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Introducing Mandala


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Mandala is a french company which develops and publishes videogames for social networks and mobile platforms.

What drives us?
Our goal is providing to people the best gaming experience based on social interactions with their friends.
By creating the games our players want, supported by elaborate gameplay and high quality visual art.
Our credo?
Games are powered by you!

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Introducing Mandala

  1. 1. People spent $1.6 billion on virtual goods in 2009 Why?
  2. 2. Social games generate… social emotions!
  3. 3. Friends are now accessible through the game
  4. 4. Mandala is a social games publisher
  5. 5. 1. New type of social games 2. International ambition with multilingual games 3. R&D program to increase paying users conversion rate 4. Personal strong expertise on viral marketing strategy for video games Why are we so special?
  6. 6. Did you know? 20% have paid cash for in-game benefits 50% of Facebook log-ins are specifically to play games
  7. 7. Average social gamer: a 43 years old woman 69% women playing social games 31% men
  8. 8. Business model: in-game transactions
  9. 9. The most expanding market in the video game industry $1,380,000,000 Invested into 87 specialized companies in 2009! Nov 09: Playfish acquired by EA for $400M! June 10: Zynga raised $147M! July 10: Playdom acquired by Disney for $763M!
  10. 10. Nadya JAHAN - CEO! 32 years old Digital native & video games addict Social networks pioneer Former business developer in the video game industry Early entrepreneur at 18 Technical background
  11. 11. The team: video games experts Vaghé Marketing manager Guillaume Graphic Designer Axel Graphic Designer Florent Game designer Renaud AS3 Developer Davy Community manager Nadya CEO & Business dev.
  12. 12. Thanks! @nadyajahan Nadya JAHAN Founder & CEO