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  1. 1. By:Nafezia, Afnan, Hani, Simone, Amand a & Nadia
  2. 2. “Our Vision & Mission”• We envision young single women and men, their children and families leading healthy, meaningful and productive lives.• Rosalie Hall, with compassion and respect, assists young parents in need and their children to realize their potential through the provision of a wide range of community, residential, educational and child development services.
  3. 3. History• Began In 1914: The Misericordia Sisters started the St. Marys Infant Home on Bond Street. To accommodate the rising need for their services, the Sisters then purchased two properties on Jarvis Street. One became the St. Marys Hospital and the other became a home for young mothers and their babes. T• 1925, The Hospital was modified to accommodate medical and surgical treatments as well
  4. 4. History cont…• 1952, the Sisters purchased 28 acres of land at the corner of Lawrence Avenue and McCowan Road and started construction on the new land.• 1956 Once complete, both the hospital and the home were moved to Scarborough, now known as The Scarborough Hospital which is publicly owned and Rosalie Hall.• Rosalie Hall has served the Toronto community for 97 years.
  5. 5. Services• Paul McAulliffe Family Resource Centre• Day Student Program• Young Parent Employment Program (YPEP)• Child Development Centre• Residential Program• Housing Units Access Project• Pastoral Resources
  6. 6. Services cont…• Volunteers• Children’s Aid Foundation Scholarship Program• Groups
  7. 7. Community Outreach• Different locations• Outreach workers• Shared resources• Youth Outreach Workers• Young parent outreach and support• Outreach parenting groups
  8. 8. Barriers• Age limit• Live in residence, cut off 21yrs• Job placement, cut off 30yrs• Don’t give monetary help• Only donations for clothing• Childcare funding
  9. 9. Our experience…• AMILY_RESIDENCE• 5aDhfg• You tube video: oQ
  10. 10. THE ENDThank You
  11. 11. Sources•••• Rosalie Hall Annual Report 2011-12• Pictures:• Belief-Barriers-to-Team-Success••• Clip art• Personal photos