses his/her name (full nameor a port of his/her name) in the domain name is known asfounder website – Founder of this blog site is Amy, avery popular blogger. She used her name “Amy” in the domainname.
  12. 12. Selecting The Best Suited Technique OfChoosing The Website Name Is The First Step.When You Know Your Preferred Technique OfSelecting The Website Name Just And Use Free Web 2.0 NameGenerator To Find The Best Domain Name ForYour Website Or Blog Or Company.
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