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Story Board


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This slideshow is a little insight to what our teaser trailer well look like. We designed our story board and then took digital stills to upload onto SlideShare. Myself and team members designed the story board while I uploaded the images and created this slideshow. It's a step by step slideshow to explain the different shots and scenes we will be shooting for our A2 Media Study horror teaser trailr.

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Story Board

  1. 1. SHEET ONE
  2. 2. OUR PRODUCTION COMPANY; slow heart beats playing in the background . FBS* - From black screen.
  3. 3. Scenes of the woods to set the atmosphere. A little insight to where we are filming. Three different long shot of the woods. FBS
  4. 4. Long shot of Alex running from Lucas (her brother) while holding her doll. FBS
  5. 5. SHEET TWO
  6. 6. Long shot the woods. Heart beat continues in the background. FBS
  7. 7. Close up of Alex running (POV - point of view). Heart beat and heavy breathing. FBS
  8. 8. Close up of Alex’s shoes while she away from Lucas Heart beats. FBS
  10. 10. Extreme close up of a hand grabbing Alex’s shoulder from behind. (Over the shoulder shot). Heart beat pace picks up and gets faster. Heavier breathing. FBS
  11. 11. Extreme close up of Alex covering her eyes while counting fast. Dialogue: Alex counting up to five. Heart beat and heavy breathing continues. FBS
  12. 12. Close up of Alex screaming Lucas’ name. Lucas’ name is echoed. Heart beat continues. FBS
  13. 13. SHEET FOUR
  14. 14. Extreme close up and begins to zoom out (fades the young Alex and transforms into the older Alex). Heart beat.
  15. 15. Medium close up of empty alcohol bottles.
  16. 16. Medium shot of Alex and her friends having fun at her 18 th birthday party. Audience can hear laughter. FBS
  17. 17. SHEET FIVE
  18. 18. Close up of Lucas from a distance behind trees. Dressed in black to hide his identity. Heart beat begins. FBS
  19. 19. Close up of Alex from behind running as we are looking through Lucas’ P.O.V. Heart beat continues and heavy breathing gets faster. FBS
  20. 20. Close up of Alex running – her P.O.V. Heart beat continues and heavy breathing gets faster. FBS