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  1. 1. Joubert Syndrome
  2. 2.  Geomar seems to be developmentally delay in all areas of development. This can affect his emotional development, Geomar may develop low self- esteem. Joubert Syndrome. (n.d.) Retrieved April 3, 2013, from
  3. 3.  Yesterday, his mom was told that Geomar has Joubert Syndrome.  She asked you, What do I do now?” and begins to weep. What I can do for Geomar mother is advise her to talk to her doctor Mother Support Groups - Parent Child Center NYC. (n.d.). Parent Child Center NYC. Retrieved April 3, 2013, from and support her with support-groups agencies
  4. 4.  Leader), D. T. (n.d.). I run so someday she may run with me... | Build Awareness, Fundraise, and Advocate for Change | Retrieved April 3, 2013, from someday-she-may-run-with-me
  5. 5.  Joubert syndrome is a disorder that affects many parts of the body. The signs and symptoms of this condition vary among affected individuals,What is Joubert even among members of the same family.Syndrome  The hallmark feature of Joubert syndrome is a brain abnormality called the molar tooth sign, which can be seen on brain imaging studies such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This sign results from the abnormal development of regions near the back of the brain called the cerebellar vermis and the brainstem. The molar tooth sign got its name because the characteristic brain abnormalities resemble the cross-section of a molar tooth when seen on an MRI.  Most infants with Joubert syndrome have weak muscle tone (hypotonia) in infancy, which evolves into difficulty coordinating movements (ataxia) in early childhood. Other characteristic features of the condition include episodes of unusually fast or slow breathing in infancy and abnormal eye movements. Most affected individuals have delayed development and intellectual disability, which range from mild to severe. Distinctive facial features are also characteristic of Joubert syndrome; these include a broad forehead, arched eyebrows, droopy eyelids (ptosis), widely spaced eyes, low-set ears, and a triangle-shaped mouth.  Joubert syndrome - Genetics Home Reference. (n.d.). Genetics Home Reference - Your guide to understanding genetic conditions. Retrieved April 3, 2013, from  Joubert Syndrome - UW Hindbrain Malformation Research Program. (n.d.).UW Departments Web Server. Retrieved April 3, 2013, from
  6. 6. had found a touchingYouTube clip on a motherwho is supportive of her childwho as joubert syndromeBe Inspired by a girl with Jouberts Syndrome -YouTube. (n.d.). YouTube. Retrieved April 3, 2013,from
  7. 7.  Geomar would need some changes to his environment know that we know he as joubert syndrome. that way he would be in an inclusive environment that would let him reach his full potential
  8. 8. Bracilla“This device is a tactilewriting system used bychildren who are blindor visually impaired. Itis a series of raised dotson that can be read withfeel of theirfingers.”(Inclusion ofchildren with specialneeds –readingpackage)this should begood for Geomar in hisenvironment becausewith children joubertsyndrome may havevision impairment.
  9. 9. Standing Frame“It is an assistivetechnology that can be usedby a child who relies on awheelchair for mobility. Itprovides support forchildren in the standingposition allowing childrento interact at eye level withothers. (Inclusion ofchildren with special needs–reading package) This willbe good for Goemarbecause children withjoubert syndrome to loosemuscles tone . This way hemay feel included whenengaging with otherchildren in activities.”
  10. 10.  “In children Joubert they may loose their vision so it appears that labelling and depending is a good change to the environment” “You may have to have enhance picture is needed” “You can have routines in visuals that way Geomar knows what to expect through out the day.” (Inclusion of children with special needs –reading package)Taking on Third: Classroom Updates. (n.d.). Taking on Third. Retrieved April 3, 2013, from
  11. 11.  “ you should be consistent with daily routines” “Create a schedule that the children can understand” “ let them know that your there to support them at anytime” “this would be good for Geomar because children learn best through repartition” ">.
  12. 12.  “you should have before and then chart with your daily routines that way Geomar know what to expect through out his day” (Inclusion of children with special needs –reading package) Do You Use Visual Schedules? | Applied Behavioral Strategies. (n.d.). Applied Behavioral Strategies | "You have proven that the impossible can be done…and if you can get a boy that had so many challenges like eating food – to eat…you sold me. Thank you so much!" ~ A. Stevens, parent of an ABS client. Retrieved April 3, 2013, from you-use-visual-schedules/
  13. 13. Zoom text“I think this would beappropriate for Geomarbe cause children withjoubert syndrome maydevelop visionimpairment . Withzoom text this deviceenlarges and enhanceseverything on thecomputer screen,making applicationslager, easier to see anduse”. (Inclusion ofchildren with specialneeds –reading package)
  14. 14.  I would make sure the environment is wheel chair assailable All the furniture is child size The Americans with Disabilities Act and Family Child Care - Tom Copelands Taking Care of Business. (n.d.). Tom Copelands Taking Care of Business. Retrieved April 3, 2013, from disabilities-act-and-family-child-care.html
  15. 15.  Descriptions “According to reading package use short simples phrases to descrribe your action and the child’s actions” “This seems t be appropriate for geomar because he would learn words to his action” “Which can teach language” (Inclusion of children with special needs –reading package)
  16. 16. Enhance on Geomarenvironment•“You would makeobject bigger just incase Geomar seemsto have difficultypicking up smallobject this maymake is easier.”Connect ability –prompting andfading notes wks 7
  17. 17. Simplifyingactivities•“you would reducethe number of stepswithin activity forGeomar byremoving pieces orcovering numbers.”(Inclusion ofchildren withspecial needs –reading package)•Connect ability – notes wks 2
  18. 18. Prompting and Fading• “as a teacher I woulduse a lot of promptingand fading withGeomar. “• “hand over handassistance”•“Modeling anddemonstration “• “Gestural”•“Visual”•“Positional prompts”•Connectability –promptingand fading notes wks 7
  19. 19. Making Choices•“This would provideGeomar opportunitiesfor learning names ofobjects and the value ofexpressing his ownopinion”.
