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201611 buddha statues 11 faced kannon


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11-faced kannon --- meaning of each face

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201611 buddha statues 11 faced kannon

  1. 1. Eleven-Faced Kannon (十一面観音) 1000 Speakers Conference in English Noriko Nagura, Jan, 2017
  2. 2. Kannon Kannon belongs to Bosatsu group ←Nyorai ←Bosatsu ←Myo-oh ←Tembu
  3. 3. 1000-armed Kannon is one form, and 11-faced Kannon another. Kannon Changes its Appearance in 33 Forms
  4. 4. 11 Faces to Watch the World Carefully!  11-faced Kannon at Hase temple in Kamakura Kannon watches the world carefully with many eyes, to find people who need help!  Kannon is ready to help people!
  5. 5. 11 Facial Expressions are Fixed When seen from the above… Nyorai Laughing Merciful Merciful Merciful Angry Angry AngrySmiling Smiling Smiling  Smiles for faithful people  Anger against evils  Laugh away difficulties  Mercy to save people
  6. 6. - 「日本のフシギ英語で解明」by 松本美江 “The Wonders of Japan Explained in English” by Yoshie Matsumoto - 「日本の仏像」by 薬師寺君子 “Buddha Statues in Japan” by KimikoYakushiji - 「仏像のひみつ」by 山崎勉 “Secrets of Buddha Statues” by Tsutomu Yamazaki References