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Presentation pshs1

  1. 1. TIME FRAME
  2. 2. Overview 
  3. 3. Introduction • called Pantai Suri which was established since 1942 by Bidan Suri. Furthermore, there are approximate 500 villagers in this perfect traditional village. Majority of people in this village is Malay and Muslim. • Homestay Pantai Suri was established since 2010 and supported by ministry of tourism. There are 20 homestay in Pantai Suri Village.
  4. 4. SWOT Analyses for PSHS
  5. 5. Methods • 1- Methods of collecting the data: • Observation -Interview –Survey • 2- The steps of doing this research. - Analyzing the PSHS. - Data Collection - Data Analyzing -Action Plan -Writing a Report.
  6. 6. The Action Plan • The lack of management • Action: Creating Management Team (OC) • By whom: Tourism Office • Outcomes: Ensure the efficient management of Pantai Suri Homestay. •
  7. 7. PSHS Facilities. • The inefficiency of the roads in PSHS • Action: Mantain the excisting roads and build new. • By who? : Tourism Office+ PSHS management. • Outcomes: Ensure the easy accessebility to the homestay.
  8. 8. Problem Statement • Problems: • 1- The lack of management • 2-Lack of facilities • 3-Lack of services • 4-Lack of activities management and operations • 5-Lack of advertisement • The main concern of this research is to society and the management of the homestay to solve the problems and develop the business.
  9. 9. Lack of water supply to the homestay houses. • Action: Filtering the water and putting more pumps and tanks to share and supply the water inside the home stay. • By who?: Tourism offic , environment department and PSHS management. • Outcomes: Using clean water for personel and house use with avioding the deases.
  10. 10. Lack of nightlight net at the homestay. • Action: Put more lamps on the areas not covered to with nightlight. • By who?: Tourism Office. • Outcomes :The smoth and save accessbility to the homestay at night for the visitors as well as. the villagers.
  11. 11. Uncleanliness of the area • Action: Creating a garbage collection system and putting garbage bins in PSHS. • By who?: Tourism Office+ Management PSHS. • Outcomes: Clean area for villagers to live and visitors to enjoy. Avioding the different kinds deases.
  12. 12. Lack of Cottages at the homestay. • Action: Build new cottages and mantain the current cottages. • Who: PSHS management. • Outcomes: Providing new service and give more traditional decoration to PSHS.
  13. 13. No Public toilet in PSHS. • Action: Maintain the toilet of the Surau and Build new public toilets. • Who ?: PSHS. • Outcomes : Support the necessary services of the homestay.
  14. 14. Services • Transportation: Lack of transportation tools for people and stuff. • Action: Obtain more trollies and new Tricycles. • Who?: Tourism Office. • Outcomes: Strengthen the transportaion facilities and system of PSHS.
  15. 15. No internet Service. • Action: Obtain tools for network and internet. • Who?: Tourism Office. • Outcomes: Providing new service for PSHS office and for the visitors.
  16. 16. No Signboard and house naming. • Action: Put the signboards at PSHS ,name and number the houses. • Who?: The Management of PSHS. • Outcomes: Organizing more the location of the home stay.
  17. 17. Lack and uncapability of of touristic guides in PSHS. • Action: Choose interested people from PSHS area and train them in English languages and communication skills. • Who?: UMK, Tourism Office.