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12 Step Recovery Program


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12 step recovery program by NAK Union! They provide 12 step methods for recovery from alcohol addiction! Call them at (678) 466-6511 to know more.

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12 Step Recovery Program

  1. 1. ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTERS – GIVING THE RIGHT DIRECTION TO YOUR LIFE• It is not uncommon for people to be addicted to drugs and alcohol and the number of such addicts is rising every day. The increasing number of drug and alcohol addicts is a great threat to society. They result in destroying the balance of society as substance dependencies mean broken relationships, divorce, child abuse and many other problems. The experience is not traumatic only for the person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs but the close friends and family members are also greatly affected. But this doesn’t mean that there is no hope. There are plenty of addiction treatment centers and one can approach them to get treated and come back to their normal lifestyle.• Addiction Recovery Programs are not a very easy thing to manage, at least for those who have been drinking and taking drugs for a long time. It is important to search for a suitable addiction treatment centers so that one can go through the whole program under proper supervision. For any form of Drug Abuse Treatment or Alcohol Addiction Treatment, it is important that the addict realizes that treatment is a must. Only when the realization is present in the patient, the treatment can be started successfully and desired results can be obtained. Centers can be searched on the internet or one can discuss the matter with a substance abuse counselor. The counselor will help one to find the right healthcare institution like or any such treatment center. Also, the counselor would be the right person to guide the addict about the best out of different Addiction Treatment Programs offered in these centers.• Stages of treatment• The professional Drug Addiction Treatment Centers and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers follow different stages during the treatment. These steps are Treatment Initiation, Early Abstinence, maintaining Abstinence and recovery stage. All these distinct phases will help one to get rid of addiction and develop a sober lifestyle.• The ‘Treatment Initiation’ i.e. the first stage of treatment followed in a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center can be a voluntarily taken step or the person may be forced by the circumstances to start the program. During the first few days of this stage, the addict is unsure about the treatment and may not find substance abuse very bad. Strong mental strength is needed to accept that substance abuse is actually a harmful thing. Properly administered Drug Addiction Counseling at this stage can turn out to be very helpful.• The next phase is the ‘Early Abstinence’ phase and it is the toughest stage of the treatment. There are many withdrawal symptoms and one has to learn to deal with them. There could be physical craving, psychological setbacks and many other factors there that could tempt one to go back to drugs or alcohol again.• After about 90 days of abstinence, the next stage –‘Maintaining Abstinence’ is reached. In case of residential programs, the addicts will move to the follow up counseling session in the outpatient mode. It is a long period to cover and then recovery stage is reached. ‘Recovery’ is the final stage of the treatment followed at the Drug Addiction Treatment Center.
  2. 2. BACK TO SOBRIETY WITH ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAMS• Alcohol and Drug abuse are on the rise. People who are suffering from alcohol and drug abuse consume these substances (both prescription drugs and illicit ones) in such manner that it results in harming their health, well-being, relationships and productivity. It is not always the fact that the person abusing drugs and alcohol is an addict. But abuse of these substances may be considered as a risk factor for developing an addiction for them and result in physical and psychological dependence for that substance. It is important to find a professional Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center to avoid any traumatic situations in future.•• The primary goal of an Addiction Recovery Program is to help the drug or alcohol addict to escape from addiction and return to a normal lifestyle. Any successful Drug Abuse Treatment will accomplish the work by interrupting the drug use cycle and by teaching the addict how to work without the addictive substances. Any Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment must focus on total abstinence of the substance and not only cutting back on the consumption. The treatment must address the underlying causes that may have led to the drug use and replace these causes or thoughts with positive ones so that in future any such risk could be avoided.• What Drug Treatment Centers give?• There are many Drug Addiction Treatment centers in the country one has to choose the best one in order to get the right mode of treatment. The addiction treatment program is a long term process and it could be successfully accomplished with the help of professional people. Depending on the extent of addiction, an addict could opt for outpatient mode of treatment of the residential mode of treatment. Before the type of treatment gets selected, it is important for the addict to realize that treatment is needed for the substance abuse. Without this self-realization, the treatment has to be delivered forcefully with the help of close friends, family members or counselors.• Drug Addiction Counseling plays a very important role in making a person realize that his or her addiction to drug or alcohol is bringing devastation to not only in his or her life but also to the lives of his/her close ones. Addiction Treatment Centers have the right people who are qualified in the subject and have experience to handle different cases, so one can expect to get the best of services in these centers.•• Addiction Treatment Centers help in building up a support network of caring individuals who can help in providing guidance and encouragement to the addicts during their recovery process. Such treatments are done under the supervision of medical professionals and address the physical consequences of the drug or alcohol addiction.• Modes of Treatment• The Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers like offer treatments in two modes. Outpatient modes are successful for those who are working or going to school during their treatment. These are the people with family commitments. Inpatient treatment in the Drug Addiction treatment Center is useful for those who have been taking substance for very long.
  3. 3. EFFECTIVENESS OF DRUG AND ALCOHOL TREATMENT CENTER• There are many Addiction Treatment Centers all around the country across various states where people addicted to substance abuse visit in order to get rid of their addiction. Substance abuse is not only bad for the individual who is addicted to it but is also going to take toll on the family, relationships and the society. Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the main causes for the increasing number of crimes and violence is the society. The desired results from the Addiction Treatment programs could be achieved only when the person is willing to participate in the program and it also depends on the type and level of support the person is going to get during and after the treatment.• Realization is the first important factor for such treatment programs. In most of the cases, the addict fails to realize that his or her strong substance addiction is causing harm to the relationships at personal and professional level and also decreasing his/her productivity. Intervention is needed if the person fails to understand that treatment is utterly important to get rid of these addictions. If needed Drug Addition Counseling is also to be provided to the addicts. Those who participate actively in the treatments offered at an effective Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center like will be able to get fast positive results.• Support System is very important• A strong support system is very essential to maintain sobriety during the drug or alcohol addiction treatment. In many cases the friends and family members are able to provide effective help and facilitation. Family counseling is also required in some cases to help the members of the family know about the various tools that they could use in order to help the addict in recovering. Peer group help can also be very effective tool for recovery during the alcohol or drug abuse treatment. The group consists of those individuals who are going through the same challenges and who can give them some first-hand advices or encouragement during the entire recovery process.• Follow up Care is also important• During the addiction recovery, follow up care is also important so that the user follows the healthy life style and the effectiveness of the addiction treatment is improved. This phase involves meetings with the therapists or other professionals so that any temptations or difficult situations could be discussed. In some cases, relapse may occur so proper care has to be taken during the follow up.• Types of Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers• There are many varieties of Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers. One may talk to a health counselor to choose the appropriate Drug Addiction Treatment Center depending on the need and also the budget. Some of these centers are resort like offering ample number of recreational activities so the addicts have a relaxing setup. Another type of treatment center is the one which is more like a hospital where the person is under strict supervision of medical professionals. For the long-time addicts, such setups are required. Whatever may be our choice of the Drug Addiction Treatment Center, it should be equipped with proper staff that is experienced and skilled and with the required knowledge and equipments.
  4. 4. CONTACT INFORMATIONNAK Union Drug & Alcohol Recovery 2550 Pilgrim Way #A Atlanta, GA, 30345 Phone: 678 466 6511 Email: Website:
  5. 5. CONTACT INFORMATIONNAK Union Drug & Alcohol Recovery 2550 Pilgrim Way #A Atlanta, GA, 30345 Phone: 678 466 6511 Email: Website: