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Liceul tehnologic octavian goga jibou


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Our school

Published in: Education
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Liceul tehnologic octavian goga jibou

  2. 2. OUR SCHOOL
  3. 3. THE MISSION OF OUR SCHOOL The school aims to develop a learning environment to provide students with a solid start in education, skills development and knowledge and shaping their personality .
  4. 4. THE MISSION OF OUR SCHOOL Our school will provide all students with a quality education by focusing on student learning by involving parents and community representatives in training and career development of students by harnessing local traditions in relation to community needs .
  5. 5. The services offered by the school are based on quality, performance , promoting European values ​​, equal opportunities for all participants in the process and openness to lifelong learning .
  6. 6. Liceul Tehnologic "Octavian Goga" Jibou aims to create a stimulating work environment for students and teachers to facilitate individual development of each young beneficiary of the educational system in Jibou and towns located. By promoting an open and flexible education and ensuring good institutional strategic communication is desired to provide a model of educational progress , generating active citizens , able to successfully integrate into community life and the labor market .
  7. 7. Liceul Tehnologic "Octavian Goga" Str. Wesselenyi Miklos, Nr.3 Jibou, Salaj 455200 Romania Telefon: 0260 644652 Email: