Solicited sales letter


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Solicited sales letter

  1. 1. Solicited Sales LetterSolicited letters are sent to prospects who have requested information aboutyour products. Rather than having to work to get attention, you already haveit so you build on customer interest. Persuading them to act examples ofsolicited sales letters include replies to inquiries about products.Useful Openings and ClosingsOpenings 1) We are taking liberty of sending you a copy of our latest catalogue and price list. 2) As you have placed many orders with use in the past, we would like to extend our special offer to you. 3) We are able to offer you very favorable prices on some goods we have recently been able to purchase. 4) We are pleased to introduce our new---- and feel sure you will find it very interesting. 5) I am sorry to note that we have not received an order from you for over.Closings 1) We hope you will take full advantage of our this exceptional offer. 2) We feel sure you will find a ready sale for his excellent material, and that you customers will be well satisfied with it. 3) We should be pleased to provide demonstration if you would let us know when this would be convenient. 4) We hope you will take the opportunity to try this product which is not only of the higher quality but also very reasonably priced.A typical sales letterDear sir,Incredible? Perhaps the things we say below may seem so. But we havehundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers to prove that the streamclean automatic dishwasher makes handling dishes practically a pleasure.
  2. 2. Three times a day if you wish it, the stream clean spotlessly cleanse yourdishes glasses, silver wear even the pots and pans. It is all simple effortless—you simply fill the basket and press the button. The Automatic StreamClean does the rest, completes all cycles and stops itself.Enameled in soft charming shades of blue, green grey or brown as well as inthe popular white and with added special choice, if you wish for stainlesssteel door your Stream Cleans keeps it a lifetime beauty.See this remarkable automatic. We will demonstrate with pleasure, itshandling ease, fully automatic operation, its amazing economy. You willwin a factory discount of ten percent from the regular price if you elect oneof the models within the next fortnight. Thank you.Report Writing“A formal statement of the result of an investigation or of any matter onwhich definite information is required, made by some person or bodyinstructed or required to do so”.A business report is an impartial objective, planned presentation of facts toone or more persons for a specific business purpose. In business, executivesmangers and supervisors often base policy decision on reports. For everylong report, countless short reports are presented to help business peoplemake informed decisions on matters as diverse as the most comfortableoffice chairs to buy or the best recruit to hire for management training.Classification of reportsInformational ReportThe informational report is designed only to communicate factual data. Suchdata may include figures, personal observations and the results of interviewsand other investigations, the influences from these data, however, are left tothe reader. Examples of informational reports are a foreman’s weekly reportof production in his section; sales man’s expense sheet etc. Such reports arevaluable for their facts alone, but they may also form the basis/ perhaps in
  3. 3. conjunction with other reports/ for certain conclusions and decisions by themanagement to which they are submitted.Analytical reportLike an informational report, an analytical report contains facts, but is alsocharacterized by the writers conclusions or recommendations based on ananalysis of the facts, the analytical report is designed to guide managementdecisions and therefore puts more than ordinary responsibilities on thewriter. An analytical report might, e.g. weigh alternative plans forremembering employ’s tuition fees pointing out the advantages nagdisadvantages of each plan, other analytical reports may provide the data and recommendations on how a new product could be marketed successfullyetc.Format and languageOn the basis of format and language reports are either formal or informal.Informal reportThe informal report may range from a short statement of a single page to amore developed form of presentation taking several pages usually theinformal report is submitted in the form of a letter or memorandum.Irrespective of length, the informal report rarely, if ever carries a cover, tableof contents etc, the language of the informal report is like that of a letter.Letter reports typically go to people outside organization. For theintroductory enclosing elements of your letter, follow the standard letterformat, the two format additions in a letter report are: 1) A subject heading placed two line s below the salutation. 2) The other headings as needed, to segment you letter into specific areas.Letter reports a variety of purposes, here we show letter reports designed fortwo common purposes: To inform to recommend. Beyond merely providinginformation, the recommendation report intercepts data, draws conclusionsand offers recommendations.Formal reportsThe formal report is usually identified by the fact that it has a cover andbinding and other features that might include a covering letter, little page,
  4. 4. table of contents etc. When it is to have a wide distribution, the formal reportis often printed and bound like a book e.g. Annual financial report to theshare holders, the language of the formal report is relatively impersonal andrestrained,.Formal reports are question answering or problem solving, analysis is basicto our thinking, and in this sense all the assignments you have written haveinvolved analysis, with a formal report, your analysis might influence amajor decision. Say e.g. you received the following assignment from yoursupervisor: investigate the feasibility of opening a branch of our company inKarachi city and select the best available location.Clearly to get this job done, you will have to do more that observe yoursubject. Since high-level decisions will depend on your findings, you mustseek out and interrupt all the data that will help you make the bestrecommendations.Formats of ReportYou may present a report in any of four formats:Re-printed formBasically, for “Fill in the blanks” reports, preprinted forms are relativelyshort (five or fewer pages) and deal with routine information, often mainlynumerical. Use this format when the person authorizing the report requestsit.LetterFor reports of five or fewer pages that are directed to the outsiders, letterreports include all the normal parts of a letter, and they also may haveheadings, footnotes, tables and figures.MemoThe most common format for short (fewer than ten pages) in formal reportsdistributed within an organization, memos have headings at the top: TO,FROM, DATE NAD SUBJECT. In addition, like longer reports, memoreports often have an internal headings and sometimes visual aids.
