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BidX - How to fully automate your Amazon Ads


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This presentation will give you insides how to fully automate your Amazon Ads effectively with BidX.
In the end it gives you three hacks that directly boost your ads.

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BidX - How to fully automate your Amazon Ads

  1. 1. Fully Automate Your Amazon Advertising 1 Nadine Schöpper, Co-Founder of BidX AmafestUK Manchester, 23.05.2019
  2. 2. Co-Founder of BidX - Tool to fully automate and optimize Amazon Ads Background in IT KPMG - Data & Analytics Nadine Schöpper
  3. 3. Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted... John Wanamaker “ ...the trouble is, I don’t know which half.
  4. 4. Agenda Keyword Research Campaign Setup Campaign Optimization How to automate PPC with BidX?
  5. 5. Keyword Research 5 There are powerful tools on the market
  6. 6. Basically the suggestions made by Amazon
  7. 7. Google Keyword Planner Gives additional keywords and synonyms
  8. 8. Keep Misspellings in mind!
  9. 9. Voice is becoming more and more important! “Voice Shopping Set to Jump to $40 Billion By 2022, Rising From $2 Billion Today” - OC&C, 2018
  10. 10. Brand Analytics ● Most frequent search terms within your category ● Top 3 rankings of your competitors
  11. 11. Campaign Setup 11
  12. 12. PRODUCT AUTO Auto Broad Phrase MANUAL Exact[ ] Campaign Setup 2018
  13. 13. PRODUCT AUTO Auto Broad Phrase MANUAL Exact[ ] Campaign Setup 2018 [neg. exact] [neg. phrase] [neg. exact] [neg. exact] [neg. phrase]
  14. 14. PRODUCT AUTO Auto Broad [neg. exact] [neg. phrase] [neg. exact] Exact [neg. ASINs] NEW MANUAL ASINs New Campaign Setup 2019 It’s not possible to set neg. ASINs within auto ad groups yet!
  15. 15. PRODUKT AUTO Auto Broad [neg. exact] [neg. phrase] [neg. exact] Exact [neg. ASINs] NEW Differentiation: Generic / Protect / Attack MANUELL ASINs If you want to use ATC, you need to set up new auto campaigns.
  16. 16. Concept for max. Cost Per Click (CPC) max. CPC = Price x Target ACoS x Conversion Rate (CR)
  17. 17. Example: Price 30 EUR, Target ACoS of 20% and CR 10%
  18. 18. Example: Price 30 EUR, Target ACoS of 20% and CR 10% max. CPC = 30 EUR x 20% x 10% = 0,60 EUR
  19. 19. ● More than 30 PPC Sales / Month -> own campaign structure ○ Otherwise you can put them together in one campaign structure, since it would generate a lot of effort if you have several sizes, colours etc ● Start Bid AUTO Campaign: ~0,27 EUR or ~0,73 EUR preferred ○ Avoid 0,50 € or 1,00 € since everybody starts with these bids ● Start Bid MANUAL Campaign: individual ○ Bid can be calculated via max. Cost Per Click (max. CPC) Campaign Set Up
  20. 20. Campaign Optimization 20
  21. 21. 1. Relevance 2. CTR 3. Conversion 4. ACoS 5. Profit 5 Stages of Optimization
  22. 22. How to automate your PPC with BidX? 22
  23. 23. Dashboard
  24. 24. Simply add your Production cost and VAT. After that you can easily choose your Strategy for the product.
  25. 25. Choose which adgroups belong to this product. These are the adgroups that will be covered by the automation and the keyword management.
  26. 26. Create new campaign structures for your products
  27. 27. Bulk operations can be quite useful, if you have thousands of products
  28. 28. For the lazy ones: Simply create one Automation that covers your whole account
  29. 29. For the crazy ones: Create individual rules that target your needs
  30. 30. Last but not least: Deep dive into your data!
  31. 31. Use Sponsored Brands in southern EU states.
  32. 32. Use Product Targeting for ALL other categories with low bids.
  33. 33. Set Placement Bidding to 1% for Top of Search.
  34. 34. Get BidX 2 Month for free Code “AMAFEST” Valid until 14.06.2019
  35. 35. Nadine Schöpper Co-Founder of BidX Q & A