Ndu Senior Advertising Project | Anti Terrorism 2nd Version


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This is an Integrated Marketing Communications plan around terrorism in Lebanon. Naja Faysal has worked on it closely with other people as part of another senior project presented for the NDU advertising committee.

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Ndu Senior Advertising Project | Anti Terrorism 2nd Version

  1. 1. ADM 490 Senior Study Project “Terrorism in Lebanon” Presented To Mr. Kamal Darouni January 2, 2006
  2. 2. Table of Contents: 1. Executive Summary 2. Mission Statement 1. Situation Analysis i. Current Users ii. Target Market Profile iii. Competitor Analysis 4. SWOT Analysis 5. The Big Positioning 6. Campaign Objectives and Strategies 7. Marketing Objectives and Strategies 8. Advertising Media i. Media Objectives ii. Media Strategies iii. Media Schedule iv. Rationale 9. Advertising Creative i. Creative Brief ii. Creative Rationale iii. Creative Executions iv. Pretest survey 10. Sales Promotion i. Objectives ii. Strategies iii. Execution iv. Rationale 11. Public Relations i. Objectives ii. Publics iii. Strategies iv. Rationale 12. Posttest Survey 13. Direct Marketing i. Objectives ii. Target Markets iii. Strategies iv. Rationale 14. IMC Plan 15. Budgeting 16. Campaign Evaluation Plan
  3. 3. 1.Executive Summary: Terrorist acts have taken over many countries in the Middle East exceeding those with foreign military occupation such as Iraq and Palestine. After the September11 attacks on The USA, the world is now astound by terrorism that have shook great countries such as England, Spain and more recently France. Since the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, Lebanon became a constant victim of this phenomenon: it witnessed a series of terrorist acts targeting civil areas in cities, and political personalities and media personnel. In return, this has pushed the Lebanese government and specifically the Directorate General of the Internal Security forces to take actions for Lebanese citizens. An advertising campaign had to be launched to make the people aware of the proper precautions against such acts. After research has been done, we discovered that the way Lebanese dealt with similar situations in the past differed from today’s attitudes. A full campaign including TV commercial, radio, magazines, and newspapers had to be launched in a campaign period of one year. Precautions have been taken so that the tourism sector will not be affected. PR events were also included. A website is also set for the purpose of measuring the impact of our campaign and to provide continuity for it. 2.Mission Statement: Our mission is to satisfy our society's demand for security by providing the Lebanese citizens with the know-how to deal with terrorist acts. 3.Situation Analysis: •Lebanese people had to become completely aware about the current situation, because it has taken its toll on the Lebanese society. As “terrorism” means the use of force or threats to demoralize, intimidate and subjugate especially as a political weapon, the continuous horror of bombings that Lebanon has witnessed created a fear in Lebanon: “to return back to the three-decade Lebanese war
  4. 4. era.” As the temper of terrorism and political conflicts arise in the Middle East, Lebanon is now in the heart of such disastrous situations, for it has been shook by a series of terrorist acts after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafic Al Hariri. Further terrorist acts such as bombings of cars and buildings followed this occurrence. Syria is the most accused of the ongoing saga of political assassinations, which included other political figures such as Marwan Hmadeh, Georges Hawi, Elias El-Murr, and journalists such as Samir Kassir, and May Chidiac. Lately, with the assassination of Gebran Twaini after a near two months sense of relief from terrorist acts, the overall sense of instability and insecurity have taken over the minds of the Lebanese again. The UN Security Council member’s close up look on the Lebanese situation is represented through the UN probe into the assassination of Rafik Hariri. Internal resolutions included assigning new chiefs of security. Here is the overall situation analysis in a mapping style including the International and the internal approaches considered towards solving this phenomenon. Terrorism International Problem Internal Conflict USA Europe Arab Countries Pro-Syrian Anti-Syrian 8th of March 14th of March Solutions: Solutions: UN Security Council Investigations: Changing the Security Forces Chiefs Detlev Mehlis Report Reappointing new chiefs Result: Terrorist Acts still resume i. Current Users: The target audience is the young generation who are the heartbeat