  5. 5. ManuscriptFor a formal approach, menu script range from a few pages to severalhundred pages. As their length increases, reports in manuscript formatrequired prefatory and supplementary parts.ORGANISING SHORT REPORTSShort reports are basically of two types: informational and analytical.Although there may be overlapping between the two types, the former ismore neutral whereas the latter is more analytical and persuasive.Short reports can be divided into following:MEMO REPORTSLETTER REPORTSMEMO REPORTS:A memo report is a cross between an interoffice memo and a formalreportIn the business world, the memo report is the most popular form for routinereports within an organization. It uses a memo heading, but the body whichis usually two to five pages long, is organized like the body of a formalreport and may have side headings.Memo reports can be used to: 1) Answer a request for information 2) Report progress 3) Make recommendations 4) State facts 5) Communicate ideas 6) Send statistical data 7) Explain trends within an organization Classifying memo report Typical memo reports are categorized as: 1) In formational memo reports 2) Analytical memo reports
  6. 6. Informational memo reportsThe main purpose of informational reports is to inform and to summarizeinformation. For an information report you will:1) Gather facts, figures and data.2) Organize the information3) Interpret and present the organized information objectively.4) Make recommendations if asked.These vary widely in content, depending on type of business, purpose,topics discussed and reader’s needs. Although there are many kinds ofinformational reports, following are the main types:1) Conference report Topics for conference report range from summaries of personal salescall conferences to write-ups of meetings attended by hundreds ofpersons. For example, an advertising account executive may write aconference report after every meeting or phone call between the adagency and a client. The text of such reports is usually organized by thetopic discussed or presented simply chronological order.2) Progress or status reportsSome internal communications are simple progress or status reportwritten on fill-in-forms and sent as needed or required to those who needthe information. Others are fairly brief narrative reports. These narrativereports may be:1) Responses to requests for complex information.2) Ideas3) Explanation4) Simple recommendations.Longer more involved progress or status reports may containrecommendations supported by financial data or operating results.3) Periodic ReportsPeriodic reports are routine and are prepared at regular time intervals---daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly or annually. Sales Reports andFinancial Reports are among the most common periodic reports preparedin business organizations.Periodic reports are often prepared on pre-printed forms which provideblank spaces in which to record information. Reports may also be
  7. 7. prepared according to standardized outlines to ensure uniformity. Sales reports, credit report, audit reports and many legal reports are prepared in standardized format. Analytical memo report A pure analytical report has one central purpose. To analyze a situation or issue. There may or may not be a specific recommendation in the end of the report. Such reports include: 1) Report on the cause of the abrupt decline in sales volume. 2) Report on the evaluation of a person before recruitment. 3) Report on an individual who is in consideration for promotion. 4) Report on the analysis of a particular book. Organizing memo Reports One of the most common and effective techniques of memo organization is to itemize the information. A report that contains complex facts and ideas will be easier to read if items are: 1) Separated into paragraphs 2) Numbered or 3) Preceded by side headings. The next step after information gathering is to determine the best way to present your findings. Remember that your report is expected to be factual and reliable. To accomplish this you would: 1) Present the facts with absolute fairness and accuracy. 2) Be careful not to mix your opinions with the facts you report. 3) Reserve your comments for your conclusions and recommendations.Informational memorandum (Periodic) Report.To:----From:------------Subject: Season ticket salesDate---------Season ticket sales for 2009 increased 15.1 percent over last year. This yearwe sold 18.88 tickets, as compared with last year’s total of 15,970. Thisrepresents a healthy increase of 2,406, which will certainly boost ouroperating budget as we begin the season.
  8. 8. Here are the season ticket sales results as they were reported monthly, for bothyears: Season Ticket Sales Comparison of 2008 and 2009Month 2009 2008 Increase IncreaseJuly 122333 5566 66 34.7%August -------September --------------------------------------------------------------------------Total 16666 12222 6666 15.1 % --------------------------------------------------------------------------The renovation in our new water park has really increased our salesconsiderably. The season ticket sales campaign has officially ended. I hopeyou are proud of the results as we are in the Marketing department.