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Nagarik Aawaz


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Presentation of Nagarik Aawaz a nonprofit social organization working for social justice and harmony. It includes the our introduction, initiatives, programs, learning, achievements and expressions of different people.

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Nagarik Aawaz

  1. 1. Peacebuilding Efforts of Nagarik Aawaz
  2. 2. 1990 1996 2001
  3. 3. Ms. Rita Thapa
  4. 4. Just Society Equitable Inclusive Prosperous
  5. 5. Institutional Capacity Building Community Capacity Building Coordination and collaboration with concerned stakeholders Advocacy & Lobbying Objectives
  6. 6. Instrumental support from Women’s Fund for Grounding Nagarik Aawaz
  7. 7. Crucial Initiatives Immediate Relief Fund for Conflict Victims (2001 - till date) Healing Space For Conflict Victims Interaction Program: a common platform; where people come and share their grief. A learning space for Nagarik Aawaz and larger community Fact Finding Research, 2003 about Conflict-affected WomenSaving Youths in the time of war Sahakarya Shantiko:12 organizations coming together to amplify the work of peacebuilding Peace Center Non-Violent Civic Movements Annual Dashain Lunch for displaced Community (2003 to 2006) Weekly peace kitchen since 2004 (Shanti Bhancha)
  8. 8. Programs As per the Context Innovativeness for Peacebuilding: 2008 Youth for Peace and Reintregation (YPR): 2008-2010Right Based Advocacy to Empower Women for Political and Social Justice: July 2013 to June 2014 Gainful Employment Opportunities for girls at risk of trafficking Program: 2006-2008 New Voices / New Leaders; Women Building Peace and Reshaping Democracy (NV/NL): 2012-2015 Community For Peace Program (CFP): 2005-2006Rebuilding Social Harmony in the Community (Sadhbhav): 2012-2014 Women and Youth as Pillars of Sustainable Peace (WYPSP): 2008-2012 Displaced Youth Volunteer Program, (DYVP) : 2002-2010 “Saving youths during war” Won Ashoka Changemakers Award in 2005
  9. 9. Achievements Physical Infrastructure Capable & Dedicated Human Resource Professional & Experienced Members (Board, Advisors, Trusties and Others) Process led and flexible working moralities Spatial Coverage: 72 Districts Continuity: Time and Context Local Peace Support Mechanism Network: Local to National Level Smooth Leadership Transition Motivate other organization for peacebuilding Peace Centers 1000+ Youths Saving Youths
  10. 10. Peace Building Time, Energy & Resource Joint Effort Youths as Change Agents Conflict Sensitivity Trust & Confidence Neutrality and Balance Transparency Creativity & flexibility Process Led Approach Emergency Fund Space for Sharing Learning
  11. 11. Our Involvement in National Level Women Networks
  12. 12. Expressions
  13. 13. What we Lost….