  5. 5. of our country. They are the ones who carried the yell for Independence in March 14. ii. Target Market Profile: University Students (boys and girls) Age bracket 18-22yrs who usually: • Like sport competitions and activities • Depend financially on their parents •Tend always to be different and to stand out from the crowd •Go out to their favorite places, which are pubs, downtown area, crazy nights and music concerts •Hang out especially during the weekend, to dance, drink and unwind. • Are mainly American and European trends followers in their fashion, look, taste in music, and they tend to consume international brands. •They care for the name and the notoriety of the brand. Secondary Target Audience Young People Age bracket 23-28yrs who are: •Lebanese youngsters, mainly those living in Beirut •Freshly graduated, looking for a job or newly employed in different fields •Fashion addicts, they care for their look, image and car brand •Like to be in the trendiest places in town “to see and be seen” •Tend to hang out every night in restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, and movies, in order to escape from the daily stress, unwind, mingle, and have fun
  6. 6. iii. Competitor Analysis: The Middle East and the Arab world in general are caught in the claws of social and democratic pressures towards change. The Lebanese people are depending on changes in the political application of security policies in hope for downsizing terrorism. The most famous blocks against fighting terrorism in Lebanon are: Proterrorism: which is defined by the phenomenon of advocating terrorism by giving it an active or a passive support. The following factors contribute for terrorism: • Τhe Pro-Syrian Regime: which is characterized by symbols of the authoritarian Syrian presence in Lebanon, which was officially sponsored by the Syrian intelligence practices before its militant departure from Lebanon. By this we mean, MP’s in the government and other political figures, which arrived at their political seats with the help of the Syrian intelligence. The Baath Party and Al- Quawmi El-Souri consider Lebanon as part of greater Syria, and refuse the fact of Lebanon having its Independence. • The Israelites: who are considered as rivals for the Lebanese progress. They attacked Lebanon and destroyed it back in the war period. They are placed as secondary suspects after Syria. They want Israel and not Lebanon to become the key of the Middle East and the link between the West and the East. • Internal political conflicts: A third suspect could be Internal hands, which want to put down conflicts by threatening other political strategic gatherings and making use of the world accusing the primary suspect, Syria. • Armed presence of groups other than the Lebanese army: Iranian-based resistance activists, Hizballah or the Palestinian refugees in Southern camps are reasons for
  7. 7. foreign-armed assaults. 4.SWOT Analysis: Strengths: •Strong global public point of view and support from western countries like France, the USA, and England •Protests by Lebanese citizens against assaults •The widespread media coverage of the protests against terrorist attacks •The strong will of citizens to change the current reality •The anti-terrorism sentiments by Lebanese demonstrators •Awareness and the security patrol by the Lebanese army and the Internal Security forces Weaknesses: •Lack of cooperation between the government and citizens for attacking this problem • •Terrorism-fighting tools are limited •Distribution of terrorist sympathizers and supporters •Weak law enforcements concerning safety measures and illegal cars •Mistrust or lack of credibility in Lebanese Internal security forces • Internal conflicts between parliamentary representatives and political parties, which weakens the effort towards fighting terrorism • The Lebanese security system is being criticized by parliamentary figures Opportunities:
  8. 8. •More roadblocks to check on possible terrorist movements and capture illegal and stolen cars •Sealing the borders with Syria with more spread of Lebanese army there •The democratic reforms in neighboring countries of the Middle East •Security forces should be present night and day also •Precautions taken by citizens •Employing new investigative methods for stopping terrorist plans ahead of time •Wiretapping on telephones •Organizing citizen parking control in which every citizen in a building should know the regular cars that park in their parking space •Applying tougher laws against susceptible cars which may be stolen for terrorist activities •Establishing a special unit from the police called "counter terrorism forces" whose role is to: start a series of raids throughout the country, to dismantle any sophisticated network that support the terrorist bombings •Closing the borders between Lebanon and Syria •Heavy privatization program aiming to restructure the finances of the country •Establishing antiterrorism laws, which specifically criminalize committing a terrorist act, or even plotting it, and impose a prison sentence up to 20 years, like the laws present in Belgium •Assigning police officers, detectives, and special agents nationwide to monitor threatening countries like Syria for potential terrorist plots •Cooperating and exchanging information gathered from foreign governments and
