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2013 Informative Proposal

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  1. 1. Humanitarian Movement
  2. 2. WillandJadaSmithFamilyFoundation2013Proposal
  3. 3. Proposal Contents Cover Letter Proposal and Organizational Facts Humanitarian Day Background Impact & Outcomes CPHD Community Organizing Employment Development & Training Humanitarian Day Ghana Award Recognition Tax Exempt Letters _________________
  4. 4. Will & Jada Smith Cover letter & Thank You! 45% of the world’s population is under 25
  5. 5. Thank you! ILM Foundation would like to share our profound thanks to the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation (WJSFF). Your gracious support has institutionalized Humanitarian Day’s efforts to service those unsheltered, unemployed and uninsured. Thank you for inspiring us to serve those in need with excellence. The story of the WJSFF replacing stolen school computers in West Philadelphia and traveling to Ethiopia with Charity Water is unbelievable. Will Smith said during his trip, "It was extraordinary to meet and spend time with the people of Tigray and to see first-hand how clean water changes everything for these communities." This is the essence of our motto of People helping People. The Los Angeles City Council recently recognized ILM Foundation with a distinguished Certificate of Appreciation. Your support has allowed us to bring consistent services to thousands of homeless throughout the year. ILM was recently awarded a capacity grant from the California Community Foundation to complete a 5 year strategic plan. Thank you for your consideration of supporting Humanitarian Day. This year’s proposal will showcase the depth and impact of Humanitarian Day’s annual program. It is truly because of the WJSFF we are making a solid difference in the community. Sincerely, Naim Shah Jr. CPA Co-Founder & CFO
  6. 6. Proposal and Organization Facts 60% of the world’s hungry are women
  7. 7. Systems for Human Empowerment –ILM www.humanitarianday.com _________________________________________ Naim Shah Jr. , CPA , Co-Founder & CFO Office: 2930 W. Imperial Highway #201 L Permanent Mailing: P.O. Box 93789, Pasadena CA 91109 ___________________________________________________ Office: 424-704-1709 Voice/ Fax: 800-970-7682 Email: sheilmfoundation@gmail.com ___________________________________________________ Annual Program Budget: $107,000
  8. 8. Humanitarian Day Background 870 million people are suffering from hunger.
  9. 9. History Humanitarian Day (Hday) was founded in 2000, by the ILM Foundation. It emerged from the sacred grounds of Skid row near Downtown Los Angeles, where a group of volunteers served about 500 homeless families. In 2001, the efforts were expanded greatly due to the financial and in-kind support through the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD). CPHD is a network of faith and community based organizations, donors and volunteers committed to support the establishment of ILM led humanitarian projects. HDay provides basic necessities to the homeless and working poor in the form of Humanitarian gift bags and health services. The bags include warm meals, drinks, new clothing items, hygiene kits, toys, backpack and or blanket. Accompanying the above items are health services coordinated by partnering community clinics. Humanitarian Day is an official registered trademark with the US government. Since its founding HDay has been hosted in over 27 cities nation-wide, mobilizing over 20,000 volunteers. It has served well over 80,000 needy persons and by the year 2015, HDay should reach a milestone of 100,000 served. In 2007, ILM Foundation established HDay Ghana and in 2008 HDay Indonesia.
  10. 10. Impact & Outcomes Every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger related diseases
  11. 11. STATE OF HOMELESSNESS IN CALIFORNA California is the homeless capital of the world with approximately 160,000 men, women and children who experience homelessness on a daily basis. That is about 20 percent of the nation’s total homeless population. The state ranks second worst in the number of homeless children according to the National Center on Family Homelessness. A 2011 U.S. Conference of Mayors report attributed the rise in homelessness across the nation — despite the recovering economy — primarily due to unemployment and a lack of affordable housing..
  12. 12. Humanitarian Day Focuses on: Child Safety - Elderly Support – Hygiene -Training _________________________________________ Homeless Needs Assessment: Housing – Connecting Families to Support Services Clean Environment – Recreation – Healthy Foods ___________________________________________________ Humanitarian Day Annual Services: HD Gift Bags – Monthly Healthy Meals, Job training – Hygiene - Community Service Learning Leadership Development – Community Organizing ___________________________________________________ Annual Program Budget: $107,000
  13. 13. Humanitarian Day Long Beach medical volunteer staff. The White House Office of Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships (OFNP), Director Mrs. Jannah Scott, recently visited ILM’s office. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how ILM Foundation can play a critical role in disaster and relief services in the Los Angeles area. OFNP was impressed with ILM’s excellent record of humanitarian service and volunteer mobilization.
