NDU Term Paper | Creativity In Advvertising


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NDU Term Paper | Creativity In Advvertising by Naja Faysal

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NDU Term Paper | Creativity In Advvertising

  1. 1. Analyzing & creating Ads By: Naja Faysal Josiane Salameh
  2. 2. Presented to: Dr. K. Darouni
  3. 3. ADM 352 NDU main campus Fall 2004
  4. 4. Outline: Background preview: – Define the product – Define the target audience – Define competitors – Positioning Analysis – VIPS – AIDA – Headline – Visuals
  5. 5. Analyzing the first Ad Brand name: Persil Category: Laundry powder Ad type: Unique Selling Preposition
  6. 6. Define the product Persil is one of the leading laundry powder brand names. It has a high reputation concerning cleaning clothes. It has a great market share. It is well known among all the Lebanese population.
  7. 7. Target audience House wives House holders Those who care about a good quality in their laundry
  8. 8. Define competitors Arial: same price approximately same quality same image and awareness similar communication strategy
  9. 9. Bonux and Nice ... These are competitors with less quality and less price.
  10. 10. yes “3 in one” and Tide Other competitors are multi functions.
  11. 11. Positioning Persil fights to be the number one in the mind of the consumers concerning whitening and caring about the washed items.
  12. 12. VIPS Visibility: ultimate clean Identity: successful house wife Personality: killing dirtiness Single mindness: cleaning inside and outside… (Arabic)
  13. 13. AIDA Attention: The most items in the ad that attracts the attention is the name of Persil written in red, in addition to the expression of the two persons in the ad.
  14. 14. Interest: Persil’s ad shows the interest in the ultimate clean that every house hold dream about to be a successful one.
  15. 15. Desire: This ad showing Persil’s benefits which are ultimate clean… which creates a desire for the target audience to take action.
  16. 16. Action: After the desire has been awakened, the target audience is motivated to go to supermarket or retailers and ask for the brand and buy it.
  17. 17. Detailed analysis Persil ad is an animated printing that mixes a photo of a man and a woman with an illustration of the fibers of the clothes, showing that the two persons are inside the cloth item and surprised.
  18. 18. The fibers are shown to be very clean due to the power pearls of the new Persil. The power pearls are blue balls spread all over the fibers in a combination that shows the relation between the whiteness and the balls.
  19. 19. Moreover, the logo of Persil is located in the eye sight of the couple as if they are looking towards the logo surprised. Persil’s logo is also located above the man’s hand, while the man is showing the woman the effect of Persil.
  20. 20. The combination between the two (man and woman inside the clothes and the Persil’s logo) makes the ad very attractive and send a clear message that relates whitening and customer satisfaction with buying Persil.
  21. 21. Colors 1. Persil’s logo is in red because Persil has used the red color in its name since its introduction to the market. 2. The background of the name is green as the color of the package.
  22. 22. 3. The slogan is written in white to show the main aspect of Persil which is cleanliness and whitening. 4. The couple are shown inside the clothes where the fibers of the clothes are white and blue to show the cleanliness. The background of the clothes is blue probably because clothes are usually drawn out in the open air.
  23. 23. The couples’ expression shown on their faces is a “wow” expression which means that they are surprised from the value and quality of Persil. They are completely satisfied.
  24. 24. Persil used the unique selling proposition (cleaning inside and outside) as a slogan for their advertising campaign. They focus in their slogan on the quality they provide without mentioning the price or any other promotion, because they are trying to position Persil as the number one laundry powder in the market.
  25. 25. Design The couple in the ad is looking towards the brand name while in fact they are not; the photo is taken from the original TV ad which shows that they are both inside the clothes looking at the whiteness and surprised.
  26. 26. Analyzing the second Ad Brand name: Boss Category: Clothes Ad type: Life Style
  27. 27. Define the product Hugo Boss has many categories: Clothes, perfume, bags, belts. Boss is an old brand and has created a great market share. Hugo Boss is an international brand.
  28. 28. Target audience Special life style High income people High social class Those who wants to be unique
  29. 29. The target are: Actualizes Experiencers Strivers Those who care about their look. People from age 18-35 men.
  30. 30. Main competitors Lee Liberto Polo Lacoste
  31. 31. Positioning Boss is positioned to be high quality product with a special emotional effect to be unique and classy. Self esteem.
  32. 32. VIPS Visibility: freedom Interest: attractive man/woman Personality: uniqueness Single Mindness: showing off
  33. 33. AIDA Attention: Black color, good looking guy, attractive, sexy women. Interest: The ad represents a certain lifestyle which creates an interest for people to be like them. Desire: imitates a certain lifestyle. Action: buying boss clothes.
  34. 34. Detailed analysis Boss positioned as a lifestyle ad uses the Black & White colors to target a high class level of audiences. This ad is maybe consisted of two images or one image without any complicated design. This ad uses “more is less” theory by showing the images on the edges while in the middle it is empty.
