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A2 Media Studies Evaluation - Question 1 (Magazine cover) - Part 3


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A2 Media Studies Evaluation - Question 1 (Magazine cover) - Part 3

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 1 (Part 3) How does my poster use, develop orchallenge the conventions of real posters? By Tanya McDonald
  2. 2. Magazine Cover - The Progress After deciding which photo I liked the best I then added the Masthead and the features of the magazine. I wanted the features to look like writing on the wall behind the figure - as if its the graffiti of the previous prisoners (which worked well as a lot of the features were actors names).
  3. 3. Price and Date of magazine Cover Stories: I chose to focus on the oscar nominations (asMasthead: This was the result this magazine was to be of my copy of the ‘Empire’ released in ‘February 1012). IMasthead - it looks slightly also focused on the films whichdifferent to the original but are due to be released later this that’s because of the use of year - this would also mean black on red. that ‘Retribution’ would be The Background: I think the among them and that the coverbackground came out well - it of ‘Retribution’ in thiswent from quite organised to magazine would be in slightly more chaotic but I anticipation of it’s release. think this works well as it Title of trailer - main cover would be messy if it was story: Not only is the title of graffiti on a wall but at the the ‘film’ the biggest and most same time it is organised noticeable part of the magazine enough to be readable. cover, it is also further Photo: I chose this photo from highlighted in the little badgethe others because not only was which is placed as if on top ofthe spacing good for fitting in the writing on the wall behind the Masthead and the text but him. also the sign is held straight Tagline of the magazine and and his expression (and the tagline of the main article - darkness on his face) works introducing ‘Retribution’ and really well. The slightly dirty also how it is being seen bywhite colour in the background reviewers. also works well to suggest at the grubbiness of the place. Barcode of the magazine