Pakistan railways history


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Pakistan railways history

  1. 1. BUSINESS STRATEGIES Submitted to: Sir. Agha Mahmood Submitted by: Aziz Ullah Yasir Zeeshan Raza Yasir Arfat Najeeb Ullah
  2. 2. HISTORY OF RAILWAYS IN SUB-CONTINENT: Sir Henry Edward Frere, appointed as the commissioner of Sindh, sought permission from lord Dalhousie to begin a survey for a Karachi seaport and a railway line in 1858. On may 13th, 1861 the first railway line was opened to the public, between Karachi (city) and Kotri, with a total distance of 105 miles (169 km). PAKISTAN RAILWAYS: Pakistan Railways at the time of independence, 1,947 route miles (3,133 km) of north western railways were transferred to India, leaving 5,048 route miles (8,122 km) to Pakistan.
  3. 3. PAKISTAN RAILWAYS: SALIENT FEATURES: 1. Head quarter in Lahore. 2. Stretched over 8000 km. 3. Important mode of transport. 4. Administer under federal government, ministry of railways. 5. Vertically integrated organization. 6. It has an annual revenue of around rs.18.6 billion (2010-2011)
  4. 4. VISION STATEMENT Our MOTO Safety first and Always
  5. 5. MISSION STATEMENT: To provide a safe reliable , modern, efficient and cost effective infrastructure to its customers: to contribute in building the economy of Pakistan and to look after the welfare of its employees.
  6. 6. STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNITS 1. Operation unit 2. Manufacturing unit 3. Welfare & special initiative unit 4. Pakistan railway academy walton 5. Federal government inspector of railways 6. Vigilance directorate 7. Railway estate development & marketing company 8. Internal auditor