  35. 35. The black color is dominating. This photo is gray scaled. The girls are in a party. The ad contains man and women. The man is a major part of it. Women are shown dancing with an attractive and sexy dress.
  36. 36. Boss represents the lifestyle of the man. A man who uses Boss can be found in these places looking very sexy and attractive. The characteristics of the man starting from the smallest detail is showing an exclusive lifestyle: long hair, beard, open suit, without socks, his informal unusual seat or position. The girls are showing the same lifestyle as the man (high society level).
  37. 37. The Boss logo is placed in the corner of the ad in a small font size because they are trying to focus more on the images. So that when you see such lifestyle you will immediately think about Boss.
  38. 38. Analyzing the third ad Brand name: Libancell Category: Mobile service Ad type: Humoristic
  39. 39. Define the product Libancell is an institution that was responsible of managing the cell phone communications in Lebanon as well as Cellis.
  40. 40. Target audience Libancell’s target audience is the mass population: Females and males 16 and above years old Business men and women People who can afford using cell phones.
  41. 41. Define competitors Libancell’s main competitor is Cellis. Cellis is another institution that was in charge of managing the cell phone communications.
  42. 42. Positioning Libancell is positioned in the mind of the consumers approximately similar to Cellis, since they have approximately the same price and the same features. Usually they compete in the help services. People who own Libancell are usually satisfied and may repeat purchasing.
  43. 43. VIPS Visibility: connection Identity: mobile Personality: malleable Single mindness: it is good to communicate
  44. 44. AIDA Attention: Using cell phone as a pottery safe attracts all the attention.
  45. 45. Interest: The headline (2$ can serve you a lot) provokes an interest in the consumers to read more what is in the ad.
  46. 46. Desire: If the consumers were interested in the content, they will have the desire to take action.
  47. 47. Action: After desire, consumer will go to the nearest store to submit the bill control feature
  48. 48. Detailed analysis They use the brown color to make the safe natural. While the white background is to make the jar or the safe attractive and obvious.
  49. 49. The attach over the bill control means that this feature is one from many features that libancell offers. Headline is another attractive item in the ad. It is placed in the top of the page with a bold font saying that 2$ can serve you a lot.
  50. 50. “2$ can serve you a lot” The reader will be surprised with what they are seeing. For sure they will read the whole headline to see what the meaning of this promise.
  51. 51. Creating an Ad Brand name: Macintosh Category: computers Ad type: humoristic
  52. 52. Define the product Macintosh (Mac) is a brand name for a computer system manufacturer. Mac is the most important competitor for Microsoft. Mac has its own hardware and its own software. Mac have many advantages over the Microsoft computers but it is much expensive.
  53. 53. Target audience Graphic designers Businesses needing Mac features.
  54. 54. competitors Microsoft is the biggest competitor for Macintosh computers. Microsoft has a wide market share and very well known among people all over the world. That’s making it hard for Macintosh to compete with Microsoft.
  55. 55. Positioning Macintosh is positioned in the mind of consumers as professional computers that serve special people for a certain purposes.
  56. 56. VIPS Visibility: creativity Identity: apple Personality: simplicity Single mindness: think different
  57. 57. AIDA attention: The illustration of a flying man grabs all of the attention especially when his head is an apple.
  58. 58. interest: the apple headed man provokes interest and makes the audience look down and see the logo and the brand name.
  59. 59. Desire: Here the audience are aware about what the ad is about. This ad might not convince people to buy the brand but it will remind them by the existence of Macintosh computers.
  60. 60. Action: If the audience have been interested by the ad, and they are willing to buy a professional computer, so they are now reminded by the Mac. This might cause them to go and check Mac computers and probably buy our brand.
  61. 61. Detailed analysis for the Ad In this ad, less is more is dominating… The visible objects are a flying animation of a man with an apple head. The lines under the man represent the earth. the logo, the brand name and the slogan are placed in the bottom.
  62. 62. The logo is colored by fancy colors, that’s due to the important feature in Macs, which is high quality in graphic projects. The background is white to make the ad as simple as possible and to make the audience focus on the objects of the ad and not missed up.
  63. 63. The flying illustration of an apple headed guy can be analyzed in so many different ways. Each one can see it in different perception. One of them is freedom and flying in his imagination, and this can also show a form of creativity.
  64. 64. Another important thing in the ad is the replacement of the head of the flying guy by the logo of our brand, which ensure that if you “think different” you will fly and be creative… moreover, the head is a symbol of thinking that’s why we relate it to the apple, which in turn is a symbol of different thinking…
  65. 65. The font type of the “Macintosh” word is in a graphic sense to stress on the importance of Macintosh for graphic design. The logo is big enough to link it with the illustration.
  66. 66. Thank you…