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Salamati supplement on immunization


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Supplement of Salamati issue 35 on Immunizaion, Third Quarter 2007
Since general information about immunization is mentioned in Salamati magazine, in this supplement we will provide more technical contents. In the first article you will read detailed information on what immunization is and what the deferent kinds of vaccines are.
The second article of the supplement describes the proper injecting practices. In the article you will read how un-sterile medical procedure can cause serious medical problems.
The third article of the supplement is about the adverse events that may follow immunization. This article will show you how to detect, report, and perform appropriate actions in these events.
The last article of the supplement is on the case management and epidemic control of vaccine preventable diseases. This article will give you information on what actions need to be taken for control and prevention of the communicable diseases.
We hope the contents of the magazine be helpful for you and you enjoy the reading.
Dr Najibullah Hamid, Salamati Chief Editor

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