  14. 14. HUMANITARIAN DAY CALIFORNIA SERVES 5,152 Inspired over 500 Volunteers and $50,000 in-kind support
  15. 15. HDAY PROJECTS - 2013 # SERVED Downtown (Monthly) 2,709 Los Angeles 1,212 Long Beach 302 Santa Ana 329 Oakland 319 Riverside 281 Total 5,152 HUMANITARIAN DAY‘S IMPACT People who never met each other are helping each other to survive. Volunteers are finding time and resources to stay connected to work that is meaningful. Amela, HD Oakland Director, hosted the event despite being diagnosed with breast cancer. She said being apart of this effort is what her life is all about. ILM is requesting $10,000 from the WJSFF to support Humanitarian Day California.
  16. 16. TESTIMONY The event does more than serve the homeless. It institutionalizes and provides opportunity in our community to live out the Quranic mandate that we take care of those who are less fortunate. For me personally, it affects my children. Three of my daughters that attended, each of them expressed their excitement about coming and helping. Seeing the faces of those less fortunate gives them renewed appreciation for what they have, as well as connects them with the concepts of compassion and charity so central to our faith. By, Omar Ricci LAPD
  17. 17. TOTAL PERSONS SERVED 5,152 served in California 2,506 served in Texas 1,510 served internationally SERVICE LEARNING Family involvement is increasing creating an unforgettable service learning experience. Stronger social ties increase our capacity to serve the needy. HUMANITARIAN DAY’s IMPACT & OUTCOMES
  18. 18. Major In-kind Youth Group Donors: South Bay Muslim youth group –1000 Backpacks OCIF Youth Group – 500 tee-shirts and 600 hygiene kits Corona Youth Group – 700 Hygiene Kits Irvine Youth Group – 500 Volunteer Tee-Shirts ILM need $5,000 to purchase backpacks
  19. 19. Social Media Impact Humanitarian Day coordinated it’s first paperless campaign. Volunteer mobilization, awareness and fundraising was all done online . Our platform consist of a Facebook page, blog, website, online newsletter, and fundraising network. Due to these upgrades our online fundraising increased 200% from last year. ILM also registered with Tech-Soup, a non profit organization that distributes refurbished computers and software to qualifying charities. Our aim is to increase the use of technology amongst the homeless. ILM would like to request from the WJSFF $1,500 to upgrade our social medial platform.
  20. 20. TESTIMONY Yesterday my family and I participated in Humanitarian Day sponsored by the ILM Foundation. We purchased toiletries and other items for personal usage, bagged them up, and distributed them to needy women on Quraish St. My whole family participated in bagging the items--even the little ones. When the little ones asked "hey where's my bag?" I explained to them that we were giving the bags to people who needed them way more than we did, to help them. They handed over the bags without any further contest, Wow! It was very humbling and uplifting to have these women take the bags and immediately raise their hands to pray for thanks before they even knew what was in them. It really touched me but also made me sad that we did not have more.
  21. 21. Health Services Impact “I'm emailing to thank you for letting me know about this great event and allowing me the opportunity to be a part of it. I learned a lot and had such a great time! I had never been involved with any health fairs or medical exams concerning the homeless population, it was a very interesting challenge. I saw a patient with nystagmus and I had just learned about it last week! Thanks again for such a fantastic and humbling opportunity, please keep 'em coming!” ILM need the WJSFF to upgrade our logistical equipment, supplies, signs and tents. Total estimated cost $3,500
  22. 22. CPHD Community Organizing 50% of the people living on the streets in the US are mentally ill.
  23. 23. WHY ORGANIZE? A report by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty notes that criminalization of homelessness has taken many forms, including: enactment of laws that make it illegal to sleep, sit or store personal belongings in public spaces of cities without sufficient shelter or affordable housing; selective enforcement against homeless people for violating seemingly neutral laws like loitering, jaywalking or open container ordinances; sweeps to drive homeless people out of areas — which often results in the destruction of their personal property, including medications and personal documents; punishing people for begging or panhandling; and restricting groups from sharing food with homeless people in public areas, “What cities and counties are doing right now to respond to homelessness isn’t helping, it’s making the problem worse,” said Jessica Bartholow, legislative advocate for the Western Center on Law and Poverty, another cosponsor of the legislation Homeless criminalization forced ILM Foundation to take a serious interest in community organizing. Currently, ILM has a formal partnership with one of the top community organizing federations in Los Angeles called LA Voice. LA Voice is a member of the California Pico State-Wide network. ILM Foundation is the only Muslim organization with two executive staff with full time community organizing experience. One major campaign ILM participated in was the LA City Council Bank Ordinance initiative to reduce the spread of bank foreclosures which was creating a new generation of homelessness. After a year in half of consistent organizing and visits to LA City Council committee hearings the ordinance unanimously passed. This law potentially saved millions of home- owner from becoming victims to predatory leading schemes.