  9. 9. foreign intelligence sources •Marginalizing terrorist groups by implementing democracy in once dictatorship ruled countries such as Iraq and Syria. Threats: • Financial risk for the country if terrorist acts resume • Tension with Israel in the south, threats of an American attack in the region and its repercussions on Lebanon. • Fear of American presence in Lebanon will activate Jihadist actions in their place of positioning • Establishing links with Al-Qaeda based terrorist organization • Setting up secret terrorist training camps in nearby countries • Possible suicide bombings • Radicalization of young Muslims • A rapidly expanding and homegrown terrorist threat • Connections created to individuals and groups that provide support to terrorist operations in other countries • The rising hatred and vengeance spirit shared between Lebanon and Syria, which is making the divide grow deeper between them • The remaining of the authoritarian pro-Syrian regime in Lebanon: Syrian intelligence still exists • The open borders with Syria allowing material support to terrorists in Lebanon • Cars are being stolen and booby-trapped and placed for targeted assassinations • Operating networks that recruit fighters for the insurgency in Iraq and possibly
  10. 10. Lebanon • The illegal entry and residence in Lebanon for Syrians • The possession of illegal weapons and criminal association with terrorist enterprises and pro-Syrian intelligence • The presence of weapons with Palestinian refugees • Country risk and regional uncertainty • • The militia presence of the armed Iranian-based political party Houzballah 5. The Big Positioning: To Lebanese citizens who do not believe enough in the ability of our Internal Security Forces to change our situation in Lebanon in facing terrorist acts, and think that there are better efforts to be done for this case, we are the ones who are calling everyone to join hands for putting a limit for terrorism, because together we can achieve more and defeat terrorism. 5.Campaign Objectives: Be recognizable To enhance the image of Internal security forces Create a sense of loyalty for citizens to Security forces To announce that terrorist act is a very serious problem we should all solve Create an emotional bond with our target audience Establish that our campaign stands for anti-terrorism
  11. 11. Stand out versus other propagandas such as pro-terrorism acts shown in news Create awareness of terrorism’s possible damages Instigate motivation leading to action Maximize the reach among our target Campaign Strategies: •Activate the partnership between the Government and the citizens •Use the commanding slogan fight terrorism •Promote our website: www.peace4life.com •Share pain of war that Lebanese have passed through •Hammering campaign the follow it with a reminder campaign •Adopt a continuous and regular presence •Use tears as an emotional trigger •Select the appropriate media that fits the image: •More selective use of the existing numerous media •Greater use of targeted media 6.Marketing Objectives: •Stop the decline of the tourism sector. •Win more investment businesses. •Climb the ladder of International standing Marketing Strategies: •Promote safety in a tourism campaign. •Promote fair and low taxation policies, labor skills, safety environment, and political
  12. 12. stability. •Adopt a new brand strategy 8.Advertising Media i. Media Objectives: •Acquire top of mind awareness •Inform the target about all precautions to be taken •Increase efficiency of media used •To announce the launching of a website about terrorism •Build the image and enhance “www.peace4life.com” •Maximize reach among the target ii. Media Strategies: •Heavy presence in order to create maximum noise •Ensure PR presence and direct mailings •Select the appropriate media that fits the image •Adopt a creative execution •Ensure press coverage to inform about new services in the opening iii. Media Schedule Our media Plan’s objective is to establish a high awareness on Lebanon especially that no TV commercial has ever passed on TV as plain TV commercial. We have selected media vehicles that are heavily targeted to the market of 18+ audiences. We shall launch 2 bursts First Burst:
  13. 13. The launching phase from first of January 2006 till end of March 2006 Second Burst: It is a complementary campaign (Follow up campaign): August-September NB: Media Plan and Media Budget: Refer to the graph bound with the project. iv. Media Rationale TELEVISION: (used in 1st burst) Used for our TVC that will be aired in the first 3 Months of the year because television: • Higher and more immediate coverage of any target versus other media • Proven brand-building medium - creates “stature” • Sound + vision • Limited niche targeting opportunities • Editorial relevance limited • Relatively downmarket /down age • Limited product explanation possible • Visual appeal: It has the ability to grab attention and create appeal through the combination of pictures, sound, and motion. MAGAZINES (Used in 1st burst and second burst) •High target audience affinity •Editorial relevance
