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Visual CV - Nagendra


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Published in: Career
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Visual CV - Nagendra

  1. 1. •To be a part of reputed software development organization which helps megrow professionally, where my innovative ideas and skills are being utilizedas well as enhanced.•To effectively contribute my skills as software professional.•To be able to meet the ever growing demands of the technological worldsuccessfully.•To contribute my skills and ensure my growth through the organization’sgrowth, possessing competent Technical Skills.
  2. 2.  Project Name : File Translation Utility Team Size : 10 Project Duration : 2010 to Present Unit / Domain : FSI ADM unit / Banking and finance domain Description : Business intelligence project where file/input data is processed in various formats using ETL tools. My Role : Developer Technologies used : Java, J2EE, UNIX shell scripting, Data transformation, Web Methods.
  3. 3. Area Production Experience (in Years Approx)Development tools (IDE-Eclipse, NetBeans) 1.0Informatica (Data Transformation) 0.5Programming/Mark up languages 1.0J2EE ( Architecture, Framework ) 1.5J2EE Design 1.5Java ( Programming/Mark up languages ) 1.5Java Server Pages (JSP) (Programming/Mark up languages ) 1.5JDBC ( Programming/Mark up languages) 0.5
  4. 4.  Efficient Innovative Team Player Professional Organized Creative
  5. 5.  Listening to songs Cricket Chess Bowling Reading magazines.
  6. 6. msnagendra88@gmail.com