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NDU Term Paper | Technical English For Business Communication

NDU Term Paper | Technical English For Business Communication by Naja Faysal

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NDU Term Paper | Technical English For Business Communication

  2. 2. PREPARED FOR: Miss Zeina Hojeij ENL 230/D instructor Notre Dam University
  3. 3. PREPARED BY: Marina E. Checri, Naja M. Faysal ENL 230/D Students Notre Dame University
  4. 4. Our report is about the installation of air conditioners in NDU’s classrooms. Claiming that late spring and summer session students feel more at ease when studying in cool temperature classrooms.
  5. 5. As a support for our claim we did an evaluation for the installation of ACs in classrooms showing that they are tools that boost physical well-being by freshening the atmosphere. They may also be an important physical condition that motivates students and instructors for a better level of education.
  6. 6. A list of 30 students were conducted to fill out a questionnaire as a sample opinion for 4000 students. A 93% shows respond and return our questionnaire back. This questionnaire was conducted to detect student’s needs and how they perceive the issue of AC installation.
  7. 7. Most from we conducted believes that fresh temperature increase their motivation to attend classes as well as their concentration in class rooms. Students also see that better atmosphere in class has a positive effect on the quality of teaching by instructors.
  8. 8. These are the numerical results of our questionnaire: Do habits influence points of view? All day All day 6 to 12 6 to 12 Students habits 1 to 6 1 to 6 Not one Not one 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Daily hours of exposure
  9. 9. Figure 1 shows, students who answered the survey have different habits. So, it can be assumed that they judged the installation of air conditioners, independently of their lifestyle
  10. 10. Commitment towards university Indifferent 7% Strongly Not at all 21% 14% Strongly Fairly Not at all Indifferent Fairly 58%
  11. 11. 50% of students believe that their commitment to Notre Dame University would increase (cf. Table 1.) if they were to feel that the administration was taking into consideration their requests. Furthermore, we can assess that this improvement in loyalty is greatly needed nowadays, since 14% of the students answered “Not at all” and 7% said to be indifferent, when asked whether they felt or not committed to their university.
  12. 12. These findings proves that students at Notre Dame University are aware of the benefits of a more pleasant environment. However, a majority prefers not to make its complaints official, fearing that increasing the costs the university incurs, would lead to an increase in tuition fees.
  13. 13. The following recommendations are based on these conclusions: • Install heating and cooling equipment in classrooms. • Provide healthy environmental conditions. • Reevaluate techniques to collect students’ feedback.
  14. 14. These recommendations and the findings of the study should help the university ensure that students are motivated to attend classes and that it has a high quality image.