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21 Days -- The Naked Divorce Presentation


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The Naked Divorce aims give people hope and a clear proven structured step-by-step programme to recover in 21 days, with the support of highly experienced and trained Divorce Angels.

The simple fact is, with the tools and techniques available today, and with the right structured approach and support, recovery takes weeks – not years. And it’s a tragedy that people suffering great breakup pain don’t know this.

And so we’re on a mission to create a movement that helps tens of thousands of people around the world recover from the emotional trauma of divorce in as little as three weeks. Our programmes have been developed using proven trauma techniques that have been in existence for over 100 years as well as a breakthrough new scientific approach giving individuals access to those techniques in the comfort of their own home.

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21 Days -- The Naked Divorce Presentation

  1. 1. 21-day Program
  2. 2. About me
  3. 3. People are not healing emotionally...
  4. 4. Client Issues with therapy and counselling Felt dependent on my therapist Great deal of analyzing during therapy Time it takes The healing process didn’t feel transparent I felt that there was no goal or focus to my healing. My healing did not fit into the ‘let’s meet once a week for 1 hour’ structure Not specialised
  5. 5. Introducing... Revol ut i onar y st r uct ur ed appr oach t o heal i ng hel ps your cl i ent s navi gat e t hr ough t he di vor ce heal i ng st eps, f i nd t he sour ce of t hei r di vor ce and br i ng about l ast i ng i mpr ovement s t o t hei r emot i onal l i f e.
  6. 6. Science of change
  7. 7. Why does it work? Healing is an active process
  8. 8. Benefits
  9. 9. Who’s it for and what do people say? • Susie, Business Owner, 56 • “Finding the source of my divorce was an incredible process. I feel so complete from my divorce and much better to be around!”
  10. 10. What do people say? • Mark, Program Manager, 43 • “The coaching made me more productive at work – fantastic program”
  11. 11. What do people say? • Rosie, Senior Actuary, 40 • “The 21-day program is a godsend. My life was disintegrating and now I feel invincible and solid!”
  12. 12. Let’s talk about the program Shopping List Logistics List Scheduling the naked divorce Daily processes/ Checklist Exercises
  13. 13. Support Review the calendar