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A case study of thai land


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Published in: Technology, Business
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A case study of thai land

  1. 1. Presentation for Inb-304 Title : Bangladesh in International business Prepared by Md. Nafiz hassan : 1030321 Dider Alam : 0930316
  2. 2. A case study of Thai land Overview of Thai land official name : Kingdom of Thai land Population : 65,905,410 (approx) official language : Thai Currency : Baht Capital : Bangkok GDP : PPP- 553.4 billion. GDP per capita : PPP- $ 8500
  3. 3. Over view of Thai culture  Family : Consider as a corner stone of society Power structure of family is mirrored in organizational environment .  Hospitality : Thai people will become guests in to their houses aand show their geneoristy by offering tanything they might have.  Indirect communication : In Thai land a considerable part of information lies in the underlying messages or in the non verbal cues .
  4. 4. Political environment The constitution of Thai land : The constitution of the kingdom of Thai land is the supreme law of the kingdom of Thailand . Since the change from absolute monarchy to a constitutional democracy in 1932 . Foreign relations of Thai land : Thai land’s foreign policy includes support for ASEAN in the interest of regional stability and emphasis on a close and longstanding security relationship with the United States , the foreign relations of Thai land is handled by the Minister of foreign affairs of Thai land.
  5. 5. Doing business in Thai landDoing business in Thailand In order to business in Thai land following issues should be considered  working practices in Thai land  working relationship in Thai land  Business practices in Thai land
  6. 6. Economy of Thai land Agriculture : Most of Thai land’s people are working in agricultural field. Thai land is considered as world’s largest exporter of Rice and shrimp . Other crops include cocunuts, corn, rubber, soyabean , sugarcane , tapioca
  7. 7. Economy of Thai land Thai land’s major industries include Minings and minerals : Thai land’s major minerals include Flourite, Gypsum, lead, lignte, natural gas, rubber, tantalum, tine and tungsten. Tourism : Most tourists come to Thai land for various reasons mostly for the beaches and relaxiation . Bangkok is considered as a large increase in tourism over past four years. Other industries include Textiles, agricultural processing, beverages ,tobacco, cement, electric appliances computer parts integrated circuits furniture plastic etc.
  8. 8. Techonological environment Thai land is not a techonologically developed country , because it imports most of its technological products like machinery parts from abroad. Which include Agricultural machinery, food processing and packaging machinery Mould and die etc.
  9. 9. Top five machinery and parts import
  10. 10. Thai land’s monetary policy Development of Thai land’s monetary policy can be divided in to three periods  Pegged exchange rate period (second world- June 1997)  Monetary targeting regime (July1997-may2000)  Inflation targeting regime ( May 2000- present)
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