Can Russia's Communist Party Make A Comeback?


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“The only party that has Western friendly policies is United Russia and that is one reason why people keep voting for them,” said Harris. “The social liberal opposition is like the Greens or the Libertarian party in the U.S., they have no power in parliamentary politics

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Can Russia's Communist Party Make A Comeback?

  1. 1. Can Russias Communist Party Make A Comeback? - Forbes Page 1 of 6Business Investing Tech Entrepreneurs Op/Ed Leadership Search news, business leaders, and stoc Has The Housing Market Wireless Winners And How Not To Get Hit A Bottom? Losers In 2012 Bamboozled Kenneth Rapoza, Contributor Covering Brazil, Russia, India & China. + Follow on ForbesI NV E S T IN G | 12/06/2011 @ 8:41PM | 2,398 viewsCan Russias Communist PartyMake A Comeback? 1 comments, 1 called-out + Comment nowPAGE 2 OF 2But in addition to the fraud storyline marking United Russia again, low voterturn-out should be seen as a rejection of Russia’s regained status as a one- Most NEWSparty town. According to a recent poll by the Levada Center in Moscow, 52%said United Russia was a political instrument for Putin. Only 30% believed it Why Best Bwas an independent party. This September was a stark reminder of that Business...political reality, when Medvedev said that he would swap roles with Putin.Voters saw it as cynical and they turned on both leaders soon after. 1/15/2012
  2. 2. Can Russias Communist Party Make A Comeback? - Forbes Page 2 of 6 How To BePutin first came to power when Boris Yeltsin chose him as his Prime Minister Simple Stein 1999. Putin became Russia’s second president soon after. From 2000onward, oil prices rose and blessed the Russian economy with loads of money. K New YorkRussia is dependent on oil and gas. It’s the country’s main commodity and agovernment cash cow. It was all good times, and in 2004, Putin was re- The Sevenelected. Unsuccess“People have forgotten how crappy it was under Yeltsin and before Yeltsin How To Livnow. Under Putin’s first two terms we saw a huge jump in living standards, Lifebut not anymore. It’s harder to replicate. Income divides are widening.Medvedev is seen as a wimp. Sunday’s vote wasn’t the start of a rebellion, butit was a sign of disenchantment with the Kremlin,” said Walter Connor, aninternational relations professor at Boston University.It’s not that Russians are angry about economic policy, or unemployment.The economy is not growing as fast as the other big emerging markets, but asPutin has pointed out, it is doing better than it did under the Communists. I covered Brazi the lastVoters are mostly fed up with corruption. Transparency International ranks for Dow Jones,Russia as the most corrupt of the big emerging markets, even more corrupt Me and with athan some countries in Africa. parachuting int if A“Russian political leaders don’t seem too worried about corruption,” said TheShan Nair, founder of Nair & Company, an international business consulting arefirm with clients in Russia. “Corruption is a major political issue in India thisyear, for example, and all the politicians are talking about it. It’s not even K EN NE T H RAPdiscussed seriously in Russia.” Obama AwaitsWhether or not people are waking up to crony capitalism in Russia remains to Rubberbe seen, but young people did take to the streets on Monday and again on 265,273 viewsTuesday to protest political foul play. Earthquake KyodoThat’s a story line that Putin will have to deal with carefully. The government Thehas orchestrated the Putin image as Russia’s James Bond — bold, decisive Whereand even sexy. 35,972 viewsThe current protests don’t bode well for the more media friendly youth M ORE FROMmovement, known as the Nashi, which means “ours” in Russia. Nashi was setup by the government as a response to the Orange Revolution in 2004 1/15/2012
  3. 3. Can Russias Communist Party Make A Comeback? - Forbes Page 3 of 6Ukraine, where young people protested against voter fraud in the presidentialelections there. Kenneth Show all activity“The Kremlin realized young people could effectively mobilize and cause aproblem to the political power system so they created the Nashi to co-opt the Commentyouth movement,” said Olena Nikolayenko, a political science professor atFordham University. “Some of the pro-Putin rallies you see with young kidssinging happy birthday to him are probably just from Nashi. These electionshow discontent across the age groups. It’s a new image problem for Putin, New Postand the ‘political technologists’ will have to deal with that. The problem is theCommunist Party doesn’t have the charismatic political leaders who couldtake Putin to a second round vote in March,” she said. For Russian political New Postyouth groups, the best case scenario has them modernizing the CommunistParty to be more like a social democratic/Chinese developmentalist hybrid.That won’t happen before next year’s election. New PostPutin’s challengers are Gennady Zyuganov of the Communist Party, SergeiMironov of A Just Russia Party, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the LiberalDemocratic Party. A Levada Center poll shows they don’t have a chance.When asked which political party represented their political interests, UnitedRussia got 30%. The Communists got 11%; Liberal Democrats 8% and A JustRussia received 5%.United Russia maintains the leader in the parliament. Putin will be the nextpresident, Arizona Senator John McCain told National Public Radio Tuesdaymorning.Sunday’s vote means Putin can no longer count on the elections goingsmoothly without proposing a serious election program. United Russia atleast “looks weaker” and the three other parliamentary parties “look stronger”than they did before the election. But a Communists comeback won’t takethem to the presidency next year.“The only party that has Western friendly policies is United Russia and that isone reason why people keep voting for them,” said Harris. “The social liberalopposition is like the Greens or the Libertarian party in the U.S., they have nopower in parliamentary politics. If they wanted to put a guy on the ballot theywould need two million signatures. And then the Kremlin could just say a fewof them were phoney and dismiss the whole thing.” 1/15/2012
  4. 4. Can Russias Communist Party Make A Comeback? - Forbes Page 4 of 6See: Moscow Sees Second Night Of Election Protests–Ria NovostiPage 1 2 « Previous Page 1 comments, 1 called-out + Comment now 121 63 7 Print Report Corrections Request Reprint Photo GMore on Forbes Right Now More FE ATU RE S The IPO Class Of 2 How To Be A Social Media Superpower Ten Ways To Pay F College Right NowTOD AYS T OP ST ORIE SWhy Best Buy is Going out ofBusiness...Gradually Daniel Ek: The+8274 views Most Important Man In MusicDaniel Ek: The Most Important Man InMusic The Next Wave Of+3011 views Cars 1/15/2012
  5. 5. Can Russias Communist Party Make A Comeback? - Forbes Page 5 of 6Why You Should Invest in Vietnam+571 viewsPost Your Comment The Top Celebrity C RelationshipsLog in to post a comment Dont have an account? Join Forbes Now.Username:Password:Lost your password? Essential Smarter Travel Remember me Log inComments Expand All Comments ch2forbes 1 month ago The problem for the communist party in russia or anywhere where the global market of economic capitalism exist is the ability to functionalize their philosophy. Lets assume the wealthy the ridiculously wealthy of Russia would allow the communist party to implement an economic socialist plan on Russian society, what would it look like? Has the communist party of russia ever defined it online or in a video or in some fashion? the problem with nearly all modern governmental philosophical parties is the lack of true planning. The Greens in the USA never explain exactly what they would do. We know what they want to accomplish but direct actions are rarely noted and don’t have an in depth paper online. Policy listing isnt action. Government’s role is to govern and if you don’t have a structured and in depth set of actions for your philosophy, then the corruption of the government under your party is eventuality. Called-out comment Reply 1/15/2012
  6. 6. Can Russias Communist Party Make A Comeback? - Forbes Page 6 of 6 1/15/2012