  14. 14. •More detailed product explanation possible •Very discreet targeting possible •Low reach •Sustain /support rather than launch •Slow cover build •Long lead times NEWSPAPERS (Used in 1st Burst) •Medium reach/fast build • Relative segmentation (quality, mid and low) • High target audience affinity • Announce/inform rather than brand • More detailed product explanation possible • Short lead times/flexible • Creative media possibilities high RADIO (1st and 2nd Burst) • High cover / high frequency • Out-of home opportunity (drivers) • Variety of editorial formats (Music form, news) • Creatively flexible • Inform rather than brand (promotions, sales)
  15. 15. • Close to the purchase point • Low cost support medium (visual transfer from TV?) • High repetition = irritation OOH (1st and 2nd Burst) •Mass Media •High reach •High Frequency •Geographic flexibility •High production values. •Low Attention levels •Expensive •Short Timing •Low Editorial Relevance •Impactful with simple messages •Differing site quality Our Primary Target Audience: •Read social magazines •Listen to English Hit stations •Regular out goers especially in the evening (billboards) •Addicted to the net •Always use mobile and are interested in SMS messages
  16. 16. Our secondary target audience •Read Magazines •Observe Billboards •Receive Direct Mailings and enjoy catchy and creative presents •Listen to light music Stations •Subscribe in some Magazines and might connect to the Internet •Might watch TV in the morning 9.Advertising Creative As an aspect of social responsibility, our campaign is public service advertising. The idea for our campaign was formed in order to create a fundamental reshaping of behaviors and social attitudes towards terrorism. Some terrorist acts are being accepted just because the victim was someone undesired or an enemy. Now, our campaign want to turn that attitude around- to make young adults primarily and older adults secondarily refuse any act of terrorism no matter what its motives are. Raison D’etre of this Brief: We need to come up with a campaign about “Anti-Terrorism”. Following the crisis happening in Lebanon through a series of bombings and assassinations of reporters and politicians, the Lebanese society urgently needs a campaign to reject these terrorist activities and to inform Lebanese citizens about the danger of these activities on humanity and on peaceful life. Due to the critical situation that makes Lebanon under attack, the government wants the people to contribute and help in protecting the public security. Moreover, the media is not doing campaigns telling people what to do and when and how. The media concentration
  17. 17. is to cover the terrorist acts and analyzing the situation behind the act. That’s why Anti- Terrorism organizations want to launch two-way campaign: 1- Is to make the citizens a part of the police system where they can effectively contribute in public security. 2- Is to justify the first campaign by emotional and sensational advertising evoking patriotism feeling defending our liberation and our unity We can hope to: •Witness positive perception of the security system in the country • Support military movements on the ground • Build a two way relation between the security forces and the population • Establish an easy, fast, and interactive network between security forces and the population by using hotlines and other means of communication between them, where they can receive information that may help in preventing terrorism or helping in investigations • Instigate Immediate response of the population when they sense an act of terrorism is due to occur • Deal with the situation as an emergency, and evoke patriotism as the only way out of this situation • And most of all we hope to witness a new era of security that protects the citizens and the personnel of the country Who is the consumer? The consumers are actually all the Lebanese citizens. The first target will be the young people. The youth are the power of change and they are
