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Why Choose Softworks


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Our clients love our workforce solutions. We know you will too. Still wondering what system to choose? Select Softworks today.

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Why Choose Softworks

  1. 1. Why Choose Softworks? We Let Our Customers Answer…
  2. 2. The most popular phrase used by our customers to describe Softworks was: “ I’M IMPRESSED! ” Well thanks guys, we’re blushing!
  3. 3. What they’ve said about our staff… Still blushing…
  4. 4. Our Healthcare customers have never had to wait more than And we are determined to make this even shorter 2/4 hours For their question to be answered via email
  5. 5. Retail customers of ours say our installation process was:
  6. 6. Our Manufacturing Customers told us our system is Hey, isn’t that better then your car?? We are constantly working to get this figure to 99.9%  96% reliable
  7. 7. Hey Softworks Customers! On a scale of 1-10, rate your overall experience with Softworks: Next year we will get a 10! 9/10
  8. 8. We asked: How do you feel about our upgrade process? What Process? Our cloud customers receive free, complimentary upgrades at a time when they are not using our system. Our upgrades are so subtle and user friendly, you wont even notice them. You Answered:
  9. 9. On changing from a different system, our customers said they:  
  10. 10. Still wondering what System to choose? We didn’t think so…