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Playnlive sports


Published on is India's Online Sports Portal which provides information related to sports establishments (clubs, complexes, academies, events, grounds) across the country with an option to book the service online.Visitors can view high resolution images of the sports establishment, find out the facilities available, timings, reviews on Playnlive.

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Playnlive sports

  1. 1. About us  Founded with a mission to drag people from their inertia & homes, by engaging them with 'N‘ live and encouraging the zest for sports among all like never before.  We're working towards creating an engaging online portal to help people get inspired, search, plan, and start playing their favorite sports. We inspire you to play and experience something truly amazing and mesmerizing.  Organize world class events in all major sports to encourage talent and build a nation wide brand – PNL.  Launch apparels and sports equipments under brand name PNL to compete with international sportswear marketing firms like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Speedo, Spalding.
  2. 2. Team  Our Founder is a Management Graduate from the prestigious International Management Institute (Delhi) with graduation degree in Economics from the Delhi University. A go-getter, he is a cycling aficionado who, besides cracking fancy deals and clients, can be seen cycling on Delhi roads during leisure.  The other maverick of this unique idea comprise of a graduate in Commerce from Hansraj College, Delhi University. He prides himself on topping his school whilst pumping iron.  Both are supported by a bunch of awesome friends who help in managing social media, providing latest updates, writing blogs.
  3. 3. Opportunity for you?  Content writing  Campus star (Brand Ambassador Program)  Social media internship  Sales intern  Human resource professional
  4. 4. Content Writers  Are you the grammar police in your group of friends?  Are you someone who writes at the drop of a hat?  Would you want to enhance y0ur skills by adding SEO to your writing style?  We need no Shakespeare, JK Rowling but one of you to write the simple but great quality articles.
  5. 5. Student Brand Manager  For starters, this is not an internship.  Mentored by the management of Playnlive, it is the ‘flagship program’ run across the country.  You have to bring the Playnlive brand to life in the world of all things college.  Passionate about sports and share love for the same with their peers.  Responsible for driving the brand image on campus, building belief in the product benefits and ensuring long term loyalty starting with the college experience.  Building excitement and getting people involved in sports.  Reach out to new students and get them engaged in Playnlive community.
  6. 6. Social media internship  You update your facebook status each time you hit the gym, tweet about how Mr. Modi is the star of Indian politics.  Your friends and family see you more on Instagram than anywhere else  Even better! you are involved into the future of social media; multimedia video posting on youtube.  As a social media intern we would want you to manage social portal you are good at; facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr etc
  7. 7. Sales  If you are an extrovert who has an eye for numbers and ability to convince, come join us and make a quick buck for every sale you carry out for Playnlive.  It is not a traditional sales job but something interesting and fun.  An opportunity to earn as much as 10-20k a month.  Who else would pay you for doing something you love? 
  8. 8. Human Resource intern  You are that one person who is loved by everyone in the class, have excellent PR skills.  The role would be conducting activities with the other interns across your city and also to manage them.  It will be an excellent exposure working in a young startup.  Help us frame HR policies, conduct workshops and make Playnlive a happy working place!
  9. 9. What will you get?  Opportunity to gain hands on work experience with a young start up in sports.  We will recognize your work through a certificate at the end of your internship/program.
  10. 10. Contact us Website: Facebook: Nakul Kapur Rahul Wadhwa