  18. 18. those who can easily be motivated to inherit the police role and be part of the system. They are angry about the assassinations and want change, so they can easily be influenced by emotional audio/visuals of past terrorist activities. They can easily be targeted and mostly they are the future of the country, this campaign will evoke their patriotic feeling and attachment to the country. The second target will be the older segment of the young generation, who know that the only way out is to help the government in the construction of its security. What the consumer thinks and does now? The Lebanese people now are afraid. They don’t know their future. They feel that nothing have changed after the withdrawal of Syrian forces; in contrast they feel that the safety of themselves and their leaders is in danger of other terrorist acts. They also continue to suffer from the economical situation. Lebanese now are afraid more than ever from terrorism; the first time they feel it near them not just on the News. On a national scale, we witness a general hopelessness and lack of trust in tomorrow. This is why we should hang on to any beam of hope we can find. Our campaign has a very clear aim: safety of the Lebanese people, reporters, and politicians from terrorism through a strategic plan from the government and through the contribution of the Lebanese people in helping to reestablish the security of the country. What is the single MOST important thing to say? Help us to fight terrorism As a result, how will the consumer think and do in the future? This campaign should tell the Lebanese people that Lebanon now is under attack and this critical situation requires all Lebanese to be responsible in protecting their country from
  19. 19. destruction. We want them to be united, democratic, and helpful in preventing terrorism and the investigations. We also want them to build their political decisions for the sake of Lebanon and only Lebanon without sectarianism and discrimination among each other. We want them to be united in fighting against terrorism in Lebanon. Tone and Manner Informative and sensational Executional Mandatories ATL requirements (+ sizes) • Press ad • Outdoor: 4*3; 14*4 • Radio announcement • TVC BTL requirements (+ sizes) • Banners • Seminars • Conferences • University events • Building an informative website Languages… • English and Arabic TVC Rationale: We wanted to show images that reflect on everything the political situation of Lebanon has led us to. In a kind of documentary, we shall run slides of inatructions given by the Ministry of Interior to the citizens to follow in order to
  20. 20. cooperate in the fight against terrorism. More of the TVC is explained in the Creative brief. Print Ad 1 Rationale “Defeat Terrorism”: In this ad, we wanted to say to our target that terrorism is threatening the world, and mankind. The symbolic imagery is used to express the fear intimidated by terrorism. The bomb is terrorism. We chose to apply the duotone mode in our use of colors with the stress on the black color and white colors, with more stress on the black and white colors, with more stress on the black to express the mourning of the assassinations that Lebanon has witnessed due to terrorist acts. Print ad2 Rationale” Before time runs out: The baby is crying as he is threatened by a time bomb. From this ad, we incite our audience to see how terrifying and deadly terrorism is. In this way, we are inviting them to action so that they fight terrorism before time runs out and innocent people die. The Duotone effect is also applied to make the viewers concentrate on the message and not on the details of our visuals. Print Ad3 Rational “Wipe away my tears”: We hope that terrorist acts will stop one day because it is not only hurting our present but also our future. When we say that, we mean to express our thought that: “The children of today are the promise of tomorrow.” We hope that terrorism will not threaten the lives of our children, so we are all be united to care for and about children, so that no child will have to live in the darkness of terrorism. Radio Ad: Is there a war for a good? There is a goodwill war. Is there a peace bomb?
  21. 21. Bombs can make you pieces Is there an innocent crime? Some crimes are justifiable. Is killing innocent people justifiable? Sometimes a kill is for a good cause For a good cause, can I kill you? What?!!!!!! You never win, when a soul is in a coffin Defeat terrorism, enter www.Peace4life.com TVC STORYBOARD
  22. 22. Print Ad 1:
  23. 23. Ad2
  24. 24. Print Ad 3: v. Pretest survey: Before setting our campaign to start, we shall use stimulated test marketing. We want to ask 30 to 40 qualified clients to answer the questions on our familiarity and our preferences. We shall invite students aged between 18 and 24 to look at our TV commercial and print ads, including where it requires to be changed. We have reasons to believe that our ads suit 90 % the objectives of the campaign, but few adjustments had to be made taking into consideration the sample’s remarks and the survey results, we suggest the following:
