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Testing @ digital speed

In collaboration with Indian Testing Board (ITB), Nagarro organized an meet-up on Testing @ digital speed. Several testing experts from Nagarro, ITB and the software testing industry participated in the evening talk.

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Testing @ digital speed

  1. 1. Testing @ digital speed Khimanand Upreti – Associate Director, Quality Assurance Rajni Singh – Manager, Quality Assurance
  2. 2. More than 90% executives face increased pressure to release apps faster More than 70% business leaders believe that future of their business depends on quality of the software Management believes that the product development life cycle cost can be optimized by 15- 20% Agility Quality Cost Speed – doubt or dot More than 50% organizations globally will compete using advance analytics algorithms.* *Gartner Almost 40% of net new investment of organizations will go to predictive.* Almost 75% technology oriented competency centers will evolve.*
  3. 3. Does test automation mean digital? AutomationDIGITAL
  4. 4. 01 Cognitive automation 06 Analytics 02 Shift Left 04 Experience 03 Value chain 05 Agile Digital goes beyond test automation – QA is being challenged! How many defects did you find? How many defects do you predict? Have you tested the UI? How will be the end user experience? When you stopped testing? How much testing is enough? Operating model built for scale Operating model built for speed
  5. 5. Cognitive Automation 01. Cognitive automation Automate the automation • Self healing • Automated coverage decision • Predictive • Based on structured and unstructured data across life cycle Reactive automation • People dependent • Scripted coverage decision • Reactive • Based on structured data across life cycle Traditional Automation
  6. 6. 02. Shift Left AoE (Automation of Everything) TiD – Tests in DevOps Quality engineering SDET Accelerate development, testing and release
  7. 7. 03. Experience QA Experience QA User experience • User-centric • Intelligent, innovative • Predictive • Based on innovative thinking UI and Layout • Requirement centric • Monolithic • Reactive • Based on style guides and defined patterns Design QA
  8. 8. 04. Analytical QA
  9. 9. 05. Value chain assurance Release high quality solution any time Omni channel A/B Cloud Business process
  10. 10. 06. Agile QA Agile QA Pragmatic • Dynamic • Business-centric • Predictive • Based on innovative thinking Process • Static • IT centric • Process • Based on style guides and defined patterns Traditional QA
  11. 11. Thinking breakthroughs