  20. 20. ModelingModeling will beappropriate for Geomarwe can get other childrento help each otherbecause childe appear tolearn best when they seeanother child doingpositive activities thiswill appear to teacherGeomar:• “Socializing skills”•“ Independence”• “High self esteem”Strategies for inclusion-video notes wks7
  21. 21. CollaborationWhen working withparents with children ofspecial needs accordingto Adaptive learningEnvironment ) “ be opento that learning andexpectation of others”this would be goodsupport for Geomarsfamily that wayeveryone that aroundhim will be on the somepage as to what best forhis development.
  22. 22. Use positivereinforcements“Reinforcements would begood for Geomar this wouldmotivate him to keepexpanding on hisdevelopment” .• “ praises”• “a special activity”• “music”•“ toys”“These can be used asreinforcements for a childlearning a new skill. Thiswould help Geomar stay ontrack and help himunderstand what expected ofhim” .Reading package-supported inclusion pg 2-3
  23. 23. Children family doctor Address: 4002 Sheppard E,Scarborough, ON M1S 4R5Phone:(416) 283-1313• Dr andrew Chung is afamily doctor• this would be good forGeomar because he would beable to get his regular check upthat he would need• “Dr Andrew Chung servesfor children from birth untiladulthood.”•“ you would have to book byappointment “
  24. 24.  “provides information on healthy growth and development of children, rescores , and supports and services in the community”  this would be good for Gemar because he hasPublic health Nurses joubert syndrome this my affect his breathing and his family would need to call someone in case of emergencies.  “Toronto Public Health (TPH) reports to the Board of Health and is responsible for the health and well being of all 2.7 million residents. TPH has focused on protecting and promoting the health of Toronto residents since 1883 by:” For general information about Toronto Public Health programs and services:  Phone: 3-1-1  24 Hours a day  To speak to a health professional for free, confidential information and advice; or to register for public health programs, such as food handler training and pre-natal classes:  Phone: 416-338-7600, for people who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing call 416-392-0658 for TTY  8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday  
  25. 25. About Sick kidsHospital.“The Hospital for Sick Children(SickKids), affiliated with theUniversity of Toronto, is Canadasmost research-intensive hospitaland the largest centre dedicated toimproving childrens health in thecountry. As innovators in childhealth, SickKids improves thehealth of children by integratingcare, research and teaching.”“With a staff that includesprofessionals from all disciplinesof health care and research,SickKids provides the best incomplex and specialized care bycreating scientific and clinicaladvancements, sharing knowledgeand expertise and championing thedevelopment of an accessible,comprehensive and sustainablechild health system. ”
  26. 26. Sick kids hospitalThe Hospital for Sick Children555 University AvenueToronto, OntarioCanadaM5G 1X8General inquiries: 416-813-1500Patient information/locating: 416-813-6621Ontario Poison Centre: 416-813-5900Telehealth Ontario info line: 1-866-797-0000• there are two ways yo refer a client1.” electronic Child Health Network(eCHN) e-Referral.• 2. The original Ambulatory ReferralManagement system (ARMs)”•“ they have an emergency room “• “sick kids population they serve is forkids”•
  27. 27. Delton AssociatesOur counselling services assist notonly your child but also you asparents and other family members.When one member of a family isexperiencing difficulties, it oftenaffects all members. Involving allmembers of the family andbringing together their full powerand support can strengthen theability resolve the troubling issuesin a mutually respectful andcooperative manner.and we can discuss an appropriatereferral to meet your needsFor inquires or appointments feelfree to call our Client Service Teamtoll free: 1.888.245.5516Fax us: 519.787.0773The population they serve iseveryone
  28. 28. VisionInstitution16 York Mills Road visioninstitution located at YorkMills Centre16 York Mills RoadSuite 110 (Ground Floor)Toronto, ON M2P 2E5Canada Tel: (416) 224-2273 Fax: (416) 224-9234 Send us an email“They serve people of all ages Regular and specialized eye careservices are provided to the generalpublic and to persons with specialneeds.”“Vision Institute andan appointment can be made byfaxing a referral letter to theInstituteThey provide emergency care andopen Monday- Friday and timefluctuates”
  29. 29.  “This book has been created for parents who have decided to make education and research an integral part of the treatment process.” “In this book doctors, caregivers and other health professionals, it tells parents where and how to look for information covering virtually all topics related to joubert syndrome”
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