  25. 25. •Re-shoot the print ad using a background for the bombed baby •Put more dynamic in the visuals: the baby has to be in motion and create an atmosphere with the baby •The visuals reflect the concept: the babies have the adequate expression according to the situations. •The situations presented are motionless…the visuals of the baby is static and should be more alive, more dynamic. •The babies have to be in situation, in action….That’s why we should avoid empty background) 10. Sales Promotion i. Objectives: • Recruitment of new believers in the need for fighting terrorism • Offering continuation for our campaign • Create an emotional bond between our target and our website • Strengthen the relationship between the brand and our target ii. Strategies: • Give out goody bags • Offer promotional items on www.peace4life.com • Assure the presence of the attention grabber • Sell t-shirts, stress balls, etc… which fit the situation that the Lebanese are living
  26. 26. iii. Execution:
  27. 27. iv. Rationale: Promoting the dream by convincing our target that terrorism is the most serious problem in Lebanon and fighting it needs all our nation’s efforts to be regrouped. We want to go in depth in the minds of our target by making the issue of terrorism viewed and thought-of everyday through T-shirts, caps, etc… The goody bags contained leaflets on all the TV ad slides, suitable for our target , promotional items…
  28. 28. 11. Public Relations Objectives: •Impacting the Lebanese society. •Creating an International echo •Producing wide word of mouth spread •Re-establishing credibility for the government •Revolutionizing against current terrorist acts Public Relations Strategies: •Creating a "peace4life" concert •Inviting hereabout all embassy representatives in Lebanon • Promoting event for university students •Using the “Defeat Terrorism” headline in our events •Insert press releases to inform about new services in website •Ensure press coverage in our events •Bargain for articles in political magazines • To organize a conference followed by a cocktail under the name of “peace4life” • Brochure to be distributed with the folder of the congress • iii. Publics: • Opinion leaders • University students • University professors iv. Public Relations Rationale:
  29. 29. We must not only reach out to citizens through inclusion and protection, but also to empower them with the knowledge that a world of peace, equity, tolerance, security and freedom depends on ensuring that terrorist acts should be excluded. 12. IMC Plan • Maximization of synergies through message • Consistency and Interactivity between external and internal communication tools. . 2 Phases: Launch, and Follow-up • Launching Campaign: Focus on new take-off Launch: One to One Contact with target: Personal letter Follow-up: Direct Marketing Campaign Press Relations Event Marketing Press Campaign Informative Brochure Objective: To be always present in people’s mind and to inform them about all “peace4life” news Tools: • Documentary about “peace4life” and its offers • Media : • Informative articles in specialized sections of magazines • Sponsoring of Radio and TV specialized programs
  30. 30. • Press campaign • Development of Customer Relationship Program & Tools • Interactive web site 11. Direct Marketing i. Objectives: • To induce trial purchase • Meet with organizer’s expectations • Produce a response rate over 10% • Build the brand image • Inform customers about promotional events by www.peace 4life.com • Spread word of mouth about www.peace 4life.com products. ii. Target Market: • University students • Surfers on the net • www.peace 4life.com frequent visitors iii. Strategies: •Informative CD’s: To be sent to our target audience in order to encourage them to register as visitors in our website •Invitation Cards: To be sent to our target audience so that we can introduce our conference •Initiate personal contact with the target -Go along with one to one advertising “personalized”
  31. 31. - Impressing the target with personalized gifts on special occasion - Golden membership card for regular clients - SMS new services to our customers (data base) Mechanism: Mechanism • Cocktail including a welcoming address, lighting projection, and entertainment Distribution of terrorism campaign brochure which includes our TVC • Press and TV coverage • Direct Marketing Drive (personalized letter for opinion leaders and responsible of political parties in universities + e invitation card for the conference on how to enter the grassroots solution towards terrorism) • Distribution of brochures and sales promotion item iv. Rationale: WE used direct marketing so that we deliver to our target out ideas in person-to-person format. The message we deliver shall be motivational in order to encourage our target to visit our website: ”www.peace4life .com”. We shall sent e-mails for key personnel to invite them to our concert, conference, etc…SMS are to induce a reaction in our target’s mind. For example: “Your life is in stake, defeat terrorism before time runs out, visit: www.peace4life.com. Production of ads: A meeting should be set up between production house (casting agency), advertising agency, and client. On the pre-production meeting you agree on casting of talent and choosing the appropriate location (indoor or outdoor). The second meeting should schedule the following: • At what time does the shooting start?
