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Support The Young Innovators Awards Program


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Support The Young Innovators Awards Program

  2. 2. HistoryandVision Stimulating a culture of R&D in Egypt Providing opportunities for scientific innovation Empower young scientists, engineers, and researchers to become career researchers and science enteprenurs 2004 2007 2008 2012 YIA founded by young National expansion to all of Prototype awards Startups and commercializa- Egyptian professionals Egypt Introduced tion program formed
  3. 3. R&Din EgyptWhat we need to change The bright sideOf 53 countries ranked by the Global Entre- But...Egypt leads in number of publishedpreneurship Monitor, on R&D Egypt is 50. scientific articles in the Arab World, and is inR&D expenditures, until recently, are a mere the top 40 in the world. Plus, we have the0.25% of GD while linkages and opportuni- only Nobel Laureate in science in the Arabties for university graduates in the market Worldremain weak. We need a flourishing R&D economy… Healthier economies • new markets • export opportunities Innovation in water • energy • agriculture • ICT • healthcare • biotechnology
  4. 4. What weDo about it AWARENESS & CONNECTION TO COMMITMENT MARKET ENCOURAGEMENT 150 Annual awards 25 Annual awards 2 Scientific start-ups funding group funding prototype and commercialization graduation design and execution traineeships. research projects and professional opportunities
  5. 5. YIAImpactCovering all national public universities faculties of Engineering, Computer Science, Agriculture and SciencesOver 3,700 beneficiaries in universities from YIA awardsOur Success StoriesMohammed Labib and his Mohammed Adel Al-Diab devel- BioBusiness, a start-up of YIAYIA team developed an oped, through a YIA award, a stabi- winners, has recently estab-automated machine for oil lizing unit for alternating current. lished R&D center for medicalbarrels, which was pur- This unit was later purchased and equipment in Egypt.chased by Shell Oil. implemented by Fouad Al-Nakhly & Sons Ltd.
  6. 6. Why Sponsor YIA? ACCESS INVEST IN BUILD TOP-TALENT EGYPT’S BRAND INNOVATORS FUTURE LOYALTY + INNOVATIONSContribute to developing Heighten brand awareness Link to new technology andhome-grown scientists & and Position your organization scientific startups researchers as a leader in R&D
  7. 7. YIAReach YIA talent pool: young, top-of-their class scien-19 tists and researchers. Egypts next generationUniversities of leaders.87 YIA Network: students, universityFaculties professors/staff, institutions, private sector, gov- ernment partners, NGOs3700Alumni
  8. 8. SponsorshipBenefits Awards in Linkages of Connection Network Partner’s Name innovations to talent access & Event & Products pool SponsorshipRight of first refusal Alumni Network Announcements Prototype Online Competition Booth SpacePrototype purchases Evaluation Panels University Tour Logo Displays +Speeches
  9. 9. SponsorsPackages Dimaond Gold Silver 600,000 L.E 260,000 L.E 175,000 L.E GPA: 25 GPA: 15 GPA: 10 Prototype: 4 Prototype: 3 Prototype: 2 Startup: 1Believers packages Orange Blue Green 140,000 LE 100,000 L.E 50,000 L.E GPA: 10 GPA: 7 GPA: 5 Prototype: 1 Prototype: 1
  10. 10. YIAPartners
  11. 11. ECONOMIC GROWTH THROUGH INNOVATION Contact: Heba Ghannam - Program Manager Email: yia-bd@nahdetmasr.orgFacebook: Twitter: @YIA_Program