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NDU Term Paper | Introduction To Computers - Basketball


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NDU Term Paper | Introduction To Computers - Basketball by Naja Faysal

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NDU Term Paper | Introduction To Computers - Basketball

  1. 1. . . 1 7/7/2006
  2. 2. Basketball A sport and a school 2 7/7/2006
  3. 3. Basketball as a sport It is a sport played with a circular ball on a court with two identical baskets. The goal is when the ball enters the basket of the other team. The player has to dribble pass and shoot the ball towards the basket. The team who score more points wins. 3 7/7/2006
  4. 4. Rules As a player, you shouldn’t foul the player otherwise the other team will take the possession of the ball or take two free throws. You shouldn’t walk with the ball. You shouldn’t jump with the ball more than once. You shouldn’t go out of bounds 4 7/7/2006
  5. 5. What is needed to play basketball well? First, a basketball player needs to have a good fitness and run well on the basketball court. He needs to be aggressive and have the team spirit. He needs to practice a lot of shots and dribbling and jumping. 5 7/7/2006
  6. 6. Questions: 1) What motivates you when playing basketball? 2) How is the rate of population? 3) What are the benefits of this sport? 4) Does it have a non physical effect? 5) What it means to be a professional basketball player? 6 7/7/2006
  7. 7. Motivation: There are many things that motivates you in this game: The feeling of scoring or hitting the basket. The team spirit and your work just for the team’s sale and just to win. You might lose and this motivates you more. The feeling of the fast improvement. Hopping to be a star.* 7 7/7/2006
  8. 8. Development: The rate of development is incredible, u will feel that you are populating very quickly and enjoying your population. 8 7/7/2006
  9. 9. Advantages: The benefits of this sport are classified into two parts: Physical Psychological 9 7/7/2006
  10. 10. Physical: More strength More fitted More talent Good health 10 7/7/2006
  11. 11. Psychological: Team spirit Helping your team mates Effects on your sense of humor 11 7/7/2006
  12. 12. Profession: A professional basketball player is the player who lives his life for one reason: playing basket … by another words he play basketball at a professional team. 12 7/7/2006
  13. 13. Basketball as a school: It acts as a school to the players by teaching them how to accept the loss as they accept winning. The club acts as a school in the training programs for the players to do a better job in this game. 13 7/7/2006
  14. 14. Training: Training is classified into two major parts: Individual training Teamwork training 14 7/7/2006
  15. 15. Individually: Training individually aims in improving the skills as an individual. It helps him, for example to shoot better, dribble better, jump higher… It increase his fitness and his defensive skills. 15 7/7/2006
  16. 16. Teamwork training: Teamwork training aims to improve the skills as a member of the team … How when he has to pass, how and when he has to shoot, how and when he has to help in the defense… In addition, it let him know how to help his teammates offensively and defensively,ex: how and when he has to build a screen to let his teammate pass with the ball towards the other team basket. 16 7/7/2006
  17. 17. Summary: basketball is a very interesting sport. benefits in: increases the it helps in building as any sport having fun in physical strength good personal it gives health a complete phsycology healthy way 17 7/7/2006
  18. 18. Some statistics: 80 60 40 20 0 United Europe Asia Lebanon States The percentage of teenagers playing basketball around the world. 18 7/7/2006
  19. 19. Now my presentation has finished … Thank you 19 7/7/2006
  20. 20. By: Naja Faysal 20 7/7/2006