  32. 32. • What dresses to prepare? • Who are the final cast of production? • What are the location specifics? • Go through the details of shooting: • Day 1: Taking attendance at 7:30 • Day 2: Setting up for the shoot: • Day 3 etc… • 1st shot: where should it take place • What is the scenario of the first shot? • Setting up for the second shot. • On every shot taken during the production of the TVC, a photographer should take a still picture of the shot. • The photos are then sent to the agency. • The agency puts it on a CD. • The agency sends it to the client for approval. • The client sees the layout and approves. • Then the still layout is sent of the magazine. • A post-production meeting is then scheduled. After that the client approves on colour, editing, and voice over. Then the ad is sent to media for airing. For the print ads: • First, research to decide whether to go for the production house (TV) or
  33. 33. we choose to buy rushes. • We bring a photographer or we use stock photo galleries. 14. Post-Tests: A group of students viewed the ads and found out that the campaign is acceptable and up to the associated goals. After applying recall research, which is a technique used to judge the effectiveness of an ad by testing the respondent’s ability to remember it or any of its specifics, the campaign proved to be effective. After launching the campaign, we should measure the level of application of anti- terrorism acts in order to see the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction cause our job does not end when the campaign is over. We should monitor post launching satisfaction of our product idea of anti terrorism, and post launching actions. We should measure the viewer’s satisfaction by setting a small interview with them. Then scale the level of performance/expectations of the campaign. These feelings influence whether the customer shall be receptive to our campaign again and talks favorably or unfavorably about it to others. •After performing this little survey over20 targeted viewers, we can define the trends, likes and dislikes over this new concept for fighting terrorism. •100 % of the questioned persons found this campaign very convincing and loyal to our concept of Anti-terrorism. •92% of the questioned sample understood the messages intended through this campaign, as resistance, seriousness of problem and the need to cooperate with the government •85% of the questioned university student s preferred the crying girl visual and the time bomb ad •They found that the human presence presents the threatening of terrorism on us. They
  34. 34. found the messages are straight to the point rather more than the corporate ad which featured the globe and not Lebanon for example. •80 % found the TVC very informative and benefitial. Getting the Campaign Approved: A meeting with the client should be scheduled after approving the following steps: After doing these steps, we should seek the final approval of the client so he can judge whether the campaign is acceptable and it meets the company's goals. After the management is satisfied, 15. Campaign Evaluation: To finally evaluate the campaign a final interpretation should be done by comparing the visitor's to our Anti-terrorism site before launching the campaign and after it. A questionnaire could be set up to find the viewpoints of people to the PR campaign conducted by our agency. Before heading off with our campaign, we should conduct concept testing and creative testing. During the campaign, we should measure activated interactive advertisements, number of people visiting the agency, number of ticket sales, number of visitors to our conference, Internet visitors to our website, feedback responses in our exhibitions. After the release of our advertising campaign, we should apply user surveys, and analyze the results of the evaluations of the testing during the campaign.We have reasons to believe that the set objectives were reached, according to several criterias:
  35. 35. Objective: The objective of our Evaluation Plan is to assess the success of our plan to increase awareness of “peace4life” and stress the anti-terrorism benefits. Strategy: To measure sales volume of” “peace4life”: Tactics: -Compare sales volume of “peace4life” prior to advertisements and one year after the advertisements first appear · · To· measure increased awareness of “peace4life” Tactics: -Conduct a random sample survey of“peace4life” visitors measure increased awareness of the terrorism ·Tactics: -Look at the impact of “peace4life” sponsored events by knowing the number of clicks of “peace4life”” by comparing clicks before and after the events. -Conduct a survey as people are entering and leaving the events to see if their awareness of “peace4life” has changed · · To· measure increased awareness of “peace4life”. Tactics: -Conduct focus groups on awareness one month before advertising for “peace4life”” begins and one year after the ads first appear To measure increased awareness of “peace4life” ·advertisements
  36. 36. Tactics: -Conduct focus groups to test unaided recall “peace4life” of advertisements and the information presented in the ads -Conduct one-on-one interviews with randomly selected “peace4life” consumers to test unaided recall · · To· measure audience attitude towards the “peace4life” brand ·Tactics: -Conduct focus groups and one-on-one interviews -Conduct a survey as people are entering and leaving the events to see how their attitudes towards “peace4life” have changed To measure change in audience attitude towards “peace4life” advertisements • Attendance for our concert: These results can help us determine the rate of response for the PSA oriented events, which are rather limited in this country The concert: • The Launch will be the talk of the town thanks to the media coverage, it’s important to keep up the pace and act before the wave is over • This kind of event showed it’s efficiency in covering the whole target • The event created a “peaceful” mood that could later be associated to anti- terrorism
  37. 37. References •"Terrorists in Europe find base in Belgium" ,Herald tribune: Monday October 10,2005 •Darouni Kamal, Advertising and Marketing Communications in the Middle East, Notre Dame University-Louaize, Printed in Beirut –Lebanon 2nd edition 2002 •Arab Ad, August2oo5 issue