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  • He thought of creating an interactive calculator to help him analyze a spreadsheet for his report. He began developing the first version of the program and later sought the help of Robert Frankston to improve and expand the program. They named the program VisiCalc for VISibleCALCulator.
  • Intro to spreadsheet

    1. 1. TOPIC: Introduction to SpreadsheetsOBJECTIVES:1. Describe an electronic spreadsheet;2. Compare an electronic spreadsheet with a spreadsheet program;3. Discuss the history of the electronic spreadsheet.
    2. 2. SPREADSHEET is a document thatcontains rows and columns of text andnumbers.LEDGER is a book of spreadsheetscontaining accounts to which debits andcredits are posted from books of originalentry.
    3. 3. ELECTRONIC SPREADSHEET is acomputerized version of the accountant’spaper spreadsheet.SPREADSHEET PROGRAM is anapplication that helps the user to createspreadsheets commonly used forbudgets, forecasting, and other finance-related tasks.
    4. 4. A page organized into rows and columnsappearing onscreen and used forconstructing a single table is called aWORKSHEET.A file containing a number of relatedworksheets is called a WORKBOOK.
    5. 5. HISTORY1978 – The world’s first electronic spreadsheet program, VisiCalc, was invented. Daniel Bricklin is considered to be the father of electronic spreadsheet.
    6. 6. HISTORY1979 – VisiCalc was released to the public by Fylstra’s company, Personal Software (later renamed VisiCorp). It became the first computer spreadsheet program and the first killer application for PCs. (killer means, strikingly impressive or effective)
    7. 7. HISTORY1980 – SuperCalc, the first spreadsheet that ran on computers using the CP/M (Control Program/Monitor) operating system, was introduced. The DIF (data interchange format) was developed. This format allowed spreadsheet data to be shared and imported into other programs.
    8. 8. HISTORY1981 – Multiplan, the first spreadsheet to handle multiple spreadsheets simultaneously, was released by Microsoft. Context MBA, the first spreadsheetprogram that handled five tasks(spreadsheets, graphs, databases, wordprocessing, and telecommunications), wasinvented and released by ContextManagement Systems.
    9. 9. HISTORY1983 – 1-2-3, the spreadsheet program that can handle three tasks (spreadsheets, graphs, and databases), was released by Lotus Development. Lisa Calc, the first spreadsheet program to use a mouse, was released by Apple Computer, Inc.
    10. 10. HISTORY1985 – Excel, the spreadsheet program that can handle three tasks (spreadsheets, graphs, and databases) in a graphical environment, was released by Microsoft Corp. Excel can run on both PC and Mac.
    11. 11. HISTORY1987 – Quattro Pro, the spreadsheet program that has the combined features of 1-2-3 and Excel and runs in a graphical environment, was released by Borland. Newer versions of Quattro Pro are now being developed by Corel Corp.
    12. 12. HISTORY1987 – Up to Present, new spreadsheet programs and updated versions of the old ones have flooded the market.“I’m not rich because I inventedVisiCalc, but I feel that I’ve made achange in the world. That’s a satisfactionmoney can’t buy.” Dan Bricklin