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Affection - Jewels from the heart


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Jewels from the heart
These are truly two E-books of Treasures. Verses directly from the heart to comfort and inspire you and joyous moments. Two small E-books to keep and treasure or to give to others.

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Affection - Jewels from the heart

  1. 1. Affection
  2. 2. How many people realize what it really means To have some true affection An answer to your dreams
  3. 3. To feel that someone cares for you And likes you, as you are A small show of affection Can help to heal a scar.
  4. 4. Perhaps it is a gentle touch Perhaps a caring smile The gift of real affection Lasts more than just a while
  5. 5. True affection has no strings attached A moment is created Give it with an open heart But don’t feel obligated
  6. 6. So give it out with confidence Expect nothing in return Affection is a special gift Something for which we yearn
  7. 7. The touch of the tips of your fingers The feeling of winding bare feet The look in your eyes of affection And holding your hand in the street
  8. 8. The feel of your arm around my shoulders And stroking your hand through my hair The gentlest touch….unexpected!! Affection just shows that you care
  9. 9. A smile that is our own connection Sitting close, yet in silence we share The affection of our understanding And knowing that each one is “there”
  10. 10. Affection feeds our “skin hunger” Demonstrates how to ignite And feed our much deeper emotions Affection, so often feels right! Taken from: Jewels from the heart That’s just the way I feel By: Jeanette Mackenzie – Published by :