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Registered Nursing - 3 Ways To Get Trained


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Registered Nursing - 3 Ways To Get Trained

  1. 1. Registered Nursing - 3 Ways To Get TrainedThe process for an individual to become a registered nurse is not overwhelming. Nurses havemultiple ways of completing their RN training programs. What nurses need to do though isunderstand the credibility and the demand of the training courses they avail of, because some ofthem are more popular than others.Here are 3 ways you could get trained to be a registered nurseBachelors of Science Degree in NursingThis is also known as BSN and as per statistics revealed by leading health care institutes in theUnited States of America, about 60% of healthcare students take to this degree program. Normally,BSN programs last for about 4 years and are offered by all leading colleges and universities. Nursesneed to know that with a BSN degree, they would be exposed to aspects like communication,leadership and motivation. These factors are extremely important in the life of a RN.Accelerated BSN degreeWhat if you hold a degree in another domain and wish to switch to the field of nursing? In such ascenario, you can choose the Accelerated BSN Degree program, a form of RN training programs.This course lasts for about 12 - 18 months and is considered the quickest way of entering into thedomain of nursing.This course is commonly chosen by individuals who have had limited exposure to healthcare andnursing in their graduation days and yet wish to become a nurse.Associate Degree in NursingPlenty of local colleges and universities offer the Associate Degree in Nursing, also known as ADN.95% of nurses who enroll with this course feel that ADN is a wonderful stepping stone for theirnursing career. In terms of intensity and complexity, the ADN course is considered to be the easiest,as nurses can get done with this RN training program within 2 years time.The Accelerated Masters Degree in Nursing studies is another type of RN Training program.Students enrolling for this course are awarded the BSN and the MSN degree together at the end ofthe stipulated 4 years of full time study.As you can see, there are plenty of RN Training programs available for nurses to choose from. Theycan make this choice depending on the time they have on their hands, the money they wish to spend,and the amount of knowledge they wish to learn.Bsn nursing school