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  • Information technology.Coach herb use information technology for the betterment of the team he uses multimedia projector and previous matches movies for the development of the team.
  • Naeem Ranjha-Organization Behavior

    1. 1. Final PRESENTATIONOrganizational BehaviorPresented to Sir Usman
    2. 2. Story 1980 US Olympicvictory against Soviet UnionNational SymbolUniversity of MinnesotaGold Metal Winner
    3. 3. Badsha khan 9219
    4. 4. Introduction to Organization Behavior Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations.
    5. 5. Challenges and Opportunity for OB Responding to Globalization Managing Workforce Diversity Improving Quality and Productivity Improving People Skills Stimulation Innovation and Change Improving Ethical Behavior Human Capital Structural Capital
    6. 6. Perception A process by which individual organize their sensory memory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment.
    7. 7. PERCEPTUAL PROCESS  The process of receiving stimuli  The Process of Selecting Stimuli  The Organizing Process  The Process of Interpreting  The Process of Checking  The Process of Reacting
    8. 8. 9204
    10. 10. Misunderstanding b/w two or more persons is on any point.
    11. 11. Views of conflict.Interactionist view of conflict.
    12. 12. Types of conflictDysfunctional conflict.OC & JACKFunctional conflict.
    13. 13. Process conflictConflict management Technique
    14. 14. LEARNING.
    15. 15. Learning, Values, Attitudes and Job SatisfactionLearningA relatively permanent change in behavior that occur as a result of a person’s interaction with the environment or through experience.
    16. 16. Shaping BehaviorLearn by observing what happens to other
    17. 17. Punishment:Herb use punishment for reinforcing the team.
    18. 18. Values Basic convictions that a specific mode of conduct or end state of existence.Terminal valuesInstrumental values.
    19. 19. CollectivismQuality of life.Uncertainty Avoidance.
    20. 20. Long Term Oriented.PERCEIVED ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT.Job Satisfaction and Performance:
    21. 21. Arsalan Farukh 9237
    22. 22. Basic Motivation Concepts andManaging Motivation at Work
    23. 23. Defining Motivation Motivation The process of that accounts of individual intensity, direction and persistence towards attaining the goal 1.Intensity: how hard a person tries 2.Direction: toward beneficial goal 3.Persistence: how long a person tries
    24. 24. Theory X and Theory Y
    25. 25. Goal-Setting Theory
    26. 26. Expectancy Theory
    27. 27. Set goal and achieve the goalthe capacity which influence on other behavior
    28. 28. Formal Power Coercive legitimate InformationPersonal Power Expert Referent Charismatic Power
    29. 29. • High self-monitors.• Internal Locus of control.• High Mac personality.• Expectations of success.
    30. 30. • Low trust.• Democratic decision making.• High performance pressure.
    31. 31. Extraversion Patricia (Herb wife), all players, Karl Introverts Herb, and Walter All Team Agreeableness Emotional Stability Coach HerbOpenness to Experience whole team
    32. 32. Core Self Evaluation Internal locus of control Self EsteemMachiavellianismSelf-MonitoringRisk Taking
    33. 33. Want to measure everything Are relaxedEnjoy themselves
    34. 34. Emotions
    35. 35. The all change in team is planned changesand implement for achieving the goal Herb is change agent for the team who create a positive change in the team.
    36. 36. This process consists of three stepsUnfreezing the status quoChanging to a new stateRefreezing to make the change permanent
    37. 37. Managers manage change actively to survive
    38. 38. Herb tells them about importance that why they are playing and for whom they play forMake them to work as team because individual can never winsGive them vision that to win the games and make historyCommunicate them that show your abilities or go homeCreate short term win e.g. matches before finalsDon’t let up or lose your hope always be determinantMake permanent change to play like winners
    39. 39. These factors are influence on the perception Factor in the situationsFactors in the perceiver Halo affect Experience Expectations Contrast affect Attribution theory Selective perception Projection Stereotyping
    40. 40. 9221This is your moment. Youre meant to be here (herb brooks)
    41. 41. The Growth and relevance of OD In this movie the coach herb works the development of the ice hockey national team of USA. Major trends  Information technology.  Managerial innovation.
    42. 42. Strategic Change Head Coach Herb Brooks is credited with molding the scrappy bunch of college kids into the champions that reinvigorated a nation politically, socially, and culturally.
    43. 43. Process of Organizational Development Entering and contracting  Herb brooks appointment Diagnosing organizations  diagnose the problem in the team Diagnosing groups and jobs  Arrange teams dimensions.  Which player can execute at the best place. Collecting and analyzing diagnostic information
    44. 44. Process of Organizational Development Feeding back the diagnostic information  Then he gets feedback of the information by the trials of the players Designing interventions  Which environment is better for players for teaching methodology. Managing change  Short time and herb wants a change in short time Evaluating and institutionalizing interventions  At the end of this process manager has to evaluate that his involvement in the team is beneficial or not
    45. 45. The Stress Experience Past experience; herb has a hockey player and lead to USA hockey team. All the players were first time playing for the Olympics 13th 1980.
    46. 46. The Stress Experience Herb take so much stress of his work and all time he just concentrate on his work even when they come back to home and don’t give proper time to his family due to which his wife Pattica frustrate.
    47. 47. Role of Personality in Stress The Type A Personality  Herb achieve very difficult goal in one year by struggle more and more in very short time and win gold medal for USA. The Hardy Personality  Herb is very hard working and committed with his work and responding to each difficulty as representing a challenge or an opportunity and this is the reason of his success.
    48. 48. Primary Sources of Stress Organizational Stressors  Players were not performing according to his expectations. Life Stressors  Work vs. family pressure
    49. 49. Impact of Stress Emotional Impacts  Due to stress herb don’t talk properly with his wife due to which the distance between herb and Patricia becomes increases Behavioral Impacts  For managing the stress herb develop the sound philosophy of life and maintain positive attitude.
    50. 50. Not yet over