  24. 24. Employment Development & Training In the United States, 3.5 million people were forced to sleep in parks, under bridges, in shelter or cars
  25. 25. CPHD – 8 Week Job Training & Empowerment Series CPHD offers the homeless and unemployed empowerment. Certificates of completion are issued. Introductory : week 1 Location: 2930 W. Imperial Highway #201 L Time: 10:00 – 11:30 am Saturday Mornings Taxation week 2 (1) Wages, (2) Interest, (3) Dividends, (4) Business income, (5) Social Security benefits, (6) Deductions and other items (Line 7 through 21). Taxation week 3 Less Adjustment to Income Educator Expense, moving expense, one half of self –employment tax, alimony, IRA contribution, student interest loan, tuition and fees, Taxation week 4 Credits & Taxable Income Working Abroad as EFL Instructions week 5 • Information on how to work outside the US will be provided participant specifically as EFL instructors. What certificate are best? Passport / Visas. Social Media week 6 • Explore the world of the Internet and Social Media. How determine proper use and what it means to potential employers. Entrepreneur week 7 • Discuss “what is” an entrepreneur and its motivations. Applying personal perspectives, having good ideas and explore interests. Conflict Resolution week 8 A brief overview for basic personal coordination and conduct that would provide preventive social solutions towards behavioral context. ILM needs about $3.500 to offer empowerment classes.
  26. 26. Humanitarian Day Ghana 11 million children die each year from malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia which are all preventable.
  27. 27. Humanitarian Day Ghana Structural Development ILM has been working in Ghana since 2007. Our services focus mainly on education support, heath aid, agriculture and structural development . We are building community centers, small affordable dwellings, classrooms, bathroom facilities and clinics. ILM needs $4,000 to build a nursing quarters in Tuba, Ghana. It will serve a staff of 6 nurses who often work double shits to care for patients.
  28. 28. Micro Finance Agricultural Projects ILM Foundation owns a half of acre of farmland in Suhm, Ghana. The land produces crops such as cassava, maize, tomatoes and yams . With adequate cultivation the land can produce several micro jobs and a become a community food-bank for local residents. The estimated cost to prepare the land for seeding is $1,000. This will include labor, supplies, equipment, transplanting, weeding and fertilizer application.
  29. 29. Developing Alliance ILM during its most recent trip to Ghana visited Maamobi Polyclinic in Accra. We met with Dr. Mildred Kumassah, Medical Superintendent. The meeting was part of an assessment requested from Globus Relief to determine the viability of shipping a container load of quality medical supplies to the hospital. The hospital offers a 24 hour service including, general medical care, maternity health services, post natal care , dental care, disease control, immunizations and much more. ILM would like to provide one container of quality medical equipment and supplies to Maamobi Polyclinic under Dr. Mildred Kumassah supervision. The estimated cost is $8,000 for nearly $80,000 worth of quality medical equipment and supplies.
  30. 30. Orphan & Student Sponsorship ILM orphan sponsorship program is $360 for one year. This will provide support for school tuition, books, uniform, pharmacy medication, transportation and food. Humanitarian Day Ghana would like to support 25 additional orphans for total cost of $9,000.
  31. 31. HUMANTARIAN DAY BUDGET REQUEST Description Amount HumanitarianDayCalifornia: Homeless InventoryItems 4,000 HDCalifornia Volunteer Apparel 2,500 HDMonthyHealthyFood & HygieneKits 2,000 Security 1,500 Total 10,000 Social Media upgrade: 1,500 Health Services (Additional Mental Health Assistance) 3,500 Job Training and Empowerment Workshops 3,500 HDAnnual Conference 2,100 TotalHDCalifornia Budget 20,600 Humanitarian DayGhana: Structural Development 4,000 Micro Algricultral Project 1,000 Globus ReliefMedical Container 8,000 Orphan & Student Sponsorship 9,000 TotalH-Day Ghana 22,000 TotalHumanitarian Day Budget 42,600
  32. 32